Friday, 27 February 2015

Break the Limits! Game Review

Break the Limits!
Break the Limits Logo

Play Online: Break the Limits!
Developer: Storm Alligator
Genre: Adventure

Game Review
You are trapped in a room and the only thing you can do is think. But what will you think about? Storm Alligator brings us Break the Limits! which is a short clicker game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 31, theme on Entire Game on One Screen. In the beginning of this experimental incremental game all you can do is think, which is done by clicking, and which nets you thoughts. As you gather more thoughts, you can open up to more possibilities and a whole range of human emotions by spending these thoughts to gain memories, or find loneliness and many other ideas and feelings. A weird game, somehow sucks you in and makes you want to finish it like a hypnotising thing... Some of the noises were pretty alarming and creepy during the anger phase, and the feeling of building excitement and increasing happiness toward the end was palpable.

Normally I would feel wrong for loving a game like this, but he thought of controlling your own dreams is an amazing concept for a game. Everything is so charming and quirky! The mechanics work well to make it feel like I was progressing at my own pace. Break the Limits! isn't really an idle incremental game. Where most idle games take days of just being left up on your screen, this one can be finished in 10 minutes, give or take a few. I'm gonna say that this was about a person trying to wake someone else up from a coma. The person in green is someone talking beside the main character who is stuck inside his own head. The green person says "You squeezed my hand" at one point surprisingly and the ending line is "I can't believe it" implying the person in the coma woke up.

With a minimum artistic resources this game creates very powerful aesthetic effect. I think the idea - of a incremental idle game centred around managing personal thoughts and emotions deserves further elaboration in a bigger game. For what it is though, this game rightfully deserves praise and attention. I highly recommend playing it once!

Monday, 23 February 2015

How To be a Gamer: List of Game Genres

List of Game Genres
Action Game
Action game: a video game genre that emphasizes physical challenges, including hand–eye coordination and reaction-time.
- Beat 'em up: a video game genre featuring melee combat between the protagonist and a large number of underpowered antagonists.
- Fighting game: a genre where the player controls an on-screen character and engages in close combat with an opponent.
- Platform game: requires the player to control a character to jump to and from suspended platforms or over obstacles (jumping puzzles).
- Shooter game: wide subgenre that focuses on using some sort of weapon often testing the player's speed and reaction time.
  • First-person shooter: a video game genre that centers the gameplay on gun and projectile weapon-based combat through first-person perspective; i.e., the player experiences the action through the eyes of a protagonist.
  • Light gun shooter: a genre in which the primary design element is aiming and shooting with a gun-shaped controller.
  • Shoot 'em up: a genre where the player controls a lone character, often in a spacecraft or aircraft, shooting large numbers of enemies while dodging their attacks.
  • Tactical shooter: includes both first-person shooters and third-person shooters and simulates realistic combat, thus making tactics and caution more important than quick reflexes in other action games.
  • Third-person shooter: a genre of 3D action games in which the player character is visible on-screen, and the gameplay consists primarily of shooting.
Action-Adventure Game
Action-adventure game: a video game genre that combines elements of both the adventure game and the action game genres.
- Open world: a type of video game level design where a player can roam freely through a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how to approach objectives.
  • Grand Theft Auto clone: a type of open world design where the player is given a simulated environment and, optionally, exterminate the local inhabitants. See also Grand Theft Auto.
  • Metroidvania: a type of level design where a player is in a more restrictive environment and tasked with an end goal objective, usually with an emphasis on gathering powering ups from exploring the environment.
- Stealth game: a type of game where the objective is to remain undetected from hostile opponents.
- Survival horror: a type of game where fear is a primary factor in play, usually by restricting useful or power-up items in a dark, claustrophobic environment.

Adventure Game
Adventure game: a video game in which the player assumes the role of protagonist in an interactive story driven by exploration and puzzle-solving instead of physical challenge.
- Graphic adventure game: any adventure game that relies on graphical imagery, rather than being primarily text-based.
  • Escape the room: a subgenre of adventure game which requires a player to escape from imprisonment by exploiting their surroundings.
- Interactive fiction: games in which players input text commands to control characters and influence the environment. In some interactive fiction, text descriptions are the primary or only way the simulated environment is communicated to the player.
- Interactive movie: a type of video game that features highly cinematic presentation and heavy use of scripting, often through the use of full motion video of either animated or live-action footage.
- Visual novel: a type of adventure game featuring text accompanied by mostly static graphics, usually with anime-style art, or occasionally live-action stills or video footage

Role-Playing Video Game
Role-playing video game (RPG): a video game genre with origins in pen-and-paper role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, using much of the same terminology, settings and game mechanics. The player in RPGs controls one character, or several adventuring party members, fulfilling one or many quests.
- Action role-playing game: a loosely-defined subgenre of role-playing video games that incorporate elements of action or action-adventure games, emphasizing real-time action where the player has direct control over characters, instead of turn-based or menu-based combat.
  • Hack and slash: a type of gameplay that emphasizes combat.
  • Role-playing shooter: a subgenre, featuring elements of both shooter games and action RPGs.
  • - Dungeon crawl: a type of scenario in fantasy role-playing games in which heroes navigate a labyrinthine environment, battling various monsters, and looting any treasure they may find.
  • Roguelike: a subgenre of role-playing video games, characterized by randomization for replayability, permanent death, and turn-based movement.
- MUD: a multiplayer real-time virtual world, with the term usually referring to text-based instances of these.
  • Massively multiplayer online role-playing game: a genre of role-playing video games in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a persistentvirtual world.
- Tactical role-playing game: a subgenre of role-playing video games that incorporate elements of strategy video games

Simulation Video Game
Simulation video game: a diverse super-category of video games, generally designed to closely simulate aspects of a real or fictional reality.
- Construction and management simulation: a type of simulation game in which players build, expand or manage fictional communities or projects with limited resources.
  • Business simulation game: games that focus on the management of economic processes, usually in the form of a business.
  • City-building game: games in which players act as the overall planner and leader of a city, looking down on it from above, and being responsible for its growth and management.
  • Government simulation game: a game genre that attempts to simulate the government and politics of all or part of a nation.
- Life simulation game: simulation video games in which the player lives or controls one or more virtual lifeforms.
  • Digital pet: a type of artificial human companion, usually kept for companionship or enjoyment. Digital pets are distinct in that they have no concrete physical form other than the computer they run on.
  • God game: a type of life simulation game that casts the player in the position of controlling the game on a large scale, as an entity with divine/supernatural powers, as a great leader, or with no specified character, and places them in charge of a game setting containing autonomous characters to guard and influence.
  • Social simulation game: a subgenre of life simulation games that explores social interactions between multiple artificial lives.
  • Dating sim: a subgenre of social simulation games that focuses on romantic relationships.
- Sports game: games that simulate the practice of traditional sports.

Strategy Video Game
Strategy video game: a genre that emphasizes skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory. They emphasize strategic, tactical, and sometimes logistical challenges. Many games also offer economic challenges and exploration.
- 4X game: a genre in which players control an empire and "explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate".
- Artillery game: the generic name for either early two- or three-player (usually turn-based) computer games involving tanks fighting each other in combat or similar derivative games.
- Real-time strategy (RTS): a subgenre of strategy video game which does not progress incrementally in turns.
  • Tower defense: a genre where the goal of the game is to try to stop enemies from crossing a map by building towers which shoot at them as they pass.
  • MOBA: a hybrid of real-time strategy and role-playing video games where the objective is for the player's team to destroy the opposing side's main structure with the help of periodically spawned computer-controlled units that march towards the enemy's main structure.
- Real-time tactics: a subgenre of tactical wargames played in real-time simulating the considerations and circumstances of operational warfare and military tactics, differentiated from real-time strategy gameplay by the lack of resource micromanagement and base or unit building, as well as the greater importance of individual units and a focus on complex battlefield tactics.
- Tactical role-playing game: a type of video game which incorporates elements of traditional role-playing video games and strategy games.
- Turn-based strategy: a strategy game (usually some type of wargame, especially a strategic-level wargame) where players take turns when playing.
- Turn-based tactics: a genre of strategy video games that through stop-action simulates the considerations and circumstances of operational warfare and military tactics in generally small-scale confrontations as opposed to more strategic considerations of turn-based strategy (TBS) games.
- Wargame: a subgenre that emphasize strategic or tactical warfare on a map, as well as historical (or near-historical) accuracy.

Vehicle Simulation Game
Vehicle simulation game: games in which the objective is to operate a manual or motor powered transport.
- Flight simulator: a game where flying vehicles is the primary mode of operation.
  • Amateur flight simulation: an aircraft trainer with realistic controls.
  • Combat flight simulator: a type of game where the battle or elimination of a hostile target is the main objective.
- Racing game: a type of game where the player is in a racing competition.
  • Driving simulator: a type of game where the player is tasked with using a vehicle as if it were real.
  • Sim racing: a type of game where the player is tasked with using a realistic vehicle inside a racing competition.
- Space flight simulator game: a type of game meant to emulate the experience of space flight.
- Submarine simulator: a type of game where the player commands a submarine.
- Train simulator: a simulation of rail transport operations.
- Vehicular combat game: a type of game where vehicles with weapons are placed inside of an arena to battle.

Other genres
- Adult game: a game which has significant sexual content (like an adult movie), and are therefore intended for an adult audience.
  • Eroge: a Japanese video game that features erotic content, usually in the form of anime-style artwork.
- Advergame: the practice of using video games to advertise a product, organization or viewpoint.
- Art game: a video game that is designed in such a way as to emphasize art or whose structure is intended to produce some kind of reaction in its audience.
- Audio game: an interactive electronic game wherein the only feedback device is audible rather than visual.
- Christian video game: any video game centered around Christianity or Christian themes.
- Educational game: video games that have been specifically designed to teach people about a certain subject, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand an historical event or culture, or assist them in learning a skill as they play.
- Exergaming: video games that are also a form of exercise and rely on technology that tracks body movement or reaction.
- Maze video games: video game genre description first used by journalists during the 1980s to describe any game in which the entire playing field was a maze.
- Music video game: a video game where the gameplay is meaningfully and often almost entirely oriented around the player's interactions with a musical score or individual songs.
  • Rhythm game: games that challenge the player's sense of rhythm and focus on dance or the simulated performance of musical instruments, and require players to press buttons in a sequence dictated on the screen.
- Party video games: games commonly designed as a collection of simple minigames, designed to be intuitive and easy to control and to be played in multiplayer.
- Puzzle video game: video games that emphasize puzzle solving, including logic, strategy, pattern recognition, sequence solving, and word completion.
- Serious game: a video game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment, generally referring to products used by industries like defense, education, scientific exploration, health care, emergency management, city planning, engineering, religion, and politics.
- Traditional game: a computer program adaptation of a non-computer game (such as a board game or card game).

Other Types of Video Games
- Casual game: a game of any genre that is targeted for a mass audience of casual gamers. Casual games typically have simple rules and require no long-term time commitment or special skills to play.
- Indie game: games created by individuals or small teams without video game publisher financial support as well as often focus on innovation and rely on digital distribution.
- Idle: This genre involves games that orient the player with a trivial task, such as clicking a cookie; and as the game progresses, the player is gradually rewarded certain upgrades for completing said task. In all, these games require very little involvement from the player.
- Minigame: a short or more simplistic video game often contained within another video game.
- Non-game: software that lies on the border between video games, toys and applications, with the main difference between non-games and traditional video games being the apparent lack of goals, objectives and challenges.
- Programming game: a game where the player has no direct influence on the course of the game, instead a computer program or script is written that controls the actions of the characters.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Hacker's Escape Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

Hacker's Escape
Hacker's Escape Logo

Play Online: Hacker's Escape
Developer: Pine Studio
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Game Review
Hacker's Escape is, as the title would imply, is an point and click escape game made by Pine Studio. I really enjoyed it. One of the better escape games. There are codes hidden around the room, but you'll find a lot of electronic equipment you'll need to put to good use if you ever want to find your way out. It took me trials and errors to figure out how to get a fingerprint to switch on a computer with a broken screen, which required a bit of logical thinking. I was also a little worried, because everyone complained about the math, but the hexadecimal is actually not too difficult if you just look at the example on the paper and follow that exact same pattern. This one make you think, and everything makes sense. Then, the last puzzle equation was surprisingly simple yet a little daunting at first. Once I figured out how it moved and using the objects I enjoyed it and finished without any help. No random clicks to find abstract objects in this one, you actually have to find objects that must be used together in a realistic way. And the text gives you some idea of what needs to be done with various things. Overall, I will say it is pretty challenging for those who seldom play this type of escape games. Smooth graphics and progression! A must try, it's free for iOS and Android, download the game if you are using a smart phone now.

Hacker's Escape Guide
Solutions to Hacker's Escape
- Use Force on Lens.
- Click on the Trash Can.
- Get Can.
- Get VR Headset.
- Examine the Grey Hat and note the number: 6
- Get Letter.
- Read Letter.
- Get Ink Cartridge.
- Turn Left.
- Get Cable.
- Move the Pillow.
- Get USB.
- Examine the Poster in the middle: 0xB..
- Exmaine the Poster on the right: 0x..D
- Examine the White Hat and note the number: 7
- Click on the Drawer.
- Use Force on Drawer.
- Get Key.
- Exit.
- Turn Left.
- Examine the Black Hat and note the number: 2
- use Key on Padlock.
- Get Mouse.
- Get Powder.
- Turn Left.
- Examine the Poster: 0x.A.
- Click on the Worktable.
- Get Camera.
- Get Paper.
- Exit.
- Get the Crumpled Paper.
- Read Book Fragment.
- Use Power Cord on Power Plug.
- Click on the Computer Case.
- Get Knife.
- Turn Right.
- Use USB on Laptop.
- Click on the Laptop.
- Examine Letter and notice all the letters that are upside down.
- Enter "ETER" to access the Laptop.
- Click on HolidayTrip.jpg.
- Click on "Enhance Option".
- Note the code "1827" and the wintery background with trees.
- Exit.
- Click on Printer.
- Get Magnifier.
- Use Ink Cartridge on Printer.
- Use Paper on Slot for Paper.
- Combine Powder with Can.
- Combine Camera with Can with Fingerpint.
- Use Camera with Fingerprint Photo on Cable.
- Get Paper.
- Combine Knife with Paper with Fingerprint.
- Exit.
- Turn Left.
- Click on Worktable.
- Use Fingerprint on Fingerprint Scanner.
- Use Mouse on Mousepad.
- Exit.
- Use Force on Magnifier.
- Combine VR Headset without Lenses with Lenses.
- Use VR Headset on PC.
- Click on Left Terminal.
- Recall the numbers seen on the hats and enter them in the order they appear.
- Enter "267".
- Exit.
- Click on Middle Terminal.
- Consolidate the three poster codes into 0xBAD and convert this to decimal.
- Enter "2989".
- Exit.
- Click on Right Terminal.
- Recall the code found on the Laptop.
- Enter "1827".
- Exit.
- Exit.
- Get Key.
- Turn Left.
- Use Key on Keyhole.
- Win!

Hacker's Escape Walkthrough

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

In drmzzz Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

In drmzzz
In drmzzz Logo

Play Online: In drmzzz
Developer: Bart Bonte
Genre: Puzzle

Game Review
In drmzzz is a point-and-click game created by Bart Bonte for the Nitrome Jam, under the theme "dreams". The game takes place in two areas and was created as a much shorter and simpler online flash game. One in a bedroom, and another in outer space. In drmzzz's gameplay is presented as one continuous flow, without the division of levels. The player uses their mouse to click on different objects, which can affect their behaviour on screen. The mouse cursor's movement can also have an influence on certain objects such as the alarm clock.

The game was easy to live with, it didn't give me frustration and it was simple. Loved the music and simplicity, quickly introducing new 'mechanics' or tasks without telling the player, but remaining simple and not challenging. This game is incredibly and adorably imaginative, a guy who falls asleep and dreams about colourful worms poking themselves out planets, what's not to love? Easily one of my favourite 5-minutes flash game.

In drmzzz Guide
Solutions to In drmzzz
- Click on a humanoid egg-shaped child's eyes to make him fall asleep.
- Click the z's peering out on the far left sides of the screen.
- Then once a small creature identical to the child climbs into the alarm clock, the player must click the alarm clock three times.
- The child temporarily opens its eyes and the player must click its eye to close it again.
- Keep their cursor over the alarm clock to make it rise into the air.
- The scenery will then change to that of space with one asteroid partly seen in the foreground and another in the background. A worm-like creature will pop out of one of the holes in the asteroid and the player is required to click it to make it move to the asteroid in the foreground.
- Once the player clicks the worm-like creature in the foreground, it will pop back up and cause several other identical creatures of different colours to appear in the holes of the asteroid in the background. Click the worm in the background asteroid till they turn yellow like the worms in the foreground.
- Once this is done, the worms will disappear and instead the worm in the foreground will begin to fly in the air. The player can make the worms change directions by a click of the mouse and should direct the creature into the various stars that appear.
- Once all stars are collected, several different coloured stars will appear as well as several other worms along with them. By clicking again, the player should direct all of the worms into the stars that match their colour. It is easier to focus on one worm at a time then all of them at once.
- Upon all stars being collected, the game will end with the child awakening.

Monday, 16 February 2015

How To Be a Gamer: Playing Flash Games

Playing Flash Games
Flash games are interactive media created for online and mobile applications using the Adobe-owned, Macromedia-developed Flash software. Originally developed as an animation program, programmers and artists began using Flash to create interactive games using its proprietary ActionScript code. Flash games range from action/adventure, role-playing, simulations, 2D side-scrollers, and puzzle games, to 3D first-person shooters and massive multiplayer (MMOs). There are tens of thousands of games available across the web, and the applications are boundless for developers. With free online Flash games and even online casino gaming, players are able to enjoy a plethora of unique titles, many with professional production values; solid graphics and sound, engaging storylines and gameplay, simple interfaces, and high replay value. Many of the Flash games are based on popular existing titles as well, and are as addictive as their console, arcade, and PC counterparts.

These days, as more consumers are spending more time online, Flash games are easily accessible online and well integrated on mobile peripherals too. With many of the games being available for free downloads and/or instant play, which do not require any client software to be installed apart from a web browser or browser plug-in. In some cases a game may be free, but charge for extra in-game features. Multiplayer browser games have an additional focus on social interaction, either between several players or on a massive scale. Due to the accessibility of flash games, they are often played in more frequent, shorter sessions compared to traditional computer games.

Don't you just hate it when you find a game that looks so interesting but you can't play it unless you download it first?Since flash games run isolated from hardware in a web browser, they can run on many different operating systems without having to be ported to each platform. Most flash games are less graphically intensive and thus have lower system requirements because they are designed to be played on a wider range of systems and devices. There are thousands of flash games available today; many are completely new and waiting to be played, while others are classic games re-made as browser games; Pac-Man is an example of a classic game and now available as a browser game.

Flash games are worth playing and exploring for those gamers interested in shorter and satisfying gameplay. You will be surprised by how much these games can offer once you tried it; one example is Candy Crush. You can play it on Facebook running Flash software and it is a success with 100 million players now. There are more on the list which I will skip... The list is almost endless. Trust me, you won't regret trying out a few flash games!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Mad Burger 3 Walkthrough Guide

Mad Burger 3
Mad Burger 3 Logo

Play Online: Mad Burger 3
Developer: Deqaf Studio
Genre: Upgrades, Launch

Mad Burger 3 Guide
List of Upgrades in Mad Burger 3
Perky Kick - Increase the chef's kicking power! May the force be with you.
Cost: 150 / 350 / 900 / 1600 / 3000
Spring Ability - Burger loses less speed when bouncing! Almost a dream, is not it?
Cost: 100 / 500 / 1500 / 3000 / 6500
Crazy Sauces - Increase the amount of sauces!
Cost: 400 / 1000 / 2500 / 5800 / 9500
Magnet - Attract all the things? Why not!
Cost: 300 / 900 / 1800 / 4000 / 8000
Horseshoe - Want a bit of luck during the flight? Gold, only gold please.
Cost: 200 / 800 / 1400 / 2500 / 4000
Thrift - Increase the amount of total income! Cha-ching!
Cost: 300 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000
Revolver - Shoot him! Increases the chance of finding a revolver.
Cost: 1000 / 1800 / 2500 / 3700 / 5000
Gangster Hat - You are invincible! True! Increases the chance of finding a hat!
Cost: 900 / 1500 / 2800 / 3500 / 4700
Vulture - May your burger take flight! Increases the chance of finding a vulture!
Cost: 2000 / 3200 / 4500 / 6500 / 8000
Bandolier - Touchdown and a blast! Increases the chance of finding a bandolier!
Cost: 1000 / 2500 / 3200 / 5000 / 7500
Sheriff Star - Divine acceleration. Try it. Increases the chance of find a star!
Cost: 1400 / 3800 / 6000 / 8000 / 9500
Bombs - It's a blast! Increases the chance of finding a bomb!
Cost: 1500 / 3000 / 4000 / 6000 / 7500

Salad - Gives +7 to speed-up.
Cost: 300
Cheese - Gives +15 to speed-up.
Cost: 800
Tomato - Gives +18 to speed-up.
Cost: 1200
Cucumber - Gives +10 to speed-up.
Cost: 500
Pepper - Gives +5 to max speed.
Cost: 650
Mushrooms - Gives +30 to speed-up.
Cost: 2500
Onion - Gives +5 to max speed.
Cost: 250
Tabasco - Gives +12 to max speed.
Cost: 2500
Ketchup - Gives +20 to speed-up.
Cost: 2300
Mustard - Gives +9 to max speed.
Cost: 1600
Wasabi - Gives +11 to max speed.
Cost: 2000
Chili - Gives +10 to max speed. Give skill, crazy chili in each launch!
Cost: 6000

Recommended Build for Mad Burger 3
1. Thrift
2. Horseshoe
3. Magnet
4. Spring Ability
5. Perky Kick
6. Crazy Sauces
7. Sheriff Star
8. Bombs
9. Vulture
10. Bandolier
11. Revolver
12. Gangster Hat
13. Repeat! :)

1. Onion
2. Salad
3. Cucumber
4. Pepper
5. Cheese
6. Tomatio
7. Mustard
8. Wasabi
9. Ketchup
10. Mushrooms
11. Tabasco
12. Chili

Building Burger
Tabasco -> Chili -> Salad -> Patty -> Pepper Shaker -> Ketchup -> Cheese -> Mayo -> Tomato -> Cucumber -> Mushrooms -> Mustard -> Onion -> Pepper -> Wasabi

Mad Burger 3 Walkthrough
The best in Mad Burger 3 is you get to build a better burger, yet the worst is actually building the burger itself. Here is the burger cooking order: Tobasco, Chilli, Lettuce, Meat Patty, Pepper, Ketchup, Cheese, Mayonaise, Tomato, Gherkins, Mushrooms, Mustard, Onions, Red Peppers and Wasabi. When you're making the burger, place it close to the middle and wait and line it up with the line on the saloon doors. You'll get around 90% every drop when you get used to it. Also, pay close attention to where the "center" of the bottles are when you pour. If you mess up, press the refresh button in the top left to redo without fully making the burger. I also discover during mid-game. The best way to make money is to ride the bottom of the screen (not bouncing, hovering with short bursts of sauce) and mow people down. You get $30 per hit.

Pro-Tip: Want to make the perfect burger? No movement, no problem. Right click and then double click where you think the middle should be.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Mad Burger 2 Walkthrough Guide

Mad Burger 2
Mad Burger 2 Logo

Play Online: Mad Burger 2
Developer: Deqaf Studio
Genre: Upgrades, Launch

Mad Burger 2 Guide
List of Upgrades in Mad Burger 2
The Attractive - Increase the radius of collecting objects.
Cost: 100 / 300 / 1200 / 2400 / 4000
Brutal Shoes - Adds strength for each strike.
Cost: 100 / 200 / 400 / 1000 / 2000
Slapstick - Increase the acceleration for each flight.
Cost: 50 / 300 / 1000 / 2000 / 4000
Clown - Get good acceleration for a flight.
Cost: 200 / 400 / 1000 / 2500 / 4000
Tornado - Increase the acceleration by dint of the sauce.
Cost: 100 / 400 / 1500

Gift Burger - Burger does not lose speed.
Cost: 1000 / 2000 / 3000
Champagne - Increase the chance of catching a champagne
Cost: 1200 / 2200 / 3300
Rocket - Tremendous acceleration!
Cost: 1300 / 2500 / 3500
Mandarin - Increase the number of ammo.
Cost: 2000 / 2600 / 3800
Santa's Reindeer - Increase the chance of catching a reindeer.
Cost: 3000 / 3000 / 4000

Add Stuffing - Increase the maximum speed.
Cost: 200 / 600 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 / 3000

Recommended Build for Mad Burger 2
1. The Attractive
2. Tornado
3. Brutal Shoes
4. Slapstick
5. Rocket
6. Champagne
7. Santa's Reindeer
8. Mandarin
9. Add Stuffing
10. Gift Burger
11. Clown
12. Repeat! :)

Mad Burger 2 Walkthrough
Mad Burger 2 is very similar to Mad Burger, it gets progressively easier each round as you start to purchase more and more upgrades. I use almost the same technique as the previous to win the game; basically, keep your burger low to the ground. A lot of the powerups give you more speed, but I'm spending most of my time near the campers. I feel like it's a lot harder to get vertical this time round, especially since the launch is also pretty low. The clowns sometimes they barely help at all, while other times they are "okay". The challenge is there, even after I had bought all of the upgrades, I still had to rely way too much on luck to reach the end. However, I believe you guys can make it pretty easily with this guide. :D

Monday, 26 January 2015

Pre-Civilization: Bronze Age Walkthrough Guide

Pre-Civilization: Bronze Age
Pre-Civilization Bronze Age Logo

Play Online: Pre-Civilization: Bronze Age
Developer: Mikhail Vasilyev & Andrew Schmitt
Genre: Simulation, Strategy

Bloody Night Guide
List of Upgrades in Pre-Civilization: Bronze Age
6000 - 4000 Years B.C.
Primitive Farming
Description: Unlocks the occupation farming. 15 People grow 2 food each.
Requirements: Nothing.

Primitive Animal Breeding
Description: Unlocks the occupation animal breeding. 2 People procure 3 food each.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, Primitive Farming.

Description: Animal breeding + 5 max. + 0.5 Food to animal breeding per worker. Unlocks the building of the Corral.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, Primitive Animal Breeding.

Description: Farming + 30 max. + 0.3 Food per worker.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, Primitive Farming.

Mudbrick Construction
Description: Population limit + 10 max. Unlocks the building of the Mudbrick structures.
Requirements: 1 Research Point.

Advanced Stone Tools
Description: Unlocks the occupation production. 2 People produce 4 production each.
Requirements: 1 Research Point.

Description: Production + 5 max. + 1 Production point per worker.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, Advance Stone Tools.

Advanced Stone Weapons
Description: Strength + 30%. Unlocks the building of the Barracks.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, Advanced Stone Tools.

Description: Unlocks the occupation worshipping. 2 People produce 4 culture points each.
Requirements: 1 Research Point.

4000 - 3000 Years B.C.
Description: Unlocks the occupation fishing. 10 People procure 6 food each. Unlocks the building of the Wharf.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 4000 B.C.

Description: Fishing + 20 max. + 1 Food per worker.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 4000 B.C. and Boat.

Veterinary Medicine
Description: Animal breeding + 30 max. + 0.3 Food to animal breeding per worker.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 4000 B.C. and Cattle.

Description: Farming + 500 max. + 0.2 Food per worker.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 4000 B.C. and Cultivation.

Description: + 0.5 Food per worker. Population limit + 200 max.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 4000 B.C. and Cultivation.

Description: + 20% to culture and production growth. Unlocks the building of the Marketplace.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 4000 B.C. and Bread.

Stonebrick Construction
Description: Population limit + 1000 max.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 4000 B.C., Mudbrick Construction and Mining.

Copper Working
Description: Production + 70 max. + 1 Production point per worker.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 4000 B.C. and Mining.

Description: Production + 100 max. Unlocks the building of the Smithy.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 4000 B.C. and Copper Working.

Copper Weapons
Description: Strength + 50%.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 4000 B.C., Copper Working and Advanced Stone Weapons.

Description: Worshipping + 50 Max. + 1 Culture point per worshipper. Unlocks the building of the Temple.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 4000 B.C. and Mysticism

3000 - 2000 Years B.C.
Description: Fishing + 100 max. + 1 Food per worker.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 3000 B.C. and Oar.

Selective Breeding
Description: Animal Breeding + 1000 max. + 1 Food per worker.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 3000 B.C. and Veterinary Medicine.

Description: Farming + 5000 max. + 0.3 Food per worker. Unlocks the building of the Granary
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 3000 B.C. and Irrigation.

Description: + 20% to culture and production growth.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 3000 B.C. and Trade.

Description: + 20% culture. Unlocks the building of the Library.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 3000 B.C. and Trade.

Code of Law
Description: Population limit + 8000 max.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 3000 B.C. and Writing

City Planning
Description: Population limit + 20000 max. Unlocks the building of the Walls.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 3000 B.C. and Code of Law

Description: Unlocks the building of the Wonder of the World and the possibility to win the game.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 3000 B.C., Stonebrick Construction and Code of Law.

Bronze Working
Description: Production + 1000 max. + 1 Production point per worker. Unlocks the building of the Mine.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 3000 B.C. and Metallurgy.

Bronze Weapons
Description: Strength + 60%.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 3000 B.C., Bronze Working and Copper Weapons.

Description: Strength + 100%.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 3000 B.C. and Copper Weapons.

Description: Worshipping + 1000 max. + 1 Culture per worshipper.
Requirements: 1 Research Point, 3000 B.C. and Polytheism

List of Buildings in Pre-Civilization: Bronze Age
Mudbrick Houses
Description: Population + 100 max.
Requirements: Technology: Mudbrick Construction, Production Points: 80.

Description: Strength + 100%
Requirements: Technology: Advanced Stone Weapons, Production Points: 400.

Description: Animal breeding + 20 max. + 1 Food to animal breeding per working.
Requirements: Technology: Cattle, Production Points: 1.0K.

Description: Fishing +100 max. + 1.5 Food per fishing.
Requirements: Technology: Boat, Production Points: 5.0K.

Description: Worshipping + 100 max. + 2 Culture per worshipper.
Requirements: Technology: Polytheism, Production Points: 9.0K.

Description: Production + 500 max. + 2 Production point per worker.
Requirements: Technology: Metallurgy, Production Points: 23K.

Description: + 20% to Culture and production growth.
Requirements: Technology: Trade, Production Points: 40K.

Description: Culture + 50%.
Requirements: Technology: Writing, Production Points: 150K.

Description: Farming + 30000 max. + 0.7 Food to farming per worker.
Requirements: Technology: Plough, Production Points: 400K.

Description: Production + 8000 max. + 1 Production point per worker.
Requirements: Technology: Bronze Working, Production Points: 700K.

Description: Strength + 600%.
Requirements: Technology: City Planning, Production Points: 1.0M.

Wonder of the World
Description: Victory
Requirements: Technology: Megastructures, Production Points: 2.5M.

Pre-Civilization: Bronze Age Walkthrough
- You can ignore risk for at least most of the first age which means have no guards if you have population space, growth is much more important.
- When someone attack you, the color decides what you should do. If it is Green, choose that option. Red is low odds of success. Yellow is half way. Enemy Army Strength; If it is green and you choose to fight and get 10% bonus to Strength. Enemy Leader Cunning; If it is green and you choose to cheat. There is no bonus or loss most of the time. Lastly, choose Flee if both are red and you can't afford to lose people.
- At the start you actually want to be attacked. That way you get to fight and get the +10% strength from battle experience over and over while you're still in the first age. That added strength lets you keep people off guard duty in the later ages so winning becomes much easier.
- Cheat dumb enemies when you can, as it results in no loss, which is quite precious in the later dynasty.
- Despite the above tip, its actually pretty safe to have risk up to around 25-35%.
- The strength of your guards has nothing to do with neither the stats of enemies, nor your odds of winning a fight against enemies.
- Don't bother getting fishing. I'm not sure if it gets better than farming for a per worker rate, but you can grow fast enough without fishing. However especially useful until after you've beaten the game.
- Other than that, victory rides heavily on luck, so one of the only ways to get victory is keep trying and hope for better luck.

The first tech you should get is the Primitive Animal Breeding. After some experimentation, focusing exclusively on animal farming seems to work best. I suggest you best is to gnore the fishing and farming routes. Farming is only useful when you need to earn extra food and to unlock the pyramid upgrade & the city planning upgrade. While fishing gives the most food per person, focusing on it gives you a slow start, and its max workers increases too slowly.

The next most important thing to population growth is cultural growth for technology, but you don't unlock the Monotheism, so you'll have to make due with getting Mudbrick Construction next for a higher population cap. Continue to focus on breeding, put all your man onto animal breeding. Build Mudbrick houses as soon as possible. Once you going to hit around 4000 years B.C., unlock Advance Stone Tools and Mining quickly! This will allow you have a smooth transition to the next dynasty, becuase you will need Brickstone Construction to increase your population. Wisely investing your points into Bread and Trade whenever you can.

Trade adds 20% to culture and production growth and the ability to build marketplace. Marketplace also add another 20% to culture and production growth which is absolutely helping because you will soon going to focus on production growth. Starting production early can be the difference between victory and failure, but do not overdo it. By the time you reach the final age, you have enough population to start mega-focusing on production. Switch your massive population into production and whip out the pyramid in a matter of turns.

Pre-Civilization: Bronze Age Walkthrough

Friday, 23 January 2015

How To Be a Gamer: Securing Your Accounts

Securing Your Accounts
The reality is that, on the whole, security for gamers and gaming isn’t all that different than best practices for normal online, social networking activities. You need to maintain strong passwords and be careful about the where you place your information.

Like anyone else online, gamers are the victims of data breaches, account takeovers, and various social engineering and phishing scams, but they also have the added anxiety of protecting game-specific characters and profiles, which can be occasionally wiped out by bugs, external applications and other malicious actions. Gamers should be very careful about people who claim to be moderators or enforcers asking for login credentials and claiming that an account has had complaints filed against it and is being locked out. Finally gamers should be skeptical of anyone or thing offering free prizes or credits that are often the parts of a larger scam.

- Your password should not contain words from any dictionary; this includes words spelled backwards. Dictionaries are often used to generate a list of possible passwords from common words and terms.
- Use a combination of letters, numbers, special characters, spaces and capitalization but keep in mind that their distribution is also very important. For example, "qwerty123" is not very secure, but "t0n1htXp3c1al" is extremely difficult to guess.
- The longer the password, the less the chances that someone may be able to guess it. We recommend that you create a password that uses as many characters as possible.
- Many programs can detect common number/letter replacements (e.g. 5 for an S, 3 for an E, 1 for an I etc.) so try and avoid these when creating your password. Also try to avoid using keyboard sequences (e.g. 1234, qwert, zxasqw, asdasd, etc.) as these are commonly used to create passwords and are therefore often used by “Brute Force” programs.
- We recommend that you do not use your account name or summoner name in your password, as if it is followed by numbers, special characters or other words it will make it easier to guess. Finally try to use a unique password that is different from any of your other passwords (email account, social media websites, online bank account, other online game accounts, etc).

- Antivirus software helps you fight against viruses and other malicious third party programs (i.e. key-loggers and Trojans).
- Computer viruses are software programs that are deliberately designed to interfere with computer operation; record, corrupt, or delete data; or spread themselves to other computers and throughout the Internet.
- You must update your antivirus software regularly, to help prevent the most current viruses. You can set up most types of antivirus software to update automatically.
- Protection from spam. Spam is incredibly annoying when you're bombarded with emails and ads that you have no interest in whatsoever. What many people do not realize is that if you're bombarded with spam that seems to come from nowhere every time you log in, that spam is most likely the result of a virus stored on your computer.
- Live your Antivirus software run 24/7.

- Turn off the checkbox "Remember Me" when accessing a game or websites. When using a shared computer, anyone who has access to the same desktop session also will be able to automatically log in using your credentials.
- There is also risk that if somebody can steal a browser cookie, they can gain access to the site. And even that depends on what is being checked.
- Clear your data and wipe out all cookies and caches every time, you end your gaming session. This will protect your account to the fullest.

- You should not share your account with anyone, not even a friend or a family member.
- Some players might try to con you to believe they are the moderator of the game, and start asking for your account username and password. Absolutely do not give them! A moderator have no rights to ask the players for their account information.
- Account trading should be avoided as you will have no way to reverse the transaction if the deal goes bad. Also, since the original account owner will have knowledge of creation details, it is possible that they might even be able to recover the account via Player Support! Do not be tempted by dubious offers.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Mini Commando Game Review & Video Walkthrough

Mini Commando
Mini Commando Logo

Play Online: Mini Commando
Developer: BeGamer & FastGames
Genre: Puzzle, Education

Game Review
Mini Commando, is in the same style as Soldier Diary I've once reviewed. The gameplay wise is excellent as it makes the style of point and click adventure games exciting. Normally, I play point and click adventure games and I get so bored but not in Mini Commando. And it tells the story of World War II behind the scenes of action. Of a man destined to save his family from the cold hands of war. We don't realize the perspective of the civilians when we think about war most of the time, and even though this is a small flash game, it does a great job of showing what some people go through when war time rolls around. I really do appreciate the bit at the end about WWII as well. This was a very real and horribly tragic era of the history of humanity. Learning from the mistakes we have made in the past will allow us to avoid them in the future. A single man willing to risk his life no matter the danger, all for his family. One short game with a powerful message.

This is truly a great little game! It has been a long time since I've played a such sweet flash game, the music fits perfectly with the game itself as it's fast paced. Beautiful game, the perfect casual gaming experience. Overall if you like these types of point and click flash games then Mini Commando is a must play!

Mini Commando Guide
Mini Commando Video Walkthrough