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The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2
The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2 Logo

Play Online: The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2
Developer: Splapp-Me-Do
Genre: Puzzle

The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2 Guide
Solutions to The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2
Note: Answers written in red indicate that the question features a bomb. The bolded red text next to it indicates the timer of the bomb. If the number is "in quotes", then the bomb won't cause a game over upon time running out. If the number has an ellipsis (...) before it, the bomb will appear if you take too long in a question. If it's blue instead of red, then the bomb lasts for two questions instead of only one.

51. Depends on the size of your mouth (how many bits (of something on one) goes in one bite)
52. Hello score (Hi score!)
53. Load "" (used to fix a ZX Splapptrum)
54. Click all the dots, the one in the question number too (10)
55. Mostly harmless ("Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" reference)
56. All of the above (Think of really old games...)
57. Crab meat (Crabmeats are the crab Badniks from Sonic games)
58. Press "1", and then the "up"-arrow (1-Up!)
59. Click the 59th square (far right square on the 4th row)
60. Use the up and down arrow keys to move the paddle, it's highly recommended to just stay in the middle. Beat "Extremely Intelligent Phlovomite Programming" to win!
61-70 update: When update is finished, a big 5 fills the screen
Cassette-o-matic 4000: Type "" next to "Load" and then click Play. // LIFEBUOY: Type lifebuoy and click play (EASTER EGG: Type easteregg and click play)
61. Fifteen (How many colors in a ZX Spectrum)
62. Press the right key to kick, and the left to retract, repeat three or four times until the butt is bleeding.
63. Hold the up key to remove the ring from the question number (It looks like the Red Ring of Death) (10)
64. The Mega Drive (the first book of the Bible is the Genesis, and the Sega Genesis is known as Sega Mega Drive in Europe and Japan)
65. Metal Gear Flaccid (meaning, unfirm or unstable, an opposite of solid)
66. Neptune (Pluto is a dwarf planet) (10) (notice planets like Zebes from the Metroid series)
67. Residential (reference to Sim City, Commercial + Industrial = Residential)
68. Don't do anything, the bomb will take care of it (Bomberman reference) ("10")
69. Click 69 (question number) 69 times
70. Use the arrow keys to move Pac-Frank to eat all of the dots. If a ghost touches you, you lose one life. (Obviously a Pac-Man parody)
71-80 update: When update is finished, a big 7 fills the screen
71. Italy (Because of Mario)
72. Shoot (click) all the Phlovomite birds (if you miss any you're doomed, because of the bomb) (Reference to Duck Hunt) (10)
73. Spatula Future (the name of Chapter 3 of the Impossible Quiz Book)
74. One (How many letter S in settler?) (Because the last S is not a part of the word ‘letters’, the last S in ‘settlers’ is not a part of that word either, just like in Q11, or how letter is an anagram of settler)
75. Perform the addition using binary (e.g: 1001 + 1100 = 10101), (10+10=100, not 20)
- ex. 1 Question: 1001 + 1100 = 10101
- ex. 1 Question: 10 + 10 = 100
- ex. 1 Question: 01001101 + 10000000 = 1101101
- ex. 1 Question: 11111 + 01001 = 101000
- ex. 1 Question: 10000 x 00010 = 100000
- ex. 1 Question: 11011 - 01010 = 10001
- ex. 1 Question: 1001 + 0110 = 001111
- ex. 1 Question: 1000110 / 0000010 = 0100011
76. Type 'u' (ewe) (ewe = female sheep) (10)
77. Click "Lives" (It's an anagram of the word 'evil') (10) // FUSESTOPPER: Search for it, it's above the lifebuoy
78. Avoid being hit by asteroids (A good strategy is keeping in the edges)
79. Any of the options will work, since the game will pretend to crash and give you a Blue Screen of Death. When on this screen, press any of the key-shaped zeroes in the numbers present in the screen (there are two); trying to press anything on your keyboard will take a life away from you!
80. Win this AWESOME game by collecting 5 glowing orbs (Hint: Spatulons can be killed by jumping on them)
81-100 update: When update is finished, a big 1 fills the screen
Demo version finished: Click "Buy full version for only 1600 quiz points"
81. What a long, strange trip it's been (name of an achivement in "World of Warcraft", really hard to get)
82. Unzip Sackboy. However, you can click his head, and six options will appear, but they are all wrong. (15)
83. Yoctosecond (it's 10 ^ -24 of a second)
84. Africa (A free car)
85. Mash the broken one to fix it, then click "Lyre bird" (Lyre bird = Liar bird) (10)
86. Move the mines around the center until they fall off, then click the center; a Fusestopper is heavily recommended (from the Splapp's flash "The Orbinauts") (10)
87. 42 (answer to life, universe, and everything. While the question number is the correct result to the addition, clicking it makes you lose one life)
88. Pressing the right armpit gives the Giant Enemy Crab massive damage. (reference to The Giant Enemy Crab meme) (10)
89. Say "GAH"! (referring to Sonic, which was created by Sega, therefore "Say gah")
90. Choose "Fight!". In-battle, if your enemy is an Eye-on-legs, attack with either "Scratch" twice or "Poke" twice. If it's Bacon, attack with "Bite" twice. After the Phlovomite is defeated, he'll either find a Fez or say "I hate you, little ginger bum-hole". A big 9 fills the screen briefly.
91. Pull the question over (look at the bottom right corner of the question!)
92. Second burger from the right, top row (do a barrel roll) (10)
93. She is your bionic arm! (reference to Bionic Commando)
94. Click X on all the pop-ups, until you get one about dirty pics and yiffing. Once you get that pop-up, click on "CLICK HERE!!!".
95. I was saving it for question 95.
96. Press X until a guy with a balloon will come, being smashed by a car (reference to Heavy Rain for the PS3; during the intro of this chapter, it says at the bottom left corner "PRESS X TO JASON").
97. Floater (A lemming who uses in a toilet) (12)
98. Mash to fix the bottom left one, then click "Amber lamps" (A pun on Ambulance and 999 is the emergency number in London; the other possible answers are Lara Croft, Master Chief and Kevin Butler).
99. Yellow, yellow, red, yellow, blue, pink (rhythm of happy birthday). After the loco rocos are clicked, an empty plate falls in with a little card that reads "The cake is a LIE". (meme from Portal)
100. The password is 5719 (each of the numbers comes from the aftermath of the updates and the battle in Q90; misclick once and the bomb will go off instantaneously!) (10)

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The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide

The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1
The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1 Logo

Play Online: The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1
Developer: Splapp-Me-Do
Genre: Puzzle

The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1 Guide
Solutions to The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1
Note: Answers written in red indicate that the question features a bomb. The bolded red text next to it indicates the timer of the bomb. If the number is "in quotes", then the bomb won't cause a game over upon time running out. If the number has an ellipsis (...) before it, the bomb will appear if you take too long in a question.

1. Carefully (starting like you can)
2. Clint Eastwood (He's a really good shooter)
3. 2:30 (tooth-hurty = Two-thirty)
4. A femur (female lemur)
5. Click the empty SKIP arrow (It points the same way as east on the compass pointing to east)
6. Click the word "What" (It wasn't a question, since there was no question mark)
7. Illegal (ill eagle)
8. Press "H" on the keyboard (the alphabet) (variant of a question from first The Impossible Quiz, even hinted at by one of the options)
9. Blnd Pg, since it has no eyes (no i's)
10. Count the sperms, it's either 7 or 8 (If one of the upper is tired, it's 8; if not, 7) (reference to Splapp's Badly Drawn Dog, series 3, episode 1)
11. 4 (How many letter S in assassin?) (Because the last S is not a part of the word ‘letters’, the last S in ‘assassins’ is not a part of that word either, or because there are 4 unique letters in the word)
12. Click the dots in order. (20) // SKIP: Press the empty dot after 7, then continue
13. Corn flakes (tons of them fall on the floor)
14. Click the correct item (pigeon/dolphin to the left, fork to the right)
15. >:( (Angry, because it's hard)
16. Click the word "question" (Options read "Press", "the", "long", "one"; "question" is the longest word of the question)
17. Press "C" on the keyboard, since it's showing a picture of a sea (sea = C)
18. The dictionary (since it will give you the meaning of the WORD "life")
19. A tin (reference to a question from the first Impossible Quiz)
20. Click Chris repeatedly until he is done licking his leg.
21. Drag the dot between the 2 and 1 in the question number, and then press the resulting 2.1 (10)
22. A yoglett (a baby yogurt)
23. Pop the correct amount of bubbles, (either 18, 23 or 27) then click the arrow (20) // FUSESTOPPER: Click the dark purple bubble (Middle left one)
24. Click the words ‘far too’ (it turns into "FART oo")
25. Seaweed (as in, the sea urinated (joined)
26. Yes (If not, the last question would be wrong)
27. Wow. The Impossible Quiz sure has gone downhill (considering the same question was asked 3 times)
28. Drag off the body, then click the liver (De-liver = remove the liver, it's the weird shape like the heart on his body) (10)
29. A yoglett (see Q22)
30. Press left and right arrows until Chris is hit by a tank (Left, right, left, right, left, right, left)
31. No U (100 pennies in a POUND, but the U is left out of "pound")
32. Press "M" on the keyboard (1 in "a Minute", 2 in "a MoMent", none in "a thousand years") (10)
33. You wrote it with your left hand (The creator of this question is right-handed)
34. Biased! (Bi=Two, A**=Donkey)
35. Press "P" on the keyboard, since it shows a guy peeing (pee = P)
36. Drag the word “bowel” and click "Answer" ("Bowel movements" = movement of (the word) “bowel”)
37. Click the button repeatedly until the bar fills up and transforms Chris into his real-life counterpart, Socks! (10)
38. 25.81 (square root of 666)
39. People die (swine flu reference from this quiz)
40. In my gentleman's area (or otherwise) (click on the doll's crotch)
41. Wipe their arse (dump means poop)
42. Mash all the keys on your keyboard (except TAB) until Pig Buster (the worm on the right) is dead (reference to a flash game made by DeviantArt user gingerneck; also referenced in Question 42 in The Impossible Quiz 2) (10)
43. Type cast on the keyboard (The answer is (to) type CAST) (10)
44. Drag the word "mouse" on top of "here", then click the arrow on the right of the screen (reference to the maze questions of the previous TIQ games, especially the second)
45. Drag the word "ground" down, and fix the leaks under there (The under ground pipes = The pipes under (the word) “ground”) (10)
46. There are 7 different questions:
- ex. 1 Question: JFMAMJJASON? (Answer: D) January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November (Answer: December)
- ex. 2 Question: OTTFFSSEN? (Answer: T) One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine (Answer: Ten)
- ex. 3 Question: MTWTFS? (Answer: S) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Answer: Sunday)
- ex. 4 Question: ROYGBI? (Answer: V) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo (Answer: Violet)
- ex. 5 Question: MVEMJSUN? (Answer: P) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (Answer: Pluto)
- ex. 6 Question: TIQTIQTTIQ? (Answer: B) The Impossible Quiz, The Impossible Quiz Two, The Impossible Quiz (Answer: Book)
- ex. 7 Question: FFFRRPPHHH? (Answer: That’s a fart isn’t it?)
47. Rub the mouse up and down the pole until the tesla coil Badly Drawn Dog/Bitch/Pups are chewing on, until it's struck by the bigger tesla coil (reference to Splapp's Badly Drawn Dog, series 3, episode 2) (15)
48. 1 (keys to make something unstable: 1 key = Wonky)
49. Either drag the word "Life" onto Mars, or click Mars' craters until a Phlovomite (blue alien) pops out with a sign that says "Yes!" (you will have to do only one of these tasks each time, it's completely random) (20)
50. Shoot (click) the headed hook three times. You need to be quick! (5)

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The Impossible Quiz 2 Walkthrough Guide

The Impossible Quiz 2
The Impossible Quiz 2 Logo

Play Online: The Impossible Quiz 2
Developer: Splapp-Me-Do
Genre: Puzzle

The Impossible Quiz 2 Guide
Solutions to The Impossible Quiz 2
Note: Answers written in red indicate that the question features a bomb. The bolded red text next to it indicates the timer of the bomb. If the number is "in quotes", then the bomb won't cause a game over upon time running out. If the number has an ellipsis (...) before it, the bomb will appear if you take too long in a question. A [WATCH OUT] warning means you must pay attention or react on time, should you fail to do it, you may lose.

1. Up his sleevies (armies = arms, sleevies = sleeves)
2. Paint (green paint, because otherwise there wouldn't be green to see?)
3. Earth (the rest of the options are actually candy bars)
4. American (A merry can!)
5. Type what Frank tells you to do (either "arse", "carrot", or "udder")
6. 8 (“Sentence” has 8 letters)
7. Press the right arrow key (on your keyboard)
8. 10 letters in ("The Great Wall of China" starts after ten letters into the question)
9. Click the creature several times to make it evolve. //SKIP: Click the bubble on the right side.
10. Click and drag the words "a penguin" to reveal the answer.
11. Don't touch the blue parts of the maze. First head up, then to the left, click and hold the left mouse button to grab the key, then head over to the right and put it into the lock to proceed!
12. Fine (even reading the question upside-down, the answer is still the right way up!)
13. Lederhosen (a hosen is a construction used to spread liquids through an area)
14. Click the 14 twice (if you drag the dots around so that the red markings line up with the white boxes, they create the message: 'Click the question number twice')
15. A backwards dog (God is the word "dog" spelled backwards!)
16. Chris (the series' cat; you can see him and his name in the credits)
17. Touch the brown balloon with your mouse, but don't touch any of the red ones. It's best to start with your mouse at the top of the screen then move into position
18. Fly sandwiches (a spider likes eating flies, a man likes eating sandwiches)
19. Fusestopper (it says so in the instructions of this quiz)
20. Turn on the light then pop all of Slick's zits. (12) //FUSESTOPPER: Pop the purple zit on Slick’s visible ear.
21. 30 (questions in The Impossible Quiz Demo, not The Impossible Quiz)
22. Pink Clouds (candy floss looks like pink clouds!)
23. Win the Tic-Tac-Toe game by dragging the circle around 23 to the appropriate spot. It's on the 2nd column at the bottom.
24. Space (it's located under the "sea", or "C" key)
25. When it's a jar (a jar = ajar, which means open)
26. You run. You run so far away. (taken from the Demo of the first Quiz; reference to the 80s song "I Ran (So Far Away)" by A Flock of Seagulls)
27. Press 1 on the keyboard. (5)
28. This is Sparta! (location pointed in the map)
29. Move the mouse to the small area to the right of the stream of water to find a green gem. If you accidentally uncover a bomb, drag it to the water to put it out. Be careful; there are some 1-second time-bombs! Don't just drag the bombs screen, it will still cause a GAME OVER. (1-5) //SKIP: Find the green bomb under RC in “search” and let it explode. ("3")
- You'll have to use the sink to defuse the bombs, instead of the Fusestoppers.
30. Click the 0 in 30. (A Rolo is a chocolate candy with no holes) (10)
31. Drive down the M4 (two whales = to Wales, to which you get by driving the M4)
32. Click the finger ("pick nose", as in "picking your nose") (10)
33. Click the 33 (which looks like a pair of bare arses)
34. Click the "Death" button (pressing the word "this" in the question's message will give you a Game Over; don't get tricked!). (10)
35. Aim for the face (you play darts by aiming at the face... of the dartboard, not of the babies!)
36. Tequila (to kill her!)
37. Move the mouse out of the flash window or right-click, and an elephant will fall (since elephants don't like mice).
38. Mash any buttons on the keyboard (except TAB) to fill the meter (10)
39. Same as 11, only your pointer disappears. Use the circles to guide you through the maze. Head up and to the left in the branching point, then to where the key is located; head all the way back from where you came holding the key, then go to the lock in the right path of the branching and open it with the key! (15)
- Fusestoppers won't wake up because the bomb's timer doesn't start until you make the maze appear.
40. Toucan (Two can!)
41. Click on the circle to the right of the word "smallest", which will shrink a few seconds after getting here. You don't have to wait until it shrinks to click it. // FUSESTOPPER: You can find it in the bottom-right corner; it's invisible until you put your mouse on him!
42. Drag Horse-Worm's fist and drop it on Pig Buster (the worm on the right with the scarf) (reference to a Flash by Gingerneck)
43. A random question from The Impossible Quiz (10)
- ex. 1 Question: "Save changes to untitled?" - "Bran" (q. 23)
- ex. 2 Question: "Click the answer" - Click the word "Answer" (q. 4)
- ex. 3 Question: "What flavour is cardboard?" - "Egg Mayonnaise" (q. 29)
- ex. 4 Question: "Bridget makes everyone..." - "Tom Cruise" (q. 43)
- ex. 5 Question: "Which magical property do dog eggs contain?" - "Blindness" (q. 89)
- ex. 6 Question: "Which is the correct spelling?" - "SPLAPP-ME-DO" (q. 49)
- ex. 7 Question: "?" - Top right "?" (q. 73)
44. What you say!! (reference to the "All your base are belong to us" meme)
45. Click the second E in "I see" (it'll turn green) then the I, then the E, then the I, then the O in "O RLY?" (EIEIO!)
46. Around Orion's waist (Orion and Orion's Belt are constellations, and the Belt is literally located on Orion's starry waist!)
47. Universal Serial Bus (It’s in space, it's carrying cereals, and it's a bus!)
48. USB Ports (where Universal Serial Buses pick up their passengers)
49. Follow Frank's directions. Be careful not to type anything if it doesn't say "Frank Says" at the top, though. (it's either 4-3-?-9-Enter, which gives you a picture of Dennis the Square Tomato; Delete loads of times, which gives you a lemur with a Santa hat; Ctrl-Space-Up-Alt, which gives a pic of a gross stick figure; or X-Q-B, which gives you a pic of Chris).
50. Part 1: Click the Badly Drawn Dog's mouth to chew the bone (10); part 2: Rub your mouse over him to "pet" him. (6)
- There's TWO bombs in here. A Fusestopper can't be bothered to deal with two of them!
51. Click "came last" (it will turn into "CAMEL ast")
52. Move the mouse back and forth over the lamp to clean it. You can do it up and down.
53. Click next to the G (notice it looks like an arrow, which is uncommon on the quiz.)
54. There is a mouse's tail near the bottom right corner. Drag that mouse onto the circle, so that it gets caught. (6)
55. Pokémon (to get Pikachu onto a bus, just "Poke him on!")
56. lol micropenis (located on the duck's crotch!)
57. Four (the answer "FOUR" has FOUR letters)
58. Press Space on your keyboard (since it's displaying outer space)
59. Click and drag the 'R' in "varnish" away from it (so that it says "vanish", before vanishing itself)
60. Just keep dragging the cat down as quickly as you can. (10)
61. To get to the other side (this will always be the reason the chicken crossed the road!)
62. Edam (a kind of cheese that happens to be the word "made" backwards!)
63. Press the "Quality" button on the bottom of the screen (because it has "Q", the seventeenth letter of the alphabet) //SKIP: Type "Q" on your keyboard.
64. Click on all six differences between the Spatulon images: the planet in the background; a very small cloud missing on the right side; one of the mountain tops near the missing cloud is missing the spatula on its peak; a crease under the Spatulon's eye; the smallest tooth closest to its cheek is missing; and at the very bottom near its right hand the ground is a different color. (You must click on the differences on the image on the right!) (15)
65. Goat's Blood (a cow's favorite beverage)
66. Click all the lighter colored leaves off the body. (10) // FUSESTOPPER: Click the flower on its necklace
67. Intricate maze with invisible cursor. Start by going up and to the left; then, take the narrow lower path until the very end, and put your mouse on the green button; a message in the middle of the screen will appear, saying "The code to turn off the universe: 8-2-7-5", which you must remember for Question 100; take the shortcut back to the beginning of the narrow path, but head up instead, to where the key is located. After grabbing the key, go the right and then down, avoiding getting crushed by the blocks, and then open the lock with the key!
68. Checkpoints are for the weak and mentally challenged. (these quizzes are known for not giving you checkpoints!)
69. Click on the bomb's counter when it's at 2 (it's the result of the subtraction); by the way, LOL 69 (10)
- How are you gonna find the answer without the bomb?
70. [WATCH OUT] Click on Chris, then memorize how many times he gets punched before fainting.
71. 28.8kbps modem (insanely great thing) (10)
72. Violence (Violence the Strawberry, a character by Splapp)
73. Mash the bush repeatedly to cut it and give it a new shape (8)
74. No (question taken from the Demo of the first Quiz; if you click "Yes", it's Game Over! Simples!)
75. Refer to Q70, how many punches Chris took before passsing out.
76. AIDS (Splapp admitted in his Tumblr that this question has no actual logic or pun, it's just random)
77. A fat bloke (likely to see in America; question taken from the Demo of the first Quiz)
78. Move the mouse over the handle until the Phlovomite's head pops out of the box (15)
79. Drag the “on” in "dragon" ("Drag-on”) to the circle.
80. A corpse's bra (blood turns blue (deoxygenated) when you die, hence the blue tits of the question)
81. Grey goose (9th picture at the bottom right, that's an anser!)
82. Click "Obvious" after the bomb starts flashing, when it gets to 3 seconds (too obvious, man...) (8)
- You need the timer of the bomb reaching 3 seconds or lower to click the answer.
83. Drag the ground away, then click next (7)
84. Click blue, red, blue and yellow (referencing the color code in Question 50 of the first Quiz; it's also given as a Tip of the Day in this quiz's loading screen!)
85. NEVAR! (Splapp stated at the end of the credits: “I’m not making any more, two of the quizzes is enough!”)
86. Type “U” on your keyboard (letter of the alphabet that comes after "T") (5)
87. [WATCH OUT] Click the egg that was pointed at by an arrow instead of the carrots.
88. Don’t do anything (the bomb will just say zero, then read 'OH') ("15")
- It's a dud, therefore you can't defuse it.
89. I'd have thought at least one of them would have ducked (the people mentioned in the question's message walked into a bar; an iron bar, that is, which makes you wonder why didn't they dodge it!)
90. TL;DR (don't read the message; a GIANT 1-second bomb will appear and scare the life outta you!!) (...1)
- The bomb won't appear until after a while, and it's just too big to be defused!
91. [WATCH OUT] Click on Amy Rose's head when the aim appears. BOOM! Headshot! (scene from Splapp's animation "Sonic Breaks his Neck")
92. None - I'm on question 92 of the Impossible Quiz 2 :( (if you have made to this question, you probably don't have a life at ALL)
93. Click the phrase "the odd one out" (NOT Dennis the Square Tomato) (7)
94. Silence (if you say "silence", you break the silence!)
95. Click the numbers in the following order: '-15,1', '-4', '0', '2', '15', '15,1', '76', '151', then wait or click the arrow that reads "Enough" that will appear on the top left of the picture. (15)
96. Click your current number of lives at the bottom of the screen (smaller than all of the four options you are given) (5)
97. Click “K” in “BLACK” (the K is in the center of the "blacK hole" from the question) (15)
98. 5 (the amount of times lemurs have appeared or been mentioned throughout the Quiz!)
99. Burst 99 red balloons. Popping a blue one will make you lose 1 life; popping a green one will reduce the red balloon counter by 1, and the bomb rocket will KILL YOU! (song "99 Red Ballons" will play in the background afterwards)
- Bomb-like balloons can't be defused, so pay attention!
100. Click 8-2-7-5 then click the red flashing lever (the code is from green button in Question 67) (10)

Chris' Incredible 20 Questions
101. Type the whole alphabet from "A" to "Z" on your keyboard. (10)
102. Drag away all the pictures, and then click Chris' face in the middle. (7)
103. Red (the blood is the collar, and blood is red; it could also be referring to his actual collar, which he's wearing on the credits, accessible from the main menu) (8)
104. Clean the windows; a Fusestopper recommended. (15)
105. Click the switch behind the question number. Once you click it, a picture of an animal with burning eyes will appear. (10)
106. Remove the eye of the left Sigworminator and put it one the metal-thingy legs in the middle to make eye on legs, then drag the ball in the hand into the place where the eye originally was (10)
107. Question repeat from this quiz, with the respective original options being omitted. Click on where the answer was in, including your number of lives or the question number if it's either of those cases. (10)
108. Follow the green arrows, not the red ones, and click Chris's head (it's best to remember the path, sometimes, and the green arrows are the right way, while the red arrows point in the opposite direction.) (10)
109. Graphite (graph fight) (15)
110. Click all the red squares (remember, it's not always the same). (15)
111. Type: “tebahpla eht” (That includes the space key.) (10)
112. Drag the can of Cheesy Fish-mush to the can opener. Use the mouse to operate the can opener by going round and round. When the can is open, drag it to the dish (15)
113. Click brown, the nicest color (Chris' fur's color, also used as the question color; rather straight-forward!).
114. Use the left and right keys repeatedly of the keyboard to brush the teeth (12)
115. Caturday (It's Chris' favorite day of the week.) (10)
116. Drag the pieces into the unfinished fusestopper. (These look weird.) (10)
117. A question from the Demo of the original Impossible Quiz, randomly chosen from those that didn't make it into neither of the two full-length Impossible Quizzes (answer normally).
118. Don't do anything! (If you press tab in any of the quizzes except the Demo, it's Game Over!) ("10")
119. Type "horse", then "peanut" then "chihuahua" before each Frank Bomb explodes.
- Frank Bombs are immune to Fusestoppers.
120. Random reference to a previously answered question from this Quiz. Click on the number that represents said question and you will win! (You cannot skip this question.)(10)
- ex. 1 Question: What was the first balloon question? (Q 17)
- ex. 2 Question: Which is the second maze question? (Q 39)
- ex. 3 Question: One question had a red question number. Which was it? (Q 43)
- ex. 4 Question: Which question was Longcat in? (Q 60)
- ex. 5 Question: One Hit Wonder (Q 99)
- ex. 6 Question: Burnt face duck (Q 56)
- ex. 7 Question: There are two "Frank Says" questions. One is #5. Which is the other? (Q 49)
- ex. 8 Question: Which question did Mars first appear in? (Q 58)
- ex. 9 Question: LOL (Q 69)
- ex. 10 Question: Ponk Plucking (Q 66)
- ex. 11 Question: Which question was the second Fusestopper on? (Q 41)

Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Impossible Quiz Walkthrough Guide

The Impossible Quiz
The Impossible Quiz Logo

Play Online: The Impossible Quiz
Developer: Splapp-Me-Do
Genre: Puzzle

The Impossible Quiz Guide
Solutions to The Impossible Quiz
Note: Answers written in red indicate that the question features a bomb. The bolded red text next to it indicates the timer of the bomb. If the number is "in quotes", then the bomb won't cause a game over upon time running out. If the number has an ellipsis (...) before it, the bomb will appear if you take too long in a question.

1. Four (holes in the words "A Polo" or 4 holes in a polo shirt: head, arms, and bottom)
2. No, but a tin can (Word play: A match can't box but a tin can.)
3. K.O (O.K backwards)
4. Click the words THE ANSWER
5. Right click then move over then click, or move around the screen, or click the left mouse button, move straight to the destination point and then release it.
6. Shallots (Shallots are the roots of onion!)
7. An elephant (it's referring to real life)
8. Find the green checkmark with the message "Yes!" (under "se" in "Search!")
9. Top right 'THAT ONE' (it points to the bottom left option, where the answer to Q2 was)
10. Dentures ("choose = "chews", therefore making the task "Chews Food") //+1 Skip
11. n (It's follows the word "December" second)
12. The dot above ' i ' (It's the smallest blue dot there!)
13. F'TAANG (does sound a lot like a bell!)
14. Torch (lighter as in brighter, adding a torch makes it "lighter")
15. Type 'Horse' on the on-screen keyboard
16. H (the 7th letter of the alphabet)
17. The question number (result of the subtraction of the question)
18. Hammer (MC Hammer reference: "Hammer Time!" in the clock)
19. Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Yellow (BOGGY)
20. Seal! (Seal the deal!) //+ 1 Skip
21. Top left option box (will flash in green after a few seconds)
22. +1 Skip (skip to the next question)
23. BRAN (You have to give a name to the file in order to save your changes!)
24. "Click the 'V' in lives" (If you cycle over the colors, they show that message)
25. Shoe Polish (has silver nitrate, and silver can be used to kill werewolves)
26. Arsefacey (the rest of the locations actually exist in the UK)
? (27.): GO TO 28 (you're in Question 27, so you'll be sent to the following one)
28. Abundance ("A bun dance", perfectly describing the dancing cupcake)
29. Egg Mayonnaise (Splapp thinks it tastes like cardboard!)
30. Cross through the tunnel (Or cheat by either abusing right-clicking, or holding the left mouse button)
31. Woof. Woof. Woof. (number of times Splapp's Badly Drawn Dawg barks)
32. Babycham and Human Faeces ("Babycham"= "sham", "faeces" = "poo", making "shampoo" together)
33. 7 (There are 7 letters in "HIS HAND")
34. Move cursor away from the screen (or just right-click)
35. Wait 5 seconds, then click the green smiling button that appears. //+ 1 Skip
36. A walk (because a fly without wings can't fly, therefore making it a walk)
37. Any answer is correct (you can't get this question wrong!)
38. Mary Rose (as in "Mary got up" after sitting on a pin)
39. Cylindrical Adventures (Splapp's Flash animation where the cylinder belongs)
40. Cross over the maze; you can cheat by right-clicking or holding the left mouse button, moving to the point and then releasing it.
41. AFRO (the most peculiar thing of that duck, plus it's not called "afro")
42. The 42nd 42 (it is the second 42 on the bottom row)
43. Tom Cruise (Jerry McGuire reference)
44. Click the dot on the nailed puzzle piece (if you solve the puzzle, it says: "Click here" and has an arrow pointing to that dot)
45. WRONG (top right option box). (everything is in Wingdings: question says "Potatoes fly", options say "Indeed", "WRONG", "Why not?", "ROFL")
46. OMGF U KILLS SONIKKU U BASTUD (one of the comments to Splapp's Flash "Sonic Breaks his Neck", from which the picture is taken)
47. Find the red button with an invisible cursor (around where the arrow on the "Vanish" bottle was)
48. SNAAAAKE! (Metal Gear Solid reference)
49. SPLAPP-ME-DO (correct spelling of the name)
50. O.K. (you must remember both codes)
51. Repeatedly click the Spatulon and the Phlovomite until the Spatulon wins (because Spatulons are the better ones!)
52. Click the third batch of leaves, which belongs to a carrot (Splapp actually traced a carrot's leaves for that one)
53. ...but pa might not. ("Marmite" = "ma might")
54. No, about 20cm off the ground ("Shanghai" = "She hang/hung high")
55. A games console for wholemeal biscuits (definition of a digestive system) (10) //+ 1 Skip
56. Using your invisible cursor, press the buttons in the following order: Blue, red, blue, yellow (color code from Q50)
57. Erm... one? (Count Dracula... Count him!)
58. Shepherd's Pie (the ones made OUT of shepherds! Also, blood is a drink)
59. Repeatedly click the Shoop da Whoop face until he's charged his laser and destroys the bomb. (10)
60. Answer this honestly: no if you didn't make it the first time you got here since opening the Flash, or yes if you managed to do it the first time. If you lie, it's a Game Over!
61. Thumbs up icon ("(Y)" makes the thumbs up emoticon on MSN)
62. Moss (the question was written with a lisp, so "moth" actually means "moss")
63. Tasteless white filth (author's personal opinion on Chicken McNuggets)
64. Egg > 28 (completely random, according to Splapp)
65. Click the word "LARGEST"
66. The '!' at the end of the words 'the world' (10)
67. A big hairy arsonist (because the picture IS an "arse on IST")
68. Stroke Chris the cat with your mouse until filling the bar; he'll make an odd "meow" before you move on.
69. LOL, 69 (sex position and reference to question number)
70. Using its anus (as in what makes the dog smell bad)
71. Click on any option box when it turns green (timing's important!)
72. Click on the light switch, located near the left edge of the screen; you will be presented with a funny picture of a lemur before moving on.
73. Top right '?' (the one that matches the one in the task)
74. No one knows that (the game assumes nobody who has got to this point knows how many questions there are)
75. After the bomb is lit up, click the ESCAPE arrow quickly (it will appear under the question number; if you fail, it's an instant Game Over!) (1) //+ 1 Skip
76. Sugar, honey, honey (reference to the song "Sugar Sugar" by The Archies)
77. Question 77 (the question isn't talking about the picture, but actually about itself!)
78. Four (the only option that has ever been a correct answer before; "Déjà vu" is when you experience something you think you have already experienced before)
79. Click the U in 'what do yoU mean?', (it's shaped like a horseshoe, and that's what the question's asking you to click!) (10)
80. Filthy Romanians (Romania was known to have the highest rate of hepatitis, which is a liver infection)
81. Rub the cursor up and down on the pole, and after the lightning strikes on it, click on the green arrow that will appear on the monitor on the right.
82. Cut all 10 toenails by clicking them (you have to be fast!) (6)
83. National Dyslexic Association (joke about how dyslexic people would naturally mess up the initial letters of their own association)
84. You must only touch the shooting star, avoiding the meteors. Before doing so, you MUST grab the Skips here, since you will need them later.
SKIPS: There are 2 Skips here. the first one will appear around the top left corner, while the second will fly from the top right corner of the screen towards the left side shortly afterwards. Roll the mouse over them to collect them.
85. I loved it! (you'd better have enjoyed the mini-game!)
86. The Prince (from the Katamari video game series; he's green, and the "sticky balls" refer to the Katamaris, which collect what they touch!)
87. The dot after '87' (it's hidden; therefore, it's what is missing from this question)
88. Repeatedly click until Eggman snaps Sonic's leg (a scene from Sonic Break His Neck) (10)
89. Blindness (dog eggs don't exist; if you can see them, you are blind!)
90. Nonce (Michael Jackson HAD nose jobs, but "nonce" is British and Australian slang for "child sex offender") (10)
91. Hover under the third hole in the paper on the left side; it will start to rip. You have to move all the way across to rip the paper in half. (...5)
92. Click the numbered heads in descending order ('194', '27', '26', '14', '9', '3', '2.5', '1', '0.4'). If you do it, Mars will sing 'What Is The Light?' by the Flaming Lips. If you take too long to answer this question, a bomb will appear. (...10)
93. Move the bomb away and press "Go!" (10)
94. You must NOT do anything; the bomb is a dud, and clicking the "Detonate" button would obviously make it go off! ("10")
95. Move your cursor away from the screen (or right-click), then click the red button after the cat leaves (the cat will stay on the screen if your mouse is on screen, as cats like mice)
96. A right mess (if you put both a number 1 (pee) and a number 2 (poo) on a calculator, that's the result!) (10)
97. 10+ times! (the game will assume you have restarted that amount of times anyway!) (10)
98. Click on the words "Blue, red, blue, yellow", ignoring the colors they're written in (referencing the color code from Q50) (10)
99. When the traffic light turns green (at 1 second), click the sign next to it (10)
100. Two (there are two holes in two Polo mints!)

The Epic 10
101. Type 'Chihuahua' on the on-screen keyboard (10)
102. Touch all of the dots by rolling your mouse over them and avoid the squares. One section has no circle and just one square; wait for the square to disappear. if you miss one, you lose a life and start the question over.
103. Using your invisible cursor, search for Dennis the Square Tomato, who's invisible as well (it's on where the "c" in "search" was located before fading away). Glitch: if you click it twice, you'll skip Q104! (10)
104. Large yellow sad moon (the opposite of what the task said; "yellow" doesn't have an opposite) Glitch: like the previous one, click that moon twice and you'll skip the following question! (10)
105. Spell "BANANA" using the "A" in "Apple", the "N" in "nectariNe", and the "B" in "gooseBerry" (it's the only way to refer to the picture of the banana on screen!) (10)
106. Follow the road, then click on the arrow that will appear on the end (right-clicking doesn’t work here, unlike previous maze questions; clicking and holding the LEFT mouse button in the beginning and releasing it in the end WILL do the trick though!)
107. When you put your mouse on any of the answers, a fake Game Over screen comes up. Don't do anything. Just wait and it will disappear, before you proceed. (If you click TRY AGAIN on the fake Game Over screen, a new one that says "Oh, you idiot!" will apear and you will actually get a Game Over!)
108. Type "4 8 15 16 23 42" (the number code from Q50 and reference to "Lost") on the on-screen keyboard, then click 'Execute'; if you fail to do this, the computer will go completely crazy and display hieroglyphics before you get a Game Over! (11)
109. Repeatedly click Spidermonkey until he craps out an arrow. Click on the arrow to move on (10)
110. Use all of your Skips by clicking on them; if you don't have all seven of them when getting here, it's Game Over! (10)

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Turtle Trigger Walkthrough Guide

Turtle Trigger
Turtle Trigger Logo

Play Online: Turtle Trigger
Developer: Ignatus Zuk & Gonzossm
Genre: Action, Distance

Turtle Trigger Guide
List of Items In Turtle Trigger
Jet Pack - $7,500
Description: A flying turtle! Damn boy, must get this.
Super Shell - $6,000
Description: Doubles up your armor! Also, you'll look like a pimp!
Rifle - $0
Description: The most basic gun of all! Single shot fire.
Uzi - $3,500
Description: Go ghetto on dem dawg! Dat shi fo real!! Rapid fire!
Shotgun - $7,500
Description: Deliciousness in each sheel, spread shot, powerful!
AR-15 - $12,000
Description: Rapid firing Assault Rifle. Powerful.
Super Automatic Rocket Launcher - $30,000
Description: Own everything but this!

Recommended Build for Turtle Trigger
1. Super Shell
2. Jet Pack
3. Shotgun
4. AR-15
5. Super Automatic Rocket Launcher
5. Uzi

Weapon Setup
1. Rifle
2. Shotgun
3. AR-15
4. Super Automatic Rocket Launcher

Turtle Trigger Walkthrough
Turtle Trigger is all about competing for Highscores to be the best of the turtles! Survive this madness for as long as possible, and most importantly of all, don't die! Here are some quick tips for Turtle Trigger... Basically, use a shot gun against weak enemies in big groups, never shoot at bomber when near them. Use your jet pack when needed, such as spikes or enemies charging at you. The UZI is basically useless, you're better off with the rifle. The Bazooka overheats, spam slowly. I know it's hard. :P

To kill Rufus aka "The Boss", you have to shoot him in the head of the first part of the battle, except when he's about to do that ground pound thing (that's a no-damage mode for him). You'll see his head flash white with each hit that damages him. The second part of the battle starts when he "goes nuclear" as I put it, or when he shoots fireballs out in a circle. After that, any hit hurts him, including body shots. The ground pound no-damage mode still applies though. As for dealing with fireballs, you can try to dodge them, but you will probably still be hit.The best way to handle them is to shoot them; one shot will stop a fireball.

The best weapon for fighting Rufus is the assault rifle. While the rocket launcher looks like a good choice, the sustained fire you'll need to stop fireballs and hit Rufus will overheat it very quickly. The assault rifle, however, has a fast enough rate of fire to stop groups of fireballs and still hit Rufus, while also having a quick enough reload time to not get you killed while reloading. Additionally, it has a good enough damage rating to keep the fight from lasting too long, and it is more accurate than the other guns.

Pro-Tip: Reload the shotgun right after you shoot the first shot. The cooldown between reloading and then shooting is shorter than between each shot.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Flight Walkthrough Guide

Flight Logo

Play Online: Flight
Developer: ArmorGames
Genre: Distance, Upgrades

Flight Guide
List of Upgrades in Flight
Better Model
Description: Improves the plane in general, and give you additional fuel.
Cost: $ 260 / 820 / 1900 / 2830

Description: Your plane becomes lighter, and falls slower.
Cost: $ 30 / 120 / 360 / 950 / 2140

Description: Your plane retains its velocity for longer
Cost: $ 40 / 170 / 480 / 1260 / 2750

Rudder Control
Description: You are able to control your plane at the cost of fuelm higher levels give yoou better control.
Cost: $ 80 / 290 / 650

Throwing Power
Description: The initial power of throwing the plane is increased by 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 percent.
Cost: $ 90 / 180 / 430 / 900 / 1200

Fire Engine
Description: Hold spacebar to activate your engine.
Cost: $ 130 / 480 / 1490

Crane Booster
Description: Cranes now also give a boost.
Cost: $ 485

Lucky Star
Description: Normal stars have an additional 2 / 4 / 6 percent chance to spawn as a gold star.
Cost: $ 150 / 375 / 1450

Green Fuel
Description: Reduces fuel consumption by 10 / 20 / 30 percent.
Cost: $ 180 / 590 / 1350

Description: Your plane resists negative effects and gain boost from windmills.
Cost: $ 160 / 310 / 890

Emergency Booster
Description: Whenever you stall, you are given a chance to restart your engines.
Cost: $ 400

Rainbow Stars
Description: Once per flight, you can turn all stars into rainbow-stars for 10 seconds.
Cost: $ 1750

Crane Duration
Description: Increases the duration of the crane bonus by 1 / 2 seconds.
Cost: $ 325 / 1250

Wind Detector
Description: Jetstream warnings last 1 second longer.
Cost: $ 500

Mystery Upgrade
Description: A mysterious and impractical upgrade that is probably not worth the cost.
Cost: $ 3000

Recommended Build for Flight
1. Lightweight
2. Rudder Control
3. Areodynamic
4. Throwing Power
5. Green Fuel
6. Hurricane
7. Better Model
8. Lucky Star
9. Crane Duration
10. Crane Booster
11. Fire Engine
12. Wind Detector
13. Emergency Booster
14. Rainbow Stars
15. Mystery Upgrade
16. Repeat!

Flight Walkthrough
My fastest record is 15 days for this game, Flight. Basically, my strategy is to fly at low altitude, then pick up speed by gliding through a windmill or pick up cranes repeatedly. This cycle can keep on going and last for insanely long, as long you got fuel to control your paper plane. Every bar of fuel can give you about 1000 meters, just imagine if the game implements fuel pickups... The game is self sustainable! The "Mystery" Upgrade is actually pretty good. What it does is it makes your plane turn into some origami animal (I've seen the Learn to Fly's Penguin and Toss the Turtle's Turtle). And makes you bounce forward some more, hitting cranes, stars, and those propeller things.

Lastly, to grab lots of space stars. Try to max out all your upgrades first. Pick up your plane, go to bottom left corner, then throw quickly towards the top. Immediately hold left and space, so you should fly close to straight up. When you have about 1 bar of fuel left, stop using the engine. You should stall. Use emergency stall, now you're flying horizontally at some crazy high altitude and you can use the rest of your fuel to aim for space stars.

Pro-Tip: Do not throw backwards.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Don't Escape Walkthrough Guide

Don't Escape
Don't Escape Logo

Play Online: Don't Escape
Developer: Scriptwelder
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure

Don't Escape Guide
Don't Escape Walkthrough
Gathering Items
1. Take the rope from the hook on the left, by the shelf.
2. Turn right once again and take the glass bottle from the table.
3. There's a bit of dark floorboard at the very bottom of the screen. Click it to look down, and click the square of loose flooring.
4. In the upper right corner, you'll find a piece of meat, and in the box, you'll find some spice.
5. To leave, click twice on the far left side of the hole.
7. Turn right so you're facing the window. Take the silver key from the jacket, and the small golden key from under the bed.
8. Check out each drawer in the chest of drawers. Open the third one from the top and take the tinderbox from inside.
9. Turn right and take the dried herb from the hook on the wall, and a piece of root from the top of the barrel farthest from you.
10. Use the small key (the gold one) on the chest. Ooh, a hammer and nails.
11. Turn right one more time, so you're facing the open door, and go outside!
12. Take the axe from the stump, the chopped wood logs from next to the stump, the chain from under the cabin roof, and the mushroom from near the rightmost fence post.
13. Head back inside.

Brewing the Potion
1. While facing the door from inside, turn right and examine the papers on the table. There's a second page, so after you read the first page, click on the one behind it (the overlap is on the left).
2. There's something here about how "a handful of hot dust, a crunchy herb, and something that grows in earth but is not a plant" can weaken the beast.
3. Facing the fireplace. The first step in brewing a potion is boiling the water, so you'd better do that first.
4. Place the chopped wood below the pot, then use the tinderbox on the wood. FIRE!
5. The next step is the ingredients. There are many things you can add, but not all of them are useful.
6. "Hot" can also mean "spicy," so add the spice to the pot.
7. The herb is already well-dried, so that can go right in.
8. Next up is something that grows, but isn't a plant. Fungi aren't plants, so add the mushroom.
9. Use the glass bottle on the pot. You have a vial of potion!
10. The notes said it wears off very quickly, so better not use it right away.

Final Preparations
1. Turn so you're facing the front door. Click the door to close it, and use the silver key on the door to lock it.
2. Click on the very left of the shelf to push the shelf in front of the door.
3. Turn 180 degrees and close the window.
4. Click the latch at the center of the closed window to lock it up. The hook is on the left.
5. Since the potion is slow-acting, combine the potion and the meat.
6. Put the meat on the hook above the table.
7. Use the axe on the table. Take the planks.
8. Use the planks on the window, then use the hammer & nails on the planks.
9. Use the rope on your face in the inventory, then do the same with the chain. Both icons should have a check mark.
10. Once you're all tied up, click the hourglass and choose "yes," and then read about your night!

What happens next depends on your level of preparedness. If you managed to complete all of the above (not necessarily in that order), you'll be successful in restraining the werewolf. Fail to do so and it will break free and go on a rampage. The results of the rampage vary depending on how long it took for the werewolf to break free - and if you fail to restrain it in any way, well… you'll see. Bad stuff.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Toss the Turtle Walkthrough Guide

Toss the Turtle
Toss the Turtle Logo

Play Online: Toss the Turtle
Developer: Foreverkul & Gonzo
Genre: Distance, Launch

Toss the Turtle Guide
List of Items in Toss the Turtle
Rock Pack - $1,000
Description: This primitive jet pack is heavy and slow, but it will get the job down. Free fuel refills.
Chest Bomb - $2,000
Description: Strap this bomb to your chest and it will automatically explode if you stop moving! Only one use.
Jet Pack - $25,000
Description: The newest in jet pack technology. Smooth flight and can go very high. Must purchase a Rock Pack first.
Missile - $60,000
Description: Everyone knows missiles are faster than any jet pack, so why not use this instead? Must trade in Jet Pack.
Big Cannon - $10,000
Description: A strong durable cannon. Good for private use of launching yourself.
Super Cannon - $40,000
Description: This cannon comes with flashy buttons, and a stronger blast. Need to trade in previous cannon first.
Gold Cannon - $100,000
Description: The Gold Cannon is of superior design, utilizing maximum comfort to distance ratio! Will only trade for good quality cannons.
Tank - $200,000
Description: The Tank is not only an awesome weapon of war, but can provide hours of fun! It's the most powerful cannon in this shop!
Nuclear Thingy - $10,000
Description: Nuclear bombs are dangerous, but who cares? They make a huge explosion! You can buy more than one.

List of Guns in Toss the Turtle
Sling Shot - $0
Description: A primitive weapon.
Power: 1, Ammo: 3, Accuracy: Low
Revolver - $6,000
Description: Well rounded small weapon.
Power: 5, Ammo: 6, Accuracy: Medium
Dessert Eagle - $8,000
Description: Strong small weapon
Power: 10, Ammo: 8, Accuracy: Low
Uzi - $10,000
Description: Weak but lots of ammo.
Power: 15, Ammo: 20, Accuracy: Low
AK-47 - $40,000
Description: Strong but hard to aim.
Power: 20, Ammo: 30, Accuracy: Low, Requirement: Reach 25,000ft+
Pump Shotgun - $40,000
Description: Area effect allows easy hits.
Power: 50, Ammo: 8, Accuracy: Medium, Requirement: Reach 25,000ft+
Automatic Shotgun - $50,000
Description: Area effect allows easy hits.
Power: 50, Ammo: 12, Accuracy: Low, Requirement: Reach 25,000ft+
Sniper Rifle - $75,000
Description: High power and accuracy.
Power: 100, Ammo: 10, Accuracy: High, Requirement: Reach 100,000ft+
Bazooka - $80,000
Description: Powerful explosion.
Power: 200, Ammo: 5, Accuracy: Medium, Requirement: Reach 100,000ft+
Golden Gun - $400,000
Description: The Golden Gun of ultimate power.
Power: 5000, Ammo: 10, Accuracy: High, Requirement: Reach 200,000ft+

Recommended Build for Toss the Turtle
1. Rock Pack
2. Big Cannon
3. Uzi
4. Super Cannon
5. Jet Pack
6. Ak-47
7. Gold Cannon
8. Missile
9. Sniper Rifle
10. Tank
11. Golden Gun

Toss the Turtle Walkthrough
Generally, make sure the cannons are the first item you upgrade when you can afford to, as they are the most rewarding to the distance. Next on the list will be Jetpacks, then weapons; for weapons, guns with more ammo are better imo. You are advised not to buy the chest bomb or nuclear bomb until you get your Tank and Golden Gun. They are really expensive and don't give you that much extra distance at early game.

For me, the best launching angle would be somewhere at around 50 degrees with full power. As soon as you are at the peak of your initial launch, activate your Rock Pack, Jetpack or Missile immediately. This will avoid the risk of hitting some spikes early on. Now, shoot the turtle when he is dropping (closer to the ground seems to be better, but not after he bounces) to maximize ammo use. Keep your finger on the D key to give you an extra distance, and only use the other keys if it is essential to get an item or avoid spikes, if it is not you should leave the W, A and S keys alone.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Deeper Sleep Walkthrough Guide

Deeper Sleep
Deeper Sleep Logo

Play Online: Deeper Sleep
Developer: Scriptwelder
Genre: Puzzle

Deeper Sleep Guide
Solution to Deeper Sleep
1. After the intro, you'll find yourself in the foyer of a library. Go left, and then forward. There will be a note on a table. Click to pick it up. (1/15 Notes)
2. Go back, then go to the room to the left. Pick up the book on the table. Go right two times back where you started. Use the book on the empty space in the bookshelf. A secret doorway will open up.
3. Go forward into the secret door into the room with a horse painting. Pick up the note in the left corner of the empty bookcase. (2/15 notes). Also, pick up the batteries from the table, then head through the door to the right.
4. Go right, then right again, then down the stairs. Pick up the key from the key rack. Head down the staircase in the upper left, then go to the right to enter the dungeon.
5. Click on the grate to talk to the prisoner. He has some interesting information for you. Exhaust all the conversation options, and he will give you a piece of paper. (3/15 Notes)
6. Head to the right. Pick up the note in the corner of the other cell, (4/15 notes), then go to the right again. Pick up the flashlight on the floor. Combine the batteries with the flashlight. Now go left, then left, then left, then up the staircase, then up the staircase again to the second floor.
7. Go to the right, into the dark room. Use the flashlight on the darkness. Pick up the scrap of paper in the corner of the fireplace (5/15 notes), then head to the right.
8. You will now be in an old classroom. Pick up the pointer from the right desk, and the scrap of paper under the center desk (6/15 notes). Also, note the combination on the chalkboard. It will change during different playthroughs.
9. Go left, then left again out into the hallway, then left two more times until you are standing in front of the locked door. Use the room key on the locked door, walk forward and explore the room a little bit. Once you are finished looking around, go back to the hallway.
10. Go right, then right, then down the stairs. Enter the room on the upper right. Use the pointer to knock the key off the pipe. Doh! It fell through the grate!
11. Exit the pipe room to the left, then go down the upper left stairs. Head right twice, and you will see where the key has fallen. Pick up the gold key, then go left twice and back upstairs.
12. This time, enter the room on the lower right. You will find a clown poster. Use the gold key on the door, and prepare to head outside.
13. Once outside, go to the right and turn on your flashlight. Go forward down the path that is illuminated on the darkened right side of the screen. Pick up the scrap of paper on the tree to the left (7/15 notes), then move forward again, then forward again. Click the scarecrow to take a piece of thread from him.
14. Go back three times to return to the main path. Head right. Note the pile of stones, then head right again to a clearing with a small tree.
15. Move forward. Pick up the paper lying on the left of the path (8/15 notes). Walk forward again. Note the pile of dirt on the ground, then walk forward until you reach the well. Examine the pot next to the well and you will find a key.
16. Go back until you are at the main path. Then head right again. There will be a piece of paper in the tree on the right (9/15 notes). Head right again to the outside of the cabine. It looks like spinning the wheel will return the power. It looks like we have a river to restart!
17. Enter the cabin. Pick up the Bag with a Hole from the floor. It looks like we'll need to weigh down that shelf on the right to keep the door open. First we need to fix that bag, though...
18. Exit the cabin, then head left until you are back in the house, past the clown poster room, into the kitchen. Use the key from the pot to unlock the center door.
19. Go forward through the door. Pick up the wrench from the table, and the piece of paper in the upper left (10/15 notes).
20. Head back into the kitchen. Go to the room on the upper-right (where the gold key was lying on the pipes). Use the wrench on the valve (1/3 Valves).
21. Head down the stairs to the dungeon. Head right till you are at the tile room.
22. Using the keypad next to the door, input the code from the chalkboard on the second floor. The light will turn green if you are correct. Click the lever to turn it until the door is fully open.
23. Go into the door. Turn on your flashlight, and move forward twice. In the second room in, on the lower left will be a piece of paper (11/15 notes). Head forward, through the door at the end of the hallway
24. On the left of this room is a valve. Use the wrench on it (2/3 Valves), then head right into the toyroom.
25. In the toy room, pick up the needle from the sewing machine on the left. On the top of the shelves on the right is a piece of paper, as well (12/15 notes). Also, pick up the plushie tiger that's on the floor to the right... you'll need all the moral support you can get.
26. Combine the needle with the thread, then use the needle-with-thread on the Bag with a Hole to fix it.
27. Leave the toyroom, then back up to the tile room, left through the dungeon, then up the stairs, then right out to the woods again.
28. Once outside, go right and turn the flashlight on. Go to the right, to the clearing with stones. Use the bag on the stones to fill it.
29. Head right again to the clearing with the small tree. There, go forward twice down the path, to the clearing with a mound of ground. Use the bag on the mound to fill it further. Go back to the main path.
30. Go righ to the cabin and enter it. Use the bag on the flour on the floor to finish filling it. Put the full bag on the weighing device on the right to open the door.
31. Head forward into the door. Use the wrench on the valve (3/3 Valves). The wrench will break, but the flow of water has returned... now we just need to direct it. Also, pick up the piece of paper on the right (13/15 Notes).
32. Exit the cabin, then head right to the canal. Pick up the piece of paper on the center left (14/15 notes). Then go right to the fountain.
33. Once at the fountain, pick up the note sitting on its right edge (15/15 notes). Notice the two rows of four lights on the bottom. You must turn all eight of them on to activate the fountain. The easiest way to do this is to click each of the two center buttons in the top rom, then each of the two center buttons in the bottom row. The fountain will overflow and power will return!
34. Return all the way left, back into the house, then up the stairs, then left to the elevator.
35. If you would like to see an Easter Egg, at this point, go left again and enter the room with bunk beds. Put the plush tiger on Cody's bed. This will unlock a newspaper article at the end of the game.
36. Return to the elevator. Press the red button to call it.
37. Enter the elevator. Press the "2" button. When you exit the elevator you will be trapped in a dark room. Turn on the flashlight and walk forward.
38. Pick up the screwdriver from the shelf, then back away... quickly. Use the screwdriver on the panel by the elevator door. If you drop the screwdriver it can be found on the floor. One the panel is unscrewed, hit the button and get into that elevator. Do it quickly, before Felicity, the girl in the attic, reaches you.
39. Enter the elevator again, then press the "-1" button. Once out of the elevator, head to the left. Use the screwdriver on the panel, then pick up the rope.
40. Head right. Click the door to unlock it, then head through the doorway and up the stairs, outside into the woods. Turn on the flashlight, then head right to the clearing with the small tree.
41. Head forward down the path, all the way to the well. Use the rope on the well. When you are ready, climb down the rope...

Full Text of all 15 Notes in Deeper Sleep
"I first encountered this phenomenon in the early 80's, but it seems They have existed since the dawn of the human race. Commonly known as the Night Folk, or Shadow People, they live in the realm of dreams but desperately want to get to our realm, by possessing vulnerable, unoccupied bodies. As long as you don't know you are dreaming, you are safe... They attack when they sense a mind detached from its body, which sometimes happens during comas, but much more often during OOBEs and Lucid Dreamin."

Friday, 30 May 2014

Swarm Defender Walkthrough Guide

Swarm Defender
Swarm Defender Logo

Play Online: Swarm Defender
Developer: Violatorgames
Genre: Defense, Strategy

Swarm Defender Guide
List of Towers in Swarm Defender
Description: The core unit of the Swarm Defenders. Cheap, higly versatile, and always ready to battle.
Damage: 1, Attack Speed: 0.2s, Range: 110, Target: Land & Air, Cost: $15, Research: 0R
$15 - HV Rounds
High-Velocity Rounds do more damage to the target.
$10 - Improved Sights
Improved Rifle Sights increase. Grunt range considerably.
$15 - MHV Rounds
Mega High-Velocity Rounds do even more damage to the target.
$20 - Holographic Targeting
Holographic Targeting system increases range even more.
$15 - UHV Rounds
Ultra High-Velocity Rounds do the most damage to the target.
$15 - Penetrator V1
Penetrator casings increase armor piercing.
$15 - Muzzle Cooler
Muzzle cooling allows the Grunt to fire quicker.
$15 - Penetrator V2
The next level of Penetrator casings.
$15 - Titanium Barrel
Titanium Rifle Barrel further decreases Grunt firing speed.
$15 - Penetrator V3
The final level of Penetrator casings.

Description: A mechanized soldier that shoots heavy grenade projectiles that slow down the enemy.
Damage: 12, Attack Speed: 1s, Range: 90, Target: Land, Cost: $80, Research: 25R
$20 - Reloader
An improved Reloading system that allows the Boomer to fire faster.
$20 - Fragger V1
Fragger-type Grenades that increase damage done to the target.
$20 - Autoloader
An Automatic Loading system that allows the Boomer the fire even faster.
$20 - Fragger V2
Improved Fragger Grenades do even more damage.
$15 - Shredder Nades
Shredder Grenades spray razor sharp shrapnel damaging the targets armor.
$15 - Stun Nades
Stun Grenades improve the slowing effect enemies experience when hit.
$10 - Launcher V1
The Launcher upgrade gives the Boomer a larger firing range.
$15 - Concussion Nades
Concussion Grenades impact the enemy harder slowing them even more.
$20 - Launcher V2
The improved Launcher increases range even further.
$15 - Crippler Nades
Crippler Grenades debilitate the target cutting their speed in half.

Description: Specializes in taking out high armor targets. Has the ability to make critical hits.
Damage: 24, Attack Speed: 2.5s, Range: 200, Target: Land & Air, Cost: $100, Research: 50R
$15 - HP Rifle
The High-Powered Rifle upgrade increases armor piercing.
$15 - Ranger Scope
The Ranger Scope increases the Sharpshooter range.
$15 - UHP Rifle
The Ultra High-Powered Rifle further increases piercing.
$15 - Debilitating Rounds
Debilitating Rounds do devastating damage to the targets armor.
$25 - Spectre Optics
Spectre Optics increases range even further.
$10 - Hot Shots
Hot Shot rounds increase the chance of critical hits.
$15 - .44 Caliber
.44 Caliber rounds make a bigger hole in the target causing more damage.
$15 - High Precision
High Precision rifling increase critical chance even further.
$15 - .50 Caliber
.50 Caliber rounds increase damage even further.
$20 - Death Strike
The Death Strike system increases critical hit chance to its maximum level.

Laser Tower
Description: Ancient technology that enemies with a focused beam of light
Damage: 0.75, Attack Speed: 0.03s, Range:120 , Target: Land, Cost: $150, Research: 100R
$150 - Duo-Emitter
The Duo-Emitter adds a second laser beam that can target another enemy.
$10 - Pulse Beam
The Pulse Beam increases laser armor piercing.
$120 - Tri-Emitter
The Tri-Emitter adds a third beam.
$10 - Ionizer Beam
The Ionizer Beam increases piercing even further.
$100 - Quad-Emitter
The Quad-Emitter adds a fourth beam
$10 - Focuser V1
A Focuser upgrades that increases Laser Tower range.
$10 - Focuser V2
A Focuser upgrades that increases Laser Tower range.
$10 - Focuser V3
A Focuser upgrades that increases Laser Tower range.
$10 - Focuser V4
A Focuser upgrades that increases Laser Tower range.
$10 - Focuser V5
A Focuser upgrades that increases Laser Tower range.

Missile Tower
Description: Fires missiles that do explosive damage over a small area. Great for grouped up enemies.
Damage: 20, Attack Speed: 1.67s, Range: 150, Target: Land & Air, Cost: $200, Research: 150R
$20 - Frag Missiles
Grag Missiles do more damage than non-upgraded missiles.
$15 - Ballistics B1
A ballistics upgrade that increase armor piercing.
$20 Hunter Missiles
Hunter missiles increase the damage even further.
$15 Ballistics V2
Improved Ballistics that increases piercing further.
$25 - Seeker Missiles
Seeker Missiles will find another nearby target if their current target is killed.
$15 - Triangulator
Triangulator Sensors increase Missile Tower range.
$25 - Craterize V1
Craterize Explosives increase the radius of explosions.
$15 - GPS Targeting
GPS Targeting further increases range.
$25 - Craterize V2
Improved Craterize explosives increase explosion radius further.
$30 - Hellfire
Hellfire Missiles leave a burning area on the land if they explode on a non-flying enemy.

Description: Sprays fiery death upon any enemies within its short range.
Damage: 1.25, Attack Speed: 0.17s, Range: 80, Target: Land, Cost: $125, Research: 175R
$15 - Pressurized V1
A Pressurization upgrade that increases Flamethrower range.
$15 - Pressurized V2
A Pressurization upgrade that increases Flamethrower range.
$15 - Pressurized V3
A Pressurization upgrade that increases Flamethrower range.
$15 - Pressurized V4
A Pressurization upgrade that increases Flamethrower range.
$15 - Pressurized V5
A Pressurization upgrade that increases Flamethrower range.
$15 - Sprayer Nozzle
The Sprayer Nozzle allows the Flamethrower to fire faster.
$10 - Melter Flames
The Melter Flames do more damage than normal flames.
$15 - Jet Nozzle
The Jet Nozzle decreases firing speed further.
$10 - Incinerator Flames
The Incinerator Flames do more damage than Melter Flames.
$15 - Volcano Nozzle
The Volcano Nozzle decreases firing speed to the minimum.

Flak Cannon
Description: Fires a spread of burning metal shards. Shards have a chance to pass through enemies.
Damage: 20, Attack Speed: 2s, Range: 130, Target: Land & Air, Cost: $175, Research: 175R
$15 - Devastating Shrapnel
Devastating Shrapnel damages enemy armor when hit.
$40 - Shards V1
Shards V1 increases the number of shards fired by 1.
$25 - 88mm Barrel
The 88mm Barrel increases damage done per shard.
$80 - Shards V2
Shards V2 increases the number of shards fired by 2.
$25 - 100mm Barrel
The 100mm Battel further increases damage per shard.
$10 - Light Shrapnel
Light Shrapnel increases armor piercing.
$15 - LR Sensors
Long Range Sensors increase firing range.
$10 - Medium Shrapnel
Medium Shrapnel increases piercing further.
$15 - ULR Sensors
Ultra Long Range Sensors increase range further.
$10 - Heavy Shrapnel
Heavy Shrapnel increases piercing even more.

Plasma Cannon
Description: Ancient technology that fires highly damaging balls of plasma at enemies.
Damage: 40, Attack Speed: 1.5s, Range: 150, Target: Land, Cost: $175, Research: 200R
$15 - Aerial Targeting
Aerial Targeting allows the Plasma Cannon to hit flying targets.
$25 - Blast Radius V1
A Blast Radius upgrades that increase the explosive radius of each hit.
$15 - Plasma Containment
Plasma containment allows the Plasma Cannon to fire at further away targets increasing range.
$25 - Blast Radius V2
Another Blast Radius upgrade further increasing explosive radius
$15 - Improved Containment
Improved containment increases range even more.
$20 - Mk1 Generator
The Mark1 Generator allows the Plasma Cannon to fire faster.
$25 - Destructor
The Destructor upgrade increases Plasma Cannon damage.
$20 - Mk2 Generator
The Mark2 Generator further decreases firing speed.
$25 - Vaporizer
The Vaporizer increase the damage even more.
$20 - Mk3 Generator
The Mark3 Generator decreases firing speed to the minimum.

Waste Spewer
Description: Spews waste in the path of the enemy slowing down those that move through it.
Damage: 10, Attack Speed: 1.5s, Range: 80, Target: Land, Cost: $125, Research: 225R
$10 - Deteriorating Goo
Deteriorating Goo damages enemy armor while effected.
$30 - Blobification V1
the Blobification upgrade increases waste splash radius.
$20 - Corroding Goo
Corroding Goo further damages enemy armor.
$30 - Blobification V2
Blobification V2 increases splash radius even further.
$20 - Rotting Goo
Rotting Goo damages enemy armor even more.
$20 - Stickiness
Stickiness makes enemies effected by waste move slower.
$20 - LR Spewer
The Long Range Spewer increases Waster Spewer range.
$20 - Choking Fumes
choking Fumes slows down enemies even more.
$30 - Improved Spewer
The Improved Spewer further increases range.
$20 - Cementing Goo
Cementing Goo slows down enemies almost to a halt.

Description: Rains powerful long-range explosions down upon the enemy.
Damage: 40, Attack Speed: 40s, Range: 200, Target: Land, Cost: $300, Research: 250R
$25 - Howitzer V1
The Howitzer upgrade increases Artillery range.
$20 - Heavy Rounds
Heavy rounds do more damage to the enemy.
$40 - Stunning Impact
Stunning Impact casuses enemies hit by the Artillery blast to be slowed.
S25 - Howitzer V2
Howitzer V2 increas range even further.
$20 - Super Heavy Rounds
Super Heavy Rounds increase damage even more.
$25 - Wider Blast
Wider Blast increases the explosion radius of each shot.
$15 - Reload Training
Reload Training allows the Artillery to fire faster.
$25 - Devastating Blast
Devastating Blast increases the explosion radius even further.
$15 - Mech Reloader
The Mech Reloader decreases firing speed even further.
$50 - Scorched Earth
Scorched Earth causes each explosion to leave behind a smoldering crater that damaging nearby enemies.

Particle Beam
Description: Ancient technology that fires a particle beam, charging up to do more damage the longer it is focused on an enemy.
Damage: 0.75, Attack Speed: 0.03s, Range: 150, Target: Land & Air, Cost: $250, Research: 220R
$25 - Power Matrix V1
The Power Matrix upgrade increases maximum weapon charge.
$25 - Power Matrix V2
The Power Matrix upgrade increases maximum weapon charge.
$25 - Power Matrix V3
The Power Matrix upgrade increases maximum weapon charge.
$25 - Power Matrix V4
The Power Matrix upgrade increases maximum weapon charge.
$25 - Power Matrix V5
The final Power Matrix upgrade increases maximum weapon charge.
$15 - Anti-Matter V1
Anti-Matter V1 increases Particle Beam armor piercing.
S10 - Improved Focus
Improved Focus increases the range of the Particle Beam.
$15 - Anti-Matter V2
Anti-Matter V2 further increases piercing.
410 - Maximum Focus
maximum Focus increases range even more.
$15 - Anti-Matter V3
Anti-Matter V3 increases armor piercing to the max.

Seismic Thumper
Description: Slams the ground creating a localize earthquake that slows nearby enemies.
Damage: 20, Attack Speed: 2s, Range: 90, Target: Land, Cost: $235, Research: 350R
$10 - Magnitude 5
Magnitude 5 slows effected enemies.
$20 - Magnitude 6
Magnitude 5 further slows effected enemies.
$30 - Magnitude 7
Magnitude 5 slows effected enemies even more.
$40 - Magnitude 8
Magnitude 5 massively slows effected enemies.
$50 - Magnitude 9
Magnitude 5 slows effected enemies to a halt.
$20 - Seismic Shift
Seismic Shift makes Seismic Thumper to do more damage to enemies.
$15 - Bedrock Buster
Bedrock Buster increases the range of each quake.
$10 - Shockwave
The Shockwave upgrade increases the piercing of each quake.
$15 - Crust Cruncher
Crust Cruncher further increases the range of each quake.
$30 - Seismic thrust
Seismic Thrust causes even more damage.

Tesla Tower
Description: Creates bolts of electricity that do massive damage to enemies that are hit.
Damage: 60, Attack Speed: 2.5s, Range: 180, Target: Land & Air, Cost: $300, Research: 375R
$10 - Electrocute
Electrocute increasesthe critical chance of each strike.
$250 - Double Strike
Double Strike causes the Tesla Tower to unleash two electrical strikes.
$10 - Discharge
Discharge further increases critical chance.
$200 - Multi Strike
Multi Strike increases the number of strikes to three.
$10 - Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt maximizes the critical chance of each strike.
$30 - Megavolt
The Megavolt upgrade increases Tesla Tower damage.
$15 - Conductor V1
Conductor V1 increases electrical strike armor piercing.
$15 - Conductor V2
Conductor V2 further increases piercing.
$15 - Conductor V3
Conductor V3 increases piercing to the max.
$40 - Gigavolt
The Gigavolt upgrade further increases damage.

Weather Control
Description: Charges to summon a devastating electrical storm over a desired area.
Damage: 1, Attack Speed: 15s, Range: 1, Target: Land & Air, Cost: $300, Research: 400R
$15 - Thunderstorm
Thunderstorm increases the size of the storm.
$25 - Severe class
Severe Class increases the damage the storm does to enemies.
$15 - Supercell
Supercell further increases the size of the storm.
$25 - Destructive Class
Destructive Class increases the damage even more.
$15 - Storm of the Century
Storm of the Century increases the size of the storm to the max.
$25 - Extended Duration
Extended Duration increases the duration the storm exists.
$15 - Shocking V1
Shocking V1 increases the armor piercing of the storm.
$25 - Storm Chain
Storm Chain increases the duration of the storm even more.
$15- Shocking V2
Shocking V2 increases piercing even more.
$25 - Neverending
Neverending increases storm duration to the max.

Nuke Silo
Description: Charges to launch an annihilating thermonuclear missile.
Damage: 300, Attack Speed: 30s, Range: 1, Target: Land & Air, Cost: $400, Research: 500R
$25 - 1MT
1 Megaton increases the explosion radius of the nuclear strike.
$25 - Nuclear Summer
Nuclear Summer massively slow down surviving enemies.
$25 - 2MT
2 Megatons increases the explosion radius further.
$25 - Nuclear Winter
Nuclear Winter temporarily brings surviving enemies to a halt.
$25 - 3MT
3 megatons increases explosion radius to the max.
$25 - Neptunium-237
Neptunium-237 increases damage done by the nuclear strike.
$25 - Fallout v1
The Fallout upgrade increases the armor piercing of a nuclear strike.
$25- Plutonium-239
Plotonium-239 further increases damage.
$25 - Fallout V2
Fallout V2 increases piercing even more.
$25 - Uranium-235
Uranium-235 increases damage even more.

Research Lab
Description: Generates additional research over time.
Damage: 0, Attack Speed: 1s, Range: 0, Cost: $150, Research: 100R

Description: Earns additional money over time.
Damage: 0, Attack Speed: 1s, Range: 0, Cost: $150, Research: 100R

List of Upgrades in Swarm Defender
More Cash - Get 10% more money for every enemy you kill!, Research: 100R
More Research - get a small amount of research for every enemy you kill!, Research: 100R
Passive Cash - Increase your passive cash gain by $1 per second!, Research: 100R
Passive Research - Increase your passive research gain by 1R per second!, Research: 100R
Core HP - Increase your Core by 500 points!, Research: 250R
Core Damage - Increase your Core damage to 30 per shot!, Research: 300R
Core Regen - Add HP regeneration to your Core!, Research: 250R

Swarm Defender Walkthrough
Level 1 - Unlock Boomer. Build 3 Grunts and 1 Boomer.
Level 2 - Unlock and build 8 Sharpshooters.
Level 3 - Unlock Missile Tower. Build 1 Missile Tower and 6 Sharpshooters
Level 4 - Unlock Flak Cannon. Build 3 Flak Cannons and 6 Sharpshooters
Level 5 - Build 3 Flak Cannons.
Level 6 - Build 4 Flak Cannons.
Level 7 - Build 6 Flak Cannons.
Level 8 - Build 18 Flak Cannons.
Level 9 - Build 8 Flak Cannons.
Level 10 - Build 10 Flak Cannons.
Level 11 - Unlock Artillery. Build 6 Flak Cannons and 6 Artilleries.
Level 12 - Build 10 Flak Cannons and 15 Artilleries.
Level 13 - Unlock Waste Spewer. Build 2 Waste Spewers and 10 Flak Cannons.
Level 14 - Build 1 Waster Spewer, 7 Flak Cannons and 4 Artilleries.
Level 15 - Build 2 Waster Spewer, 16 Flak Cannons and 11 Artilleries.
Level 16 - Unlock Nuke Silo. Build 2 Waster Spewer, 16 Flak Cannons, 13 Artilleries and 5 Nuke Silo. >:D

Flak Cannons, Flak Cannons, Flak Cannons. Flak cannons seem unimpressive at first, but they do a ton of damage per shot, and if they shoot at something big and/or close to them, it's like a shotgun... Multiple shards hit it, doing multiple hits of damage and imagine a couple more waste spewer to handle swarms. Really, you can't go wrong with Flak Cannons! Please be noted that all upgrades are temporary. If you find it are too expensive for you early on then don't buy them. Later in the game when you have tons of research and no new towers to unlock, they will be extremely cheap.

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