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Doodle Brigade Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

Doodle Brigade
Doodle Brigade Logo

Play Online: Doodle Brigade
Developer: Aleksander Suvak
Genre: Defense, Strategy

Game Review
Oh no! The Doodle Domain is under siege from hordes of the undead and other creatures. Repel the approaching zombies and monsters with a stick-army of your own, soldiers, full of snipers, bombers, mines and more. It's up to you to save the day in this fun tower defense game. As you progress through the levels, you will unlock newer and stronger units to aid you along the way. This is Aleksander Suvak's Doodle Brigade.

Certainly not the best tower defense game but one of the better ones on the internet. This flash game reminds me a lot of the legendary Plants vs. Zombie on first impression. If you're a fan of it, then you will love this version too. The lane-based tower defense is very familiar while still putting things in its own spin. One interesting feature is its degree of flexibility in customizing your field especially upgrades and enhancements for your units. Every offensive unit you place starts out on the field as a simple, basic soldier, with a slow rate of fire and a low damage output. As you progress, earning more "inks", you get to upgrade these units into one of four different paths, each with varying levels of power; Gunner, Shotgunner, Sniper, Bomber. You have to make choices and decide on their specialized roles as soon as things start getting messy. There is a few times where Sniper is better and effective than Gunner, and I restarted that level a few times. Once you chose the right strategy, you can bring out their full potential, which makes the individual units feel more valuable and encourages you to protect them better.

While Doodle Brigade is a rather short with 10 stages with endless mode, it is consider well done for such simple and addictive flash game. Slick graphics, easy control, great gameplay! I did enjoyed it right up until the 'final' stage. The game then brings in a whole new mechanic, the invincible eraser monster, that will quickly whittle down your defenses. Then the squid boss comes up, it's gameover every single time. Seems unfair but possible! Check out my guide below.

Doodle Brigade Guide
List of Army in Doodle Brigade
Tier 1
Soldier - Your G.I. Doodle fire a single shot.
Health: 1, Damage: 1, Cost: 100

Soldier's Path
Tier 2
Soldier II - Fires 2 shots. can be promoted to 3 different roles.
Health: 2, Damage: 2, Cost: 50

Tier 3
Soldier III - Fires 3 shots.
Health: 3, Damage: 3, Cost: 80
Shotty - Fires 3 shots in 3 rows.
Health: 3, Damage: 3, Cost: 60
Sniper - Fire 1 shot. Can penetrate multiple enemies.
Health: 3, Damage: 4, Cost: 70

Tier 4
Soldier IV - Fires 4 shots. Max rank.
Health: 5, Damage: 5, Cost: 160
Shotty II - Fires 6 shots in 3 rows. Max rank.
Health: 5, Damage: 5, Cost: 120
Sniper - Fire 2 shot. Can penetrate multiple enemies . Max rank.
Health: 5, Damage: 6, Cost: 140

Bomber's Path
Tier 2
Bomber - Fires 1 bomb that does area damage. Can be promoted to 3 different roles.
Health: 2, Damage: 3, Cost: 60

Tier 3
Bomber II - Fires 2 bomb that does area damage.
Health: 5, Damage: 4, Cost: 100
Poison - Fires 1 bomb that damages enemies over time.
Health: 5, Damage: 4, Cost: 90
Frosty - Fires 1 bomb that slows down enemies.
Health: 5, Damage: 4, Cost: 90

Tier 4
Bomber III - Very powerful explosion. Max rank.
Health: 6, Damage: 6, Cost: 200
Poison II - Fires 2 bombs that damages enemies over time. Max rank.
Health: 6, Damage: 5, Cost: 150
Frosty II - Fires 1 bomb that slows down enemies. Max rank
Health: 6, Damage: 5, Cost: 150

Wall - Keep your enemies out.
Health: 6, Damage: 0, Cost: 50
Wall II - Enemies get damaged if they try to tear wall down.
Health: 6, Damage: 1, Cost: 50
Mine - Explodes on touch.
Health: 0, Damage: 6, Cost: 50
Mine II - More damage to enemies, explodes on touch.
Health: 0, Damage: 6, Cost: 50
Medkit - Heals your troops.
Health: 1, Damage: 0, Cost: 75
Medkit - Heals your troops faster and better.
Health: 6, Damage: 0, Cost: 75

List of Enemies in Monsters in Doodle Brigade
Undead - Your typical neighborhood zombie.
Health: 2, Damage: 1, Speed: 5, Loot: 10
Undeader - Deader and hungrier for your flesh.
Health: 3, Damage: 12, Speed: 4, Loot: 25
Undeadest - Boss of the dead, any questions?
Health: 5, Damage: 5, Speed: 2, Loot: 200
Invisink - It's a ghost to everyone but the sniper and mine.
Health: 2, Damage: 1, Speed: 5, Loot: 15
Blob - They don't attack but do regain health.
Health: 6, Damage: 0, Speed: 4, Loot: 15
Squink - Attacks 3 rows at a time, watch out!
Health: 5, Damage: 6, Speed: 2, Loot: 300
Fluffy - Just a harmless flesh eating rodent.
Health: 1, Damage: 2, Speed: 6, Loot: 5
Crablock - They've got a tough shell, bomb'em!
Health: 3, Damage: 4, Speed: 3, Loot: 50
Cage - These guys might be carrying something special for you.
Health: 5, Damage: 4, Speed: 3, Loot: 100
Spikey - A floating bomb, don't let it poke you.
Health: 3, Damage: 5, Speed: 2, Loot: 20
Crusher - Don't wait to kill it. Anything in the way will turn to dust.
Health: 6, Damage: 6, Speed: 1, Loot: 30

Doodle Brigade Walkthrough
Level 1 - Build 2 Soldier II.
Level 2 - Build 3 Bomber II and 1 Soldier.
Level 3 - Build 5 Soldier III.
Level 4 - Build 7 Soldier III, 3 Soldier II, 2 Shotty II and 3 Shotty.
Level 5 - Build 5 Soldier III, 4 Sniper, 1 Sniper II
Level 6 - Build 10 Soldier IV, 5 Soldier III, 10 Sniper II
Level 7 - Build 5 Shotty II, 5 Sniper II and at least 2 Medkits. Replace Medkits when destroyed or comsumed.
Hidden Level 1 - Build 10 Soldier IV and 5 Soldier III.
Hidden Level 2 - Build 9 Shotty II, 3 Soldier
Hidden Level 3 - Build 5 Soldier IV, 5 Bomber IV and 5 Bomber II

>> Download Doodle Brigade Level Guide Now!

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Vectagon Game Review

Vectagon Logo

Play Online: Vectagon
Developer: Ataxkt
Genre: Distance

Game Review
Vectagon is a fast paced twitch-heavy runner game crafted for the hardcore audience. This is one of those kind of games that makes your eyeballs feel like they're being forcibly twisted against your will while still in their sockets. According to its developer, been inspired by Rez, Dyad and F-Zero. Vectagon is a simple, engaging game. You'll go in thinking you'll play a short game, but soon find yourself repeating the same level at least a couple of dozen times, quickly jabbing at the screen to restart after cursing loudly from the ridiculous mistake you just made.

Vectagon is one of a rare breed of games, and what makes Vectagon such an addictive experience is its simplicity and incredibly difficulty. If you've played Super Hexagon, you understand the sort of game. You’re driving through a tunnel, and you have to move to the left and right to dodge walls that it throws up. As you go, more edges to the tunnel are added, and it gets much more difficult to manoeuvre the ship you’re in. The overall goal is to last as long as possible without getting crushed between two walls while you're zig-zagging your way through the endless tunnel. The controls are surprisingly responsive and silky smooth, but not my reaction time.

It can be frustrating and punishing for those who are not good enough, while rewarding those who master it with a supreme sense of satisfaction. But each playthrough is worth it though, as just breaking your own personal record by a second! It will test your reflexes, patience and endurance just to survive 20 seconds in the gentlest of its modes and possibly hours of training before you can go for a 30 seconds maybe? If you’re a fan of hard runner games, I recommend putting this on a watch list.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Castle Knight Walkthrough Guide

Castle Knight
Castle Knight Logo

Play Online: Castle Knight
Developer: Halome Games
Genre: Action, Defense

Castle Knight Guide
List of Upgrades in Castle Knight
Sword - Gives you better weapon with a greater power.
Cost: 2500 / 4500 / 6800 / 8640 / 9999
Health - Increases the amount of health.
Cost: 1200 / 1600 / 2500 / 4500 / 7200
Helpers - Increases the power of helpers.
Cost: 860 / 1430 / 2130 / 4280 / 6730
Loot - Increases the amount of loot.
Cost: 800 / 930 / 1340 / 2340 / 4120
Armor - Take damages of the hits.
Cost: 980 / 1150 / 1800 / 2800 / 3500
Castle - Increase the durability of the castle doors.
Cost: 950 / 1350 / 2680 / 6020 / 9340
Magnet - Attracts coins towards you.
Cost: 820 / 1200 / 2500 / 3800 / 5500

List of Helpers in Castle Knight
Mage Helper - Cost: 200
Archer Helper - Cost: 100

Recommended Build for Castle Knight
1. Sword
2. Loot
3. Health
4. Armor
5. Castle
6. Helper
7. Magnet
8. Repeat! :D

Castle Knight Walkthrough
Castle Knight is a mix of brawler flash game where you are running (on feet or horse), swing your sword or shoot arrows, take powerups from the princess, collect items from the flying pig and also you can hire helpers on the towers. The game progress quite slowly. But once you start upgrading your sword and other statistics, you are more badass than ever. For me, the first 7 waves were manageable, then I start buying Mage Helpers at wave 8 onwards. Comparing Archer and Mage Helper, I will almost go for Mage as it is designed to hit multiple enemies while Archer is stronger at attacking single monster. It's an investment needed to clear waves faster before they cluster into one. These monsters clustering together can comes in one pack and can hit you real hard; You can dying really fast within seconds. My strategy is change to bow and weaken a few of them first before finishing them off with sword. Use your horse to move from one side to another side. Some may find it useless but the extra movement speed helps me quite a bit. Good luck!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Air War 1941 Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

Air War 1941
Air War 1941 Logo

Play Online: Air War 1941
Developer: Daniil Naletov
Genre: Shooter

Game Review
The open skies are your battlefield in this scrolling shooter game. Pilot your fighter plane in Air War 1941 as you engage enemy aircraft in thrilling dog fights, and do everything to control your jet plane. This is a real war, so you must be very attentive and careful; One mistake, and you are dead! Collect coins and medals which you can use to upgrade your plane with new weapons and abilities. win the battle for air superiority.

Air War 1941 is pretty challenging game featuring 10 increasingly challenging levels, I have to admit. This was pretty good for the most part. The controls were smooth and the artwork was good for what it was trying to go for. My only real complaint is the amount of enemies. If this was trying to be a bullet hell game, then I would suggest redoing the coin system, so that they are dropped most by enemies and not the other way around. Or at least add a survival feature and more upgrades. Currently, you spend more time dodging bullets than killing planes because your attack isn't sufficient enough. Other than that, a good game you can complete in less than half hour.

Air War 1941 Guide
List of Upgrades in Air War 1941
Weapon - Increase the number of bullets at the shot.
Cost: 0 / 70 / 450 / 800
Life - Adds a unit of health.
Cost: 0 / 120 / 300 / 450
Regeneration - Health restores faster.
Cost: 0 / 20 / 80 / 120
Explosion - Bullets scatter around the unit.
Cost: 0 / 100 / 250 / 500
Rocket - Shooting missiles at enemies.
Cost: 0 / 100 / 250 / 500

Recommended Build for Air War 1941
1. Regeneration
2. Weapon
3. Explosion
4. Rocket
5. Life
6. Repeat! :D

Air War 1941 Walkthrough
Air War 1941 is mostly about dodging enemy's bullets and then finish off the planes with your bullets. It can be quite challenging at times until you get some upgrades, especially once you've gotten Explosion and Rocket upgrades! The game should start feeling a little manageable and easier to complete. Try to spam your explosions as frequent as possible because it has low cooldown. For rockets, I will save it when there is a cluster of planes you can't handle. It's important that you pick up all the powerups, but do not be over excited and soak up too much damage. It is not worth it and die! It just wasting your effort. Slowly and steady, keep a good lookout for bullets then pick up the powerups.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Attack of the Elemental Walkthrough Guide

Attack of the Elemental
Attack of the Elemental Logo

Play Online: Attack of the Elemental
Developer: Elven Games
Genre: Strategy, Defense

Attack of the Elemental Guide
List of Towers in Attack of the Elemental
Tier 0
Norfort Tower
Description: Basic Defense Building. Shoots cannonball straight to the enemies.
Element: Neutral, Delay: 0.8, Damage: 20, Range: 100, AOE: No, Cost: 200
Ability: None

Tier 1
Blackburn Tower
Description: Blackburn Sorcerers are specialist at fire arcane. Casts firebolt at enemies.
Element: Fire, Delay: 0.5, Damage: 30, Range: 150, AOE: No, Cost: 250
Ability: None

Riverbourne Tower
Description: With the study from the Tome or Riverbourne, we're able to construct this magical fountain that shoots deadly water missile.
Element: Water, Delay: 0.25, Damage: 17, Range: 100, AOE: No, Cost: 250
Ability: None

Stonesage Tower
Description: Nomad sages of Stone Ridge bring you their help. This tower will hurl your enemies with giant rocks.
Element: Earth, Delay: 1, Damage: 50 (Splash), Range: 130, AOE: No, Cost: 250
Ability: None

Tier 2
Redshore Tower
Description: Advancing your fire arcane, casts enhanced firebolts with additional time magic.
Element: Fire, Delay: 0.5, Damage: 65, Range: 200, AOE: No, Cost: 325
Ability: Slow target for 25% movement speed

Newhollow Tower
Description: Expansion of industrial era brings you steam technology on your tower constructions,
Element: Water, Delay: 1, Damage: 65, Range: 100, AOE: 100, Cost: 325
Ability: Damaging all enemy inside its range simultaneously

Highpine Tower
Description: Masterpiece of our dendrologist's development on mysterious seed they found in The Southern Archipelago
Element: Earth, Delay: 1, Damage: 140, Range: 110, AOE: 100, Cost: 325
Ability: Has 30% chance to entangle the enemy for 3 second

Ironclaw Tower
Description: Heirloom of the Cult of Ironclaw, this tower casts high-energy firebolt.
Element: Fire, Delay: 0.5, Damage: 80, Range: 150, AOE: No, Cost: 325
Ability: None

Snowmont Tower
Description: Legendary priests of Snowmont sanctuary are famous for their cryomancery to guard the frozen relic.
Element: Water, Delay: 0.25, Damage: 45, Range: 100, AOE: No, Cost: 325
Ability: None

Oldrock Tower
Description: Oldrock mages are specialist on geokinesis, capable of manipulate giant rocks with their mind.
Element: Earth, Delay: 1, Damage: 140 (Splash), Range: 130, AOE: No, Cost: 325
Ability: None

Brightwick Tower
Description: Bright orb assembled on its peak, radiates solar energy to give power to surrounding towers.
Element: Fire, Delay: 1, Damage: -, Range: 1000, AOE: No, Cost: 450
Ability: All towers get additional 30% attack speed and 30% attack damage

Greencourt Tower
Description: Alchemist of Greencourt have invented artificial acid rain which cause corrosive damage to the enemy.
Element: Water, Delay: 0.2, Damage: -, Range: 170, AOE: 170, Cost: 450
Ability: Call poison rain that give 22 damage for 10 second to all nearby enemies in 170 AOE

Woodwall Tower
Description: Great lodge where witchdoctors of Woodwall concocting their deadly poisonous casks.
Element: Earth, Delay: 1, Damage: -, Range: 150, AOE: No, Cost: 450
Ability: Poison target that gives 30 damage per second for 10 second.

Aldspring Tower
Description: Latest dwarven ordnance, these huge cannons will burn your enemy to ashes.
Element: Fire, Delay: 0.8, Damage: 140 (Splash), Range: 110, AOE: No, Cost: 500
Ability: Has 30% chance to burn target and gives 10 damage per second for 10 second.

Coldwolf Tower
Description: This huge and enigmatic pyramid-like tower is actually a relic and said to be made by lost civilization of Coldwolf.
Element: Water, Delay: 1, Damage: -, Range: 100, AOE: 100, Cost: 500
Ability: Slow all nearby enemy in range for 55% movement speed

Goldmerrow Tower
Description: The greed goblins also help us with their alchemist technology of gold transmutation.
Element: Earth, Delay: 1, Damage: 180, Range: 150, AOE: No, Cost: 550
Ability: For every enemy killed by this tower, get additional 25% gold bounty

Tier 3
Vulcandell Tower
Description: Also known as Infernal Citadel, this building is actually a war vessel of underworld soldiers.
Element: Fire, Delay: 0.5, Damage: 250, Range: 200, AOE: No, Cost: 1450
Ability: Slow target for 35% movement speed

Fallhollow Tower
Description: Steam engineering at its finest, amplify heat pressure at hundreds of degrees temperature.
Element: Water, Delay: 1, Damage: 110, Range: 130, AOE: 130, Cost: 1200
Ability: None

Bellbush Tower
Description: This living tower will teach your enemies why they should fear the wrath of mother nature.
Element: Earth, Delay: 1, Damage: 420(Splash), Range: 110, AOE: No, Cost: 1100
Ability: Has 30% chance to entangle target for 3 second

List of Montsters in Attack of the Elemental
Element: Neutral, HP: 100, Speed 1, Ability: None
Element: Fire, HP: 150, Speed 1, Ability: None
Element: Water, HP: 200, Speed 1, Ability: None
Element: Earth, HP: 250, Speed 1, Ability: None
Element: Neutral, HP: 140, Speed 2, Ability: Fast
Element: Fire, HP: 290, Speed 2, Ability: Fast
Element: Water, HP: 190, Speed 2, Ability: Fast
Element: Earth, HP: 240, Speed 2, Ability: Fast
Element: Neutral, HP: 370, Speed 1, Ability: Split into 3 spawnlings when threatened
Element: Fire, HP: 270, Speed 1, Ability: Split into 3 spawnlings when threatened
Element: Water, HP: 420, Speed 1, Ability: Split into 3 spawnlings when threatened
Element: Earth, HP: 320, Speed 1, Ability: Split into 3 spawnlings when threatened
Element:Neutral, HP: 2400, Speed 1, Ability: High HP
Element: Fire, HP: 2000, Speed 1.4, Ability: High HP
Element: Water, HP: 2200, Speed 1.4, Ability: High HP
Element: Earth, HP: 2300, Speed 1, Ability: High HP

Recommended Build for Attack of the Elemental
1. Redshore Tower
2. Ironclaw Tower
3. Newhollow Tower
4. Highpine Tower
5. Oldrock Tower
6. Brightwick Tower
7. Aldspring Tower
8. Vulcandell Tower
9. Snowmont Tower
10. Woodwall Tower
11. Bellbush Tower
12. Greencourt Tower
13. Fallhollow Tower
14. Goldmerrow Tower
15. Coldwolf Tower

Attack of the Elemental Walkthrough
In Attack of the Elemental, tower and monster have elements; Neutral, Fire, Water, and Earth. Each element has weakness against other element. Any element against neutral will deal 100% daamge. Fire against Earth is 150%, but Earth against Fire is 50%. Earth against Water is 150%, but Water against Earth is 50%. Earth against Fire is 150%, but Fire against Water is 50%. Same element will deal 75% damage. It's better to build a tower that is elementally stronger than the monster element. This is the best way to complete this online flash game. Once you reached stage 6 and above, it is best to build one Brightwick Tower to buff all your towers, as it gives 30% attack speed and damage. It may not seems like a lot of stats added, but it's super effective if all towers received the buff.

Level 1 - 1 Blackburn Tower, 1 Riverbourne Tower, and 1 Stonesage Tower
Level 2 - 1 Blackburn Tower, 2 Riverbourne Towers, and 1 Stonesage Tower
Level 3 - 1 Riverbourne Tower, 1 Ironclaw Tower, and 2 Redshore Towers
Level 4 - 1 Newhollow Tower, 1 Stonesage Tower, 1 Redshore Tower, and 2 Highpine Towers
Level 5 - 1 Newhollow Tower, 1 Oldrock Tower, 1 Riverbourne Tower, and 2 Redshore Towers
Level 6 - 1 Brightwick Tower, 1 Oldrock Tower, 1 Newhollow Tower and 2 Redshore Towers
Level 7 - 1 Brightwick Tower, 1 Oldrock Tower, 1 Newhollow Tower, 1 Highpine Tower, and 2 Redshore Towers
Level 8 - 1 Brightwick Tower, 1 Aldspring Tower, 1 Vulcandell Tower, and 3 Redshore Towers
Level 9 - 1 Brightwick Tower, 1 Newhollow Tower, and 4 Vulcandell Towers
Level 10 - 1 Brightwick Tower, 1 Redshore Tower, 1 Vulcandell Tower, and 3 Bellbush Towers

>> Download Attack of the Elemental Level Guide Now!

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Don't Escape 2: The Outbreak Walkthrough Guide

Don't Escape 2: The Outbreak
Don't Escape 2 The Outbreak Logo

Play Online: Don't Escape 2: The Outbreak
Developer: Scriptwelder
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure

Don't Escape 2: The Outbreak Guide
Don't Escape 2: The Outbreak Walkthrough
The Base
1. Travel to the far left of the base to grab the shovel.
2. Exit the house and grab both the house keys and the wire from the dumpster.
3. Head into the alley beside the house in order to grab the bullet wedged into the wall and the wire cutters stuck into the ground.
4. Exit the base by exiting through the broken fence into the woods. In order to be most efficient with time spending, start by heading to the bottom-right location (-10 minutes).

The Church
1. Grab the axe stuck in the stump on the bottom right.
2. Take the bullet lying on the ground. The little bastard can be found on the ground left of the third fence post from the church. Because it is barely noticeable, it is best to use the description that appears on the bottom-left of the screen to properly locate it.
3. With no other use for the church, now exit and head to the top-right location (-10 minutes).

The Gas Station
1. Take the bullet and the bullet and empty fuel canister from the front of the gas station.
2. Enter the gas station, and loot the cash register and the medical kit for a coin and painkillers.
3. From the shelf, take some batteries and a water bottle.
4. Enter the backroom of the gas station using the axe from the church.
5. Take the room's bullet and rubber hose.
6. Exit the gas station and walk over to the top-left location (-10 minutes).

The Shop
1. Insert your coin from the gas station into the shopping cart. Now you can carry heavy items!
2. Using the shopping cart, grab the reel of metal by the fence.
3. Talk to Jeremy, the blonde man on the right side of the screen. He will provide you information about his lost glasses. You can trust him about his repayment.
4. Enter the shop, take both the bottle of alcohol and the battery-less camera form the store's shelves.
5. Notice the hole in the shop with the growling noises? Upon clicking on it, you'll find a trapped zombie and Jeremy's glasses. You have a bullet saved for him.
6. Power the camera using the batteries from the gas station. Then, take a picture of the child's drawing outside the shop. There is a man who may want this...
6. Now exit the shop to head over to the last unidentified location, the crash site (-10 minutes).

The Crash Site
1. Grab the 9mm handheld gun form the ground near the police car for our zombie buddies.
2. Attach the rubber hose from the gas station onto the police car's fuel tank and collect it using the empty fuel cannister. Now its full!
3. Do not bother with the sticks from the bush, they will only hinder you. Now, make the return to the shop (-10 minutes).

The Shop Revisited
1. Head into the shop to your trapped zombie friend and load your gun with your four bullets.
2. Deal him quick justice (+5 zombies) and grab Jeremy's glasses.
3. Head outside the shop and hand Jeremy his glasses. Now you have his willing support (+1 friend).
4. Make the final visit to the church (-20 mins).

The Church Revisited
1. Using the trolley from the shop, fill it up with the bag of cement and the pile of bricks. Now you can barricade your base's windows!
2. Head inside the church, to find a lonely, depressed man on the left. Remedy this with your photo from the shops. Now Father Bernard has joined your ranks (+1 friend).
3. Now with all support and supplies collected, time has come to defend your base. Head "home" (-10 mins).

The Base Revisited
1. Before starting any preparations, enslave our old accomplice Bill using the painkillers you grabbed from the shop. Do not hand him anything else for now.
2. Head out to the gate, and repair it by joining it up with the reel of metal from the shops. With help from your three friends, it should take 1 hour and 45 minutes (-1 hour and 45 minutes). Now you have your first line of defense (-15 zombies)!
3. Improve this by powering the generator with the fuel canister you collected from the police car at the crash site. Then, turn on and connect the generator to the fence with the pair of wires from the dumpster to electrify the fence (-5 zombies)!
4. Heading out to the front yard of the house, dig a pit trap with the shovel from the base for the zombies. With the help of your three friends, it will take 1 hour and 30 minutes (-1 hour and 30 mins). Now you have your second line of defense (-15 zombies)!
5. Head inside the house, and lock the door with the keys from the dumpster. Now you have your primary third line of defense (-10 zombies)!
6. Head into the room with Bill and add both the bottle of water from the gas station and the bag of cement from the church into the sand bucket.
7. Mix this to create mortar, and use the bricks form the church on the window, using it and the mortar to barricade it. With the help your your three friends, it will take 45 minutes (-45 minutes). Now you have your secondary third line defense built (-10 zombies). Now you have created all of the defenses, which in all will fend off 55 zombies in all!
8. Fulfil Bill's wish to have the bottle of alcohol, which will leave in intoxicated and unconscious. Now, slaughter him with the axe from the church (otherwise, he will prove his disloyalty during the attack). He was a zombie after all.
9. Head over to the far left of the base, where the locked hatch it located. Put the metal cutter from the base's alleyway to use, removing the stubborn padlock (can also be shot away, but will attract 5 more zombies).
10. Climb inside the hatch, with only Father Bernard, Jeremy, a shovel, a wire cutter, a full fuel canister, an axe, a shopping cart, a gun with three bullets, a pair of wires, and a key.
11. Shut the hatch, and start the attack, having 2 hours and 40 minutes left on the clock, by clicking on the clock in the inventory.

The Attack
The attack should end perfectly, with nobody harmed, and no zombies within the base. If the base were to be breached though, the hatch would fend off 5 zombies, the axe 1 zombie, and 1 zombie per bullet. All three of you will escape unharmed and the game will end.

Don't Escape 2: The Outbreak Walkthrough

Friday, 13 March 2015

Rage Zombie Shooter Walkthrough Guide

Rage Zombie Shooter
Rage Zombie Shooter Logo

Play Online: Rage Zombie Shooter
Developer: Nayata
Genre: Action, Shooter

Rage Zombie Shooter Guide
List of Items in Rage Zombie Shooter
Damage: 15, Reload: 16, Cost: 0
Damage: 10, Reload: 40, Cost: 100
Damage: 15, Reload: 10, Cost: 200
Damage: 20, Reload: 10, Cost: 500
Barret M80
Damage: 65, Reload: 45, Cost: 750
FN Tactical
Damage: 22, Reload: 8, Cost: 800
Ion Shotgun
Damage: 15, Reload: 40, Cost: 900
Plasma Guns
Damage: 30, Reload: 8, Cost: 1000
Plasma Rifle
Damage: 30, Reload: 8, Cost: 3000

Light Armor I
Armor Points: 5, Cost: 0
Light Armor II
Armor Points: 15, Cost: 200
Heavy Armor I
Armor Points: 20, Cost: 300
Heavy Armor II
Armor Points: 30, Cost: 400
Tactical Armor I
Armor Points: 35, Cost: 500
Tactical Armor II
Armor Points: 40, Cost: 600

List of Skills in Rage Zombie Shooter
Increase Damage - Rank: 5
Increase Health - Rank: 5
Chance to Critical Hit - Rank: 3
Increase Shooting Speed - Rank: 1
Increase Movement Speed - Rank: 2
Chance to Block Enemy Attack - Rank: 1
Chance to Resurrect After Death - Rank: 1
Increase Reward - Rank: 1
Increase Chance to Bonus Drop - Rank: 1

Recommended Build for Rage Zombie Shooter
1. Glock
2. M16
3. Fn Tactical
4. Plasma Guns
5. Unlock any other weapon you want! :)

1. Light Armor I
2. Heavy Armor I
3. Tactical Armor II
4. Unlock any other armor you want! :)

1. Increase Reward
2. Increase Shooting Speed
3. Chance to Resurrect After Death
4. Increase Chance to Bonus Drop
5. Increase Health
6. Increase Damage
7. Chance to Block Enemy Attack
8. Chance to Critical Hit
9. Increase Movement Speed

Rage Zombie Shooter Walkthrough
Killing zombies could not have been more entertaining than this. They will approach you from all directions and will increase in numbers if you don't kill them with the first shot. With 24 levels you can collect a lot of experience points which you can use to increase damage, health, chance to critical hit, shooting speed and movement speed. To win this game, you just have to dodge and avoid getting chase by the zombies. Circle around randomly and bewares of clustering, do not be over zealous to collect the drops. From what I know, Plasma Guns and Plasma Rifle have pretty simple stats, but I prefer using Plasma Guns then Plasma Rifle. Plasma Guns seems to shoot more bullets than Plasma Rifle, that's how I feel, but you still can win with Plasma Rifle. Definitely no problem!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Pirates vs Undead Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

Pirates vs Undead
Pirates vs Undead Logo

Play Online: Pirates vs Undead
Developer: Deqaf Studio
Genre: Action, Defense

Game Review
Pirates found a treasure map! Dangerous, scary island inhabited by strange creatures - Frankenstein, skeleton, a grandmother with a hatchet, a malicious clown, and many others! Break through hordes of undead to find the treasure! Basically, Pirates vs Undead is a row defense type of flash game. The game uses a lane-system where only certain enemies can walk on. You need to deploy your pirates on the same lane as enemy's. The objective is to survive 15 stages from the wave of undead and monsters. There are multiple rows in which the enemies will be coming from. You need to put a pirate or two in those lanes to fend off the invading enemies. You start off with 100 HP in every stage and there are a specific number of enemies that you need to fight per stage. Your goal is to make sure that your HP doesn’t drop to 0. If you fail to defend, you need to start the stage all over again.

You can choose from a plethora of pirates that you can unlock for a fee. The payment will come in the form of coins that you get depending on how well you did on a previous stage. Make sure to unlock all the pirates so that you can have diversity in your ranks. In order to use a pirate in a stage, they require some money to use. You can get money once you defeat every enemy you encounter. Your money will also rise every second that passes by, sending out each pirate has a different cost. The more expensive ones usually have stronger attacks and have sturdier builds. The enemies themselves are no push-overs especially the last 3 stages. The game does get harder as the stages gets farther which is just appropriate, so be prepared! The game is well-balanced and took me an hour or so to complete it. I enjoyed it!

Pirates Vs Undead Guide
List of Pirates in Pirates vs Undead
Damage: 5, Health: 10, Speed: 10, Type: Melee, Cost: 2
Damage: 4, Health: 4, Speed: 7, Type: Ranged, Cost: 3
Jim & Ray
Damage: 6, Health: 15, Speed: 15, Type: Melee, Cost: 6
Damage: 6, Health: 20, Speed: 10, Type: Melee, Cost: 7
Damage: 7, Health: 10, Speed: 10, Type: Ranged, Cost: 8
Damage: 10, Health: 28, Speed: 10, Type: Melee, Cost: 9
Damage: 9, Health: 13, Speed: 6, Type: Ranged, Cost: 10
Damage: 14, Health: 35, Speed: 7, Type: Melee, Cost: 12

Recommended Build for Pirates vs Undead
1. Jack
2. Haves
3. Jim & Ray
4. Clegg
5. Omar
6. Patch
7. Hook
8. Bucko

Pirates vs Undead Walkthrough
Most levels were too easy, but the last three were pretty fun and challenging. You've pretty much gotta complete the game with what you got from the start to the end, meeting harder and harder enemies with the same weak characters. It doesn't matter if your pirates reach the end, you're not taking health from the other side. You have to kill the enemies to get the opposite side to zero. The proper tactic on how to win this game is best to have 1 or 2 ranged troops (depending on how good the opponent is) and 1 melee to tank the fight. If your tanker dies, replace him otherwise your ranged troops will die. Mostly because, ranged units can dish out tons of damage as long they dont get close to enemies. Otherwise, you are wasting your hard earned gold summoning all those pirates and then lose 10 health which is not worth it. During battle, try to spam your bottle as much as possible on harder enemies and boss. Bombs on clusters to make use of the AOE.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Break the Limits! Game Review

Break the Limits!
Break the Limits Logo

Play Online: Break the Limits!
Developer: Storm Alligator
Genre: Adventure

Game Review
You are trapped in a room and the only thing you can do is think. But what will you think about? Storm Alligator brings us Break the Limits! which is a short clicker game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 31, theme on Entire Game on One Screen. In the beginning of this experimental incremental game all you can do is think, which is done by clicking, and which nets you thoughts. As you gather more thoughts, you can open up to more possibilities and a whole range of human emotions by spending these thoughts to gain memories, or find loneliness and many other ideas and feelings. A weird game, somehow sucks you in and makes you want to finish it like a hypnotising thing... Some of the noises were pretty alarming and creepy during the anger phase, and the feeling of building excitement and increasing happiness toward the end was palpable.

Normally I would feel wrong for loving a game like this, but he thought of controlling your own dreams is an amazing concept for a game. Everything is so charming and quirky! The mechanics work well to make it feel like I was progressing at my own pace. Break the Limits! isn't really an idle incremental game. Where most idle games take days of just being left up on your screen, this one can be finished in 10 minutes, give or take a few. I'm gonna say that this was about a person trying to wake someone else up from a coma. The person in green is someone talking beside the main character who is stuck inside his own head. The green person says "You squeezed my hand" at one point surprisingly and the ending line is "I can't believe it" implying the person in the coma woke up.

With a minimum artistic resources this game creates very powerful aesthetic effect. I think the idea - of a incremental idle game centred around managing personal thoughts and emotions deserves further elaboration in a bigger game. For what it is though, this game rightfully deserves praise and attention. I highly recommend playing it once!

Monday, 23 February 2015

How To be a Gamer: List of Game Genres

List of Game Genres
Action Game
Action game: a video game genre that emphasizes physical challenges, including hand–eye coordination and reaction-time.
- Beat 'em up: a video game genre featuring melee combat between the protagonist and a large number of underpowered antagonists.
- Fighting game: a genre where the player controls an on-screen character and engages in close combat with an opponent.
- Platform game: requires the player to control a character to jump to and from suspended platforms or over obstacles (jumping puzzles).
- Shooter game: wide subgenre that focuses on using some sort of weapon often testing the player's speed and reaction time.
  • First-person shooter: a video game genre that centers the gameplay on gun and projectile weapon-based combat through first-person perspective; i.e., the player experiences the action through the eyes of a protagonist.
  • Light gun shooter: a genre in which the primary design element is aiming and shooting with a gun-shaped controller.
  • Shoot 'em up: a genre where the player controls a lone character, often in a spacecraft or aircraft, shooting large numbers of enemies while dodging their attacks.
  • Tactical shooter: includes both first-person shooters and third-person shooters and simulates realistic combat, thus making tactics and caution more important than quick reflexes in other action games.
  • Third-person shooter: a genre of 3D action games in which the player character is visible on-screen, and the gameplay consists primarily of shooting.
Action-Adventure Game
Action-adventure game: a video game genre that combines elements of both the adventure game and the action game genres.
- Open world: a type of video game level design where a player can roam freely through a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how to approach objectives.
  • Grand Theft Auto clone: a type of open world design where the player is given a simulated environment and, optionally, exterminate the local inhabitants. See also Grand Theft Auto.
  • Metroidvania: a type of level design where a player is in a more restrictive environment and tasked with an end goal objective, usually with an emphasis on gathering powering ups from exploring the environment.
- Stealth game: a type of game where the objective is to remain undetected from hostile opponents.
- Survival horror: a type of game where fear is a primary factor in play, usually by restricting useful or power-up items in a dark, claustrophobic environment.

Adventure Game
Adventure game: a video game in which the player assumes the role of protagonist in an interactive story driven by exploration and puzzle-solving instead of physical challenge.
- Graphic adventure game: any adventure game that relies on graphical imagery, rather than being primarily text-based.
  • Escape the room: a subgenre of adventure game which requires a player to escape from imprisonment by exploiting their surroundings.
- Interactive fiction: games in which players input text commands to control characters and influence the environment. In some interactive fiction, text descriptions are the primary or only way the simulated environment is communicated to the player.
- Interactive movie: a type of video game that features highly cinematic presentation and heavy use of scripting, often through the use of full motion video of either animated or live-action footage.
- Visual novel: a type of adventure game featuring text accompanied by mostly static graphics, usually with anime-style art, or occasionally live-action stills or video footage

Role-Playing Video Game
Role-playing video game (RPG): a video game genre with origins in pen-and-paper role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, using much of the same terminology, settings and game mechanics. The player in RPGs controls one character, or several adventuring party members, fulfilling one or many quests.
- Action role-playing game: a loosely-defined subgenre of role-playing video games that incorporate elements of action or action-adventure games, emphasizing real-time action where the player has direct control over characters, instead of turn-based or menu-based combat.
  • Hack and slash: a type of gameplay that emphasizes combat.
  • Role-playing shooter: a subgenre, featuring elements of both shooter games and action RPGs.
  • - Dungeon crawl: a type of scenario in fantasy role-playing games in which heroes navigate a labyrinthine environment, battling various monsters, and looting any treasure they may find.
  • Roguelike: a subgenre of role-playing video games, characterized by randomization for replayability, permanent death, and turn-based movement.
- MUD: a multiplayer real-time virtual world, with the term usually referring to text-based instances of these.
  • Massively multiplayer online role-playing game: a genre of role-playing video games in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a persistentvirtual world.
- Tactical role-playing game: a subgenre of role-playing video games that incorporate elements of strategy video games

Simulation Video Game
Simulation video game: a diverse super-category of video games, generally designed to closely simulate aspects of a real or fictional reality.
- Construction and management simulation: a type of simulation game in which players build, expand or manage fictional communities or projects with limited resources.
  • Business simulation game: games that focus on the management of economic processes, usually in the form of a business.
  • City-building game: games in which players act as the overall planner and leader of a city, looking down on it from above, and being responsible for its growth and management.
  • Government simulation game: a game genre that attempts to simulate the government and politics of all or part of a nation.
- Life simulation game: simulation video games in which the player lives or controls one or more virtual lifeforms.
  • Digital pet: a type of artificial human companion, usually kept for companionship or enjoyment. Digital pets are distinct in that they have no concrete physical form other than the computer they run on.
  • God game: a type of life simulation game that casts the player in the position of controlling the game on a large scale, as an entity with divine/supernatural powers, as a great leader, or with no specified character, and places them in charge of a game setting containing autonomous characters to guard and influence.
  • Social simulation game: a subgenre of life simulation games that explores social interactions between multiple artificial lives.
  • Dating sim: a subgenre of social simulation games that focuses on romantic relationships.
- Sports game: games that simulate the practice of traditional sports.

Strategy Video Game
Strategy video game: a genre that emphasizes skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory. They emphasize strategic, tactical, and sometimes logistical challenges. Many games also offer economic challenges and exploration.
- 4X game: a genre in which players control an empire and "explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate".
- Artillery game: the generic name for either early two- or three-player (usually turn-based) computer games involving tanks fighting each other in combat or similar derivative games.
- Real-time strategy (RTS): a subgenre of strategy video game which does not progress incrementally in turns.
  • Tower defense: a genre where the goal of the game is to try to stop enemies from crossing a map by building towers which shoot at them as they pass.
  • MOBA: a hybrid of real-time strategy and role-playing video games where the objective is for the player's team to destroy the opposing side's main structure with the help of periodically spawned computer-controlled units that march towards the enemy's main structure.
- Real-time tactics: a subgenre of tactical wargames played in real-time simulating the considerations and circumstances of operational warfare and military tactics, differentiated from real-time strategy gameplay by the lack of resource micromanagement and base or unit building, as well as the greater importance of individual units and a focus on complex battlefield tactics.
- Tactical role-playing game: a type of video game which incorporates elements of traditional role-playing video games and strategy games.
- Turn-based strategy: a strategy game (usually some type of wargame, especially a strategic-level wargame) where players take turns when playing.
- Turn-based tactics: a genre of strategy video games that through stop-action simulates the considerations and circumstances of operational warfare and military tactics in generally small-scale confrontations as opposed to more strategic considerations of turn-based strategy (TBS) games.
- Wargame: a subgenre that emphasize strategic or tactical warfare on a map, as well as historical (or near-historical) accuracy.

Vehicle Simulation Game
Vehicle simulation game: games in which the objective is to operate a manual or motor powered transport.
- Flight simulator: a game where flying vehicles is the primary mode of operation.
  • Amateur flight simulation: an aircraft trainer with realistic controls.
  • Combat flight simulator: a type of game where the battle or elimination of a hostile target is the main objective.
- Racing game: a type of game where the player is in a racing competition.
  • Driving simulator: a type of game where the player is tasked with using a vehicle as if it were real.
  • Sim racing: a type of game where the player is tasked with using a realistic vehicle inside a racing competition.
- Space flight simulator game: a type of game meant to emulate the experience of space flight.
- Submarine simulator: a type of game where the player commands a submarine.
- Train simulator: a simulation of rail transport operations.
- Vehicular combat game: a type of game where vehicles with weapons are placed inside of an arena to battle.

Other genres
- Adult game: a game which has significant sexual content (like an adult movie), and are therefore intended for an adult audience.
  • Eroge: a Japanese video game that features erotic content, usually in the form of anime-style artwork.
- Advergame: the practice of using video games to advertise a product, organization or viewpoint.
- Art game: a video game that is designed in such a way as to emphasize art or whose structure is intended to produce some kind of reaction in its audience.
- Audio game: an interactive electronic game wherein the only feedback device is audible rather than visual.
- Christian video game: any video game centered around Christianity or Christian themes.
- Educational game: video games that have been specifically designed to teach people about a certain subject, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand an historical event or culture, or assist them in learning a skill as they play.
- Exergaming: video games that are also a form of exercise and rely on technology that tracks body movement or reaction.
- Maze video games: video game genre description first used by journalists during the 1980s to describe any game in which the entire playing field was a maze.
- Music video game: a video game where the gameplay is meaningfully and often almost entirely oriented around the player's interactions with a musical score or individual songs.
  • Rhythm game: games that challenge the player's sense of rhythm and focus on dance or the simulated performance of musical instruments, and require players to press buttons in a sequence dictated on the screen.
- Party video games: games commonly designed as a collection of simple minigames, designed to be intuitive and easy to control and to be played in multiplayer.
- Puzzle video game: video games that emphasize puzzle solving, including logic, strategy, pattern recognition, sequence solving, and word completion.
- Serious game: a video game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment, generally referring to products used by industries like defense, education, scientific exploration, health care, emergency management, city planning, engineering, religion, and politics.
- Traditional game: a computer program adaptation of a non-computer game (such as a board game or card game).

Other Types of Video Games
- Casual game: a game of any genre that is targeted for a mass audience of casual gamers. Casual games typically have simple rules and require no long-term time commitment or special skills to play.
- Indie game: games created by individuals or small teams without video game publisher financial support as well as often focus on innovation and rely on digital distribution.
- Idle: This genre involves games that orient the player with a trivial task, such as clicking a cookie; and as the game progresses, the player is gradually rewarded certain upgrades for completing said task. In all, these games require very little involvement from the player.
- Minigame: a short or more simplistic video game often contained within another video game.
- Non-game: software that lies on the border between video games, toys and applications, with the main difference between non-games and traditional video games being the apparent lack of goals, objectives and challenges.
- Programming game: a game where the player has no direct influence on the course of the game, instead a computer program or script is written that controls the actions of the characters.