Thursday, 25 August 2016 Lag Fix Lag Fix

Lag Fix on
#1 Choose the nearest server to your location!
Choose a server that might be the nearest to your location, or at least near in the broadest sense. If you are from Singapore for instance, check the East Asia Server in the options menu. This method is the most important one because it will reduce ping time (aka lag) directly.

List of Servers in
- US West: California (USA)
- US East: Atlanta (USA)
- South America: Atlanta (USA)
- Europe: London (UK)
- Russia: London (UK)
- Turkey: London (UK)
- East Asia: Singapore
- China: Singapore
- Oceania: Singapore

#2 Stop downloads, stop other network consuming operations!
Reduce your traffic. Free your internet bandwidth by closing downloads, online streaming, buffering of long videos, other websites open in other tabs. Just imagine what these internet hogging operations can do to you when a sudden delay turns your unresponsive for a few milliseconds to seconds? Your efforts are wasted to drain.

#3 Disable browser plug-ins, add-ons, and extensions!
The extensions installed on your web browser cause extra network traffic and may slow your network connection for game. Shut down everything that nips your computer performance; especially browser plug-ins can be significant. The simplicity of the game doesn't imply high performance, do not be fooled by the look of things. Turning them off will increase your game performance and fix your lag problems.

#4 Close all other tabs!
Close all the tabs and restart browser. Browsers of nowadays have too much trash in their cache and takes a little of the internet’s memory away, which is collected when you open new tabs. Closing tabs can squeeze you some free memory which is helpful in the long run!

#5 Incognito mode and refresh your browser frequently!
When playing in incognito mode, your browser does not keep and cache information like browser cookies. Effect of this method is less compared to others, but it may be worth to try. Some players indicate, the longer they play, the more the game stutters and spikes. Simply refresh your browser frequently. A good opportunity is after every death. This also puts you into a new room with a different set of players after refreshing.

#6 Try out different web browsers!
Try playing in a different internet browser. High-security browsers such as Tor browser do not handle Agar well. Firefox is playable but tends to freeze up at the worst of times. Safari is slow and jittery. Internet Explorer is surprisingly smooth for Chrome is my browser of choice; however, browser compatibility will vary between people due to different platforms and connection speeds.

#7 Avoid playing during peak hours!
There are times when Agar is laggy purely because of all the people playing it, meaning you won't be able to do much about lag until the developer buy better servers and internet services. If this is the case, make note of the time and simply try to avoid playing during peak hours. Playing in the morning generally, have lesser players than any other timing.

#8 Restart your modem and limit your user on your Wi-Fi!
If there are other people on the same Wi-Fi network as you using the internet at the same time, consider playing at a different time from them so you can take full advantage of the available bandwidth. Activities that require a large amount of data transfer (e.g., downloading files, intense gaming) will have an impact on your connection speed. Or maybe you’re just too far from your WiFi source, try moving closer, it will give you more internet speed, and it might just be the fix for your lag problems.

#9 Enabled no skins, and dark theme!
Play without skins and everything you can go without. Yeah, I know everyone loves skins but this setting may make your game faster. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for something. Some players also mentioned they have better performance with the dark style. I guess the white background can be quite too much for our eyes if stared long enough.

#10 Lower your graphics quality!
Lag can occur when your computer does not have the power to handle it. One easy way to smoothen out your gameplay is by lower your graphical quality. Setting it to 'very low' will save your computer from using a little bit more CPUs and GPUs power to run Remember there are hundreds of player cells with/without skins, and also, all the pellets scattered around... Your computer needs to process all these objects, not only your cell alone.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016 Facts Facts

Facts on
- You pick up food cells or aka pellets to grow. Each pellet gives you 1 point in mass.
- The bigger your mass, the slower you can move.
- At Size 35 onwards, you can eject a blob of size 16 to increase your passive movement speed or feed a virus.
- At Size 150 onwards, you can create another virus by feeding an existing virus 7 times.
- At Size 150 onwards, you are large enough to explode an existing virus.
- At Size 400 onwards, due to a passive loss of mass (about 20/s), it becomes nearly impossible to retain size by eating neutral blobs which only contribute a single point of pass each.
- The maximum size limit is 22,500.
- Going over 22,500 will get you split in 2 automatically, and cannot be combined if two or more cells adds up to a 22,500.
- The more pieces you are in, the more zoomed out the map is, and the further off you will be able to see cells that want to eat you. Of course, the smaller your cells are, the more quickly you will be eaten.
- The space bar key divides you in half. One-half shoots forward, the other backwards a little. Doing this is great for getting out of tight situations and also eating other cells.
- After a minute or so of being in smaller pieces, your pieces will go together to form a large cell again.
- You can only eat other cells that are smaller than you.
- Without dividing, you must be at least 10% bigger in diameter (and hence slower), so you have to pin the smaller cell somehow into a corner, virus, or larger cell.
- By hitting the spacebar and dividing yourself in two, you can shoot forward and catch the smaller cell. The cell you’re shooting half of your mass at must be less than ~1/3 your original mass, or you’ll go through it or worse yet, eaten.
- The W key shoots out mass in the direction you were moving. You can use this to feed your friends, temporarily lighten your mass to move faster, or feed the virus cell (the green spiked circles).
When in 4 or more pieces, you can self-feed by pointing your cursor to the blob you'd like to grow and pressing W.
- The green viruses, pop larger cells into many tiny little pieces and especially rewarding for popping large cells.
- The ejecting mass feeds the green viruses into them. After being fed 7 times, they shoot a second green virus out. The projecting virus goes in the direction of the last cell added to it.
- The only moderation that names have is that they’re limited to 14 characters. For some reason, the people who choose to play tend to pick somewhat descriptive names. There’s an option to have “no names” in the settings menu if you don’t like seeing profanity.
- If you want to have a “skin”, choose one of these names. They are automatically applied.
- Also, mods are allowing you to connect to the same server are your friends ( mod). I haven’t done this personally.
- You cannot split into more than 16 pieces. This means that once you’re in 16 pieces if you’re big enough to pop a virus, it will feed you and make you bigger without cutting you up more.
- There is no sound in, which means you can talk with your friends, listen to podcasts, or jam to electronic dance music while scooting around eating other cells smaller than you.
- Every blob loses mass passively with time. The larger you are, the more mass you degenerating.
- Your score corresponds to the largest you have been in your current life.
- There’s a 50% chance for cells to spawn on ejected blobs.

Sunday, 21 August 2016 Walkthrough Guide Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on
Size #10-200
First of all, is rather a slower paced game than a skill based game. You have to take its time and you have to be patient, because your success depends on the other one's failure. That's the cruel fact! You don't have much to lose but to win, go full speed ahead. For me, the basic idea is to take advantage of the foolish people trying to take risks to get ahead faster. The first thing I always do on competitive maps is either look for the #1 blob and stick to him, or go into a virus field. Try to move in the same direction as him, so you can get more dots than behind him. The fastest way to do this is to collect as many dots as quickly as possible, using the shortest distance between dots. Do this until you’re around 200. Or another way is when you get to 35 mass, split immediately. This way, you'll have a significantly larger view, a wider area for collecting pellets, and a higher speed. At the size of 200 might seem like a pretty high mass to collect from dots, but it takes about 2 minutes, and it is much less risky than trying to split yourself to capture a smaller cell. Be careful in FFA, even though some cells might seem passive towards you, shoots mass balls by clicking "W", that doesn't mean that they won't consume you at the first chance that they get.

Size #20-700
At this stage, the food pellets still come in handy, but it's not that leads you to success. Take it easy, you have to stay safe! It took you a couple minutes to get this far, and you are the perfect food. You will get shot at by anyone that's 3x bigger than you since they can use spacebar. Any actions you do here will determine whether you be up on the Leaderboard or not. You are basically 'food' for all Leaderboard's players. These people are someone who’s 1/3 the size of you, you can shoot at them, but you’re probably best off just taking it easy for a little longer, just collecting the colored dots and corner blobs that your size. Split eating is very risky at this stage, but take opportunities to swallow your opponents if they split two for whatever reason. That's your biggest chance, but your most significant less. You do not want to split, at least frivolously. There are three fundamental rules to splitting. The first rule is never split unless you are sure no viruses or big players are ahead. The second rule is to be sure that you know you are at least 166% bigger than they are before splitting. You need 33% more mass to eat them when split. The third rule is to be sure you are splitting for someone worth it. Small cells are tough targets and a risky choice. If you are ever cornered by a cell that is about or more than twice your size, and persists in eating you split off to one side. This will give you a chance to escape, as the larger cell will either decide that you're not worth eating or will only eat half of you, allowing you to escape. Make the best out of a bad situation, however you'll need to give up at times.

Size #700-2000
You’re still not big enough to go out on your own, so you can do one of two things... Stick to cells are identical sizes, and if both have at least 700 mass and become his friend, or find happy hunting grounds. Happy hunting grounds are areas like the corners with lots of viruses, where the mega size and general blobs will be too scared of to enter. There should be many people smaller than you in this area. I always go to these quiet areas to get my mass up before I’m ready to head out onto the main stage. This can be a short reprieve from a big catch after you've split to eat a cell. However, lingering in these area's for long periods, will often lead to your decaying mass and not making much progress, due to the lack of competitive feeding. This can be completely dependent upon your player style. Do this step until you start peeking onto the top 10 list. Then you’re ready! One of the coolest moves you can do is to find two cells lined up and eat them both in one shot. The closer one should be less than 1/3 your size. Then, if you hit the space bar and swallow the small close cell, you will increase in size, and be able to engulf the second cell, too even if it’s larger. This gives you more mass than you had before even in case you would to lose your smaller cell. It’s like hitting a combo and is really fun if you can pull it off! However, try not to split into more than 4 cells, unless it's in order to save your life. By doing that, all your cells will be very small and you'll have a hard time controlling them, giving your enemies an opportunity to finish you, either by splitting or just cornering you. Other than that, the more cells you split into the more hostile cells will be able to consume you. In this case, try and circling around randomly, so that it will be harder for them to catch you.

Size #2000 and beyond
You can head out into the open to begin feasting, as you will also start losing mass quickly. No opportunities popping up, start chill and wait. Sometimes the best move could make is do not move at all. There are only a handful players who can threaten you at this point. Your biggest enemy is virus cell. If you're big, you're very promising to other players who can wait to green spike someone into pieces. During this time, there’s a lot of intense slow-speed chases. Basically, you want to be peeking onto the top 10 list. You should be mainly trying to look for good opportunities. Some opportunities could be like a splitting mega size or chase after a blob of 4 or more, or even it itself. Someone running out of space, then squishing people, and yes! Another big chance to swallow others without splitting yourself is to push them into the corner of the map. Frankly, the only way you’re going to make it to #1 is to devour a mega size, but keep a high watch out for virus exploits! I can't emphasize this point any much more! Blob #2 will be chasing you once you split.

The games competitiveness will slow down quite a bit as the majority of cells you're around are not worth the profit of you splitting. At around the top 5 player slots, the game will slow down for you immensely, and you may find yourself roaming to find more action. Go ahead and play with smaller cells, such as giving mass out to keep the game rolling, as they'll most likely play with or possibly befriend you. Feeding one person until they feel completely indebted to you gives you a loyal ally that will make virus exploits, give you the mass in the case of an eclipse, or draw in people as bait. This is huge! However, your primary source of energy will come from squishing enemies. Don’t be afraid to chase people endlessly, and they’ll run into viruses or other player soon!

Congratulations! Reaching to such fleet is what you've been playing for over hours, being the biggest. Floating through a check room with no further purpose at all. Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough guide!

Friday, 19 August 2016 Settings & Modes Settings & Modes

Settings on comes with some settings that users may enable to modify visual aspects of the game. To access these settings, the player must click the gear icon next to the 'Play' button from the menu. The player can either do this before he starts playing or mid-game by hitting ESC. Note that modifying setting while playing can be dangerous. Please don't say I've never warned you! :P

Currently, the following settings are available:
1. No skins - This setting makes it, so the player does not see the skins of any player, including themselves.
2. No names - This setting makes it, so the player does not see the Nick of any player, except themselves.
3. No colors - This setting makes it, so all cells, including food cells, virus cells, ejected cells, and player cells appear as white. Note that skins still have color.
4. Show mass - This setting makes it so the player can see their mass below their Nick (if they have one). Mass will be displayed for all cells belonging to the player, but not for other players.
5. Dark theme - This setting makes the background grid appear solid black.
6. Skip stats - This setting disables the statistics page after death, going straight to the main menu.
7. Graphics - This setting is to set your graphical quality.

Modes on
Free For All
Free For All (FFA) is the first game mode that was made available on The objective is to obtain as much mass as possible by eating smaller cells and to avoid being eaten by larger ones. The top ten players in an instance given a position on the instance's Leaderboard. Currently, there is no real way to 'win', as matches go on indefinitely until the instance restarts. For most players, the objective is to hold the top position for as long as possible.

- Avoid blobs that can absorb you if they split. It may seems obvious. If another blob looks like they are within the size to split and still be able to absorb you, run. Of course, you shouldn’t avoid every giant blob on the map. If you are near the largest blob on the map, and you are freshly spawned, then you shouldn’t be afraid (unless they specifically hate you and only you). Splitting carries risk and not every blob will split to kill you unless it is worth it to them. Sure, the largest blob on the map can split to kill you when you’re size 15, but will they? Doubt it.
- Hide behind viruses to defend. If you’re small enough and are running away from a larger blob, you can hide behind viruses. Smaller blobs can go into viruses with no adverse effect, but larger ones will split into many smaller blobs if they touch a virus. Use this to your advantage.
- Split at the right time. Be patient and wait until you get an excellent opportunity to be sure that you will absorb the mass you’re targeting. If you split and you’re too far away from another blob, you may end up missing and have split for no reason.

Do not's:
- Do not go near a virus if you are big. You will have to avoid actively touching the viruses since if you touch them, you will split up into many smaller blobs and other blobs can take advantage of that by absorbing you. Other players can also try to press w to feed a virus, and once a virus is fed enough times, it will split to spawn a new virus, in the direction it was being fed at. The virus can be directed towards you, and you don’t want that, do you?
- Do not press w if you don’t need to. Sometimes players will have their name be "press w" or "press w for the chat" to trick you into pressing w. If you press w, you will launch some of your mass towards the direction you were headed, and other players can absorb the mass that you ejected.
- Don't split every time you see a blob smaller than you. If your blob is gigantic, do not split to kill a blob that is much smaller than you. Once you split, it will take a while before your blobs join back together and during that period, you are vulnerable. Another blob can come in to absorb your split blobs.

Teams are the second game mode introduced to Their rules are fairly similar to the original Free For All mode, with just a few differences. In Teams mode, the Player is randomly assigned to either the Red, Green, or Blue team. This is represented by the color of their cells. The Leaderboard, instead of showing a list of top players, is a pie chart showing the distribution of mass amongst the players of each respective team. Players cannot pass through or absorb their teammates, although mass can still eject towards your teammates to feed them.

- Feed your teammates if necessary. If you see a team member trying to eat another blob and is unable to do so because his blob is not big enough, press w to feed him. Since you have to be 125% of another blob’s size to absorb it, your team member may not have enough mass even though his blob is bigger. By feeding him and sending some of your mass to your team member, you may give him enough mass to absorb the opponent’s blob.
- Be courteous. If a team member feeds you and you’re able to absorb an opponent’s blob because of it, return the favor. Feed your team member back by pressing w a couple of times. I always like to do this as it helps establish a relationship with the team, in a game with no chat.
- Feed your team members if you’re leaving. If you are done playing or need to leave for whatever reason, find someone who’s on your team and feed him all of your mass by spamming w into his blob. If you end up leaving without doing this, another team’s blob may come by and eat you.
- Stay close to your team members for protection. If you venture out alone, you may end up getting cornered by opponent blobs. By staying with your team, you will have an added level of protection, and you can also protect your own team’s blobs as well.

Do not's:
- If you see your teammate running away from a larger blob, do not stand in their way (Unless you like seeing your teammates die, of course). You may end up slowing down your teammate or trapping him, allowing the larger blob to absorb your teammate.
- Do not be selfish. If you see your team member being chased and you can feed him some of your mass to make him large enough to not be absorbed, do so. If you do not, you may end up paying the price if the opponent’s blob gets big enough to absorb you.

Experimental is the third game mode added in It is pretty much the same as FFA, except that it introduces some new mechanics, for testing. Based on feedback, the developer may implement new experimental mechanics or remove them, or even create a separate game mode using those experimental mechanics. As progresses, new mechanics and general improvements will be made to the game. Experimental mode is a great way for that to happen. These features do change quite a lot, but at the time of writing this, the spawners that look like recoloured viruses, which shoot out mass. If somebody goes into the spawner, even more, a mass will shoot out. You can also shoot mass into it to make it bigger.

Party Mode is the fourth game mode in To play this mode, you have to create a party, and you'll get a 5-character code (for example that you can use to play on the same server with your friends. There are no rules here - you are free to team or eat viruses. Party Mode was designed as a way for players to play with their friends and help prevent "Teaming" in other similar modes. However, people have been taking advantage of this and using bots to gain mass.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016 Controls Controls

Controls on
PC Controls
Players' cells constantly move in the direction of the cursor with a slight delay. If the player is split into many cells, all cells will still move toward the cursor. Because the player's cells can vary in mass, and smaller cells move faster, while larger ones move much more slowly. The player will create a distance between their cells if they position their cursor in front of a smaller cell. Split cells will be drawn together if the player's cursor is placed in-between them.

Splitting is an ability which can be used both offensively and defensively. For example, you could split onto a smaller cell to eat it, or you could split away from a larger cell. By hitting the spacebar, the player can split their cell into two smaller cells, both half of the original cells mass. When splitting, all cells that are big enough will send half of their mass in the direction the cursor is facing. To be able to split, a cell needs to have at least 35 mass. One cell will remain where the splitting cell was, and the other will project forward in the direction of the cursor. For example, You could split onto a smaller cell to eat it, or you could split away from a larger cell.

The split cells will be able to merge back together after a particular time. Steering one into the other is how to merge them back, generally by placing the cursor in the middle of the two. There is a cooldown on merging cells together meaning that a certain amount of time has to pass before two cells can join together after splitting. The cooldown time is calculated as 30 seconds plus 2.333% of the cell's mass. For example, if the mass is 50, cooldown time is 31 seconds.

Ejecting mass is an ability which can be used to donate cells. The player may eject mass by using the W key. When you eject, all of your cells which that are large enough, will launch small lump of mass towards your cursor similar to splitting. The ejected mass acts as a larger pellet and can be eaten by any cell which is large enough. To be able to eject mass you need to have at least 35 mass, and cells lose 16 mass per ejection; however, the mass of the ejected piece is only 75% of that, so cells that eat it only gain 12 mass. Only 87.5% of the mass lost is ejected, making efficient teamwork more challenging as mass exchanges are wasteful.

Ejecting can be used to transfer food between your cells or feed allies. It can also be used to create more Viruses. As you can see in the picture, ejected mass has an angle of spread, meaning that viruses you create may veer off course by 20 degrees. This spread can be lessened by getting closer to the virus, although that increases your risk of accidentally eating the virus. Ejecting mass can be used strategically in team modes to slow down other cells, help an allied cell engulf an enemy, or to prevent an allied cell from being eaten.

If ejected mass is left alone long enough, it may function as a spawn point for a new player. They will be the same colour as the ejected mass. Please keep in mind that any cell can consume the ejected mass, so it is important to make sure that the target cell is close to the ejecting cell. Lastly, in a pinch, ejecting can be used to speed up a player's cell as a less loss-heavy tactic than splitting.

By scrolling up your mouse wheel up and the camera will zoom in. I don’t know if you want to use it or not, but in zoomed in mode, you feel the game as faster. By scrolling down on the mouse wheel, the camera will zoom out. This is all up to your preference.

Mobile Controls
Movement on the Mobile version of functions similarly to the PC Version. However, instead of using the mouse, the player must tap on the screen where they wish to move. You can customize the controls to match your playing style. There are several important options to choose. The first one is Stop On Release. If you turn this off, the blob will keep moving when you take your finger off the screen. This can be handy if you need to re-adjust or to tap a button. You can also choose to use Direction on Touch. This option is handy as you can touch the screen and immediately start moving in that direction. Perfect for fast changes and narrow escapes. There is also an option to change the location of the buttons to right, left or corners. Additionally, instead of hitting the space bar or the W key, an on-screen button is pressed to eject mass or split instead.

Monday, 15 August 2016 Cells Cells

Cells on
Player Cells
Player Cells are the cells controlled by players of the game. Players can name their cell, the name of a cell is referred to as a 'Nick'. These cells spawn as a random color and may use skins, and your goal is to become the biggest cell out of all of them. They start with 10 mass originally, while those players who log in to Facebook can level up to start with as much as 43 mass, and can eat any cell including other player cells, provided that they are large enough. The speed of these cells decreases as they grow larger. All player cells are subject to a gradual loss of mass whose rate increases with cell size. Because of this, Player Cells must eat in order not only to grow but to avoid losing the gains they've already made. Very large cells lose mass at a frantic pace, making maintaining a very large mass challenging. The lowest amount of mass a Player Cell can have is 9, at which point they will stop losing mass. Player Cells will not exceed 22,500 mass.

If a Player Cell splits via the use of the space bar or the split button in the Mobile version, they will be divided into two smaller cells, both equal to 50% of the mass of the original cell. This mechanic functions in that each original cell remains in its previous position, loses half its mass, and a new cell with equal mass are projected from its position in the direction of the cursor. Split cells will start to merge back together semi-randomly if they are touching each other.Players can also increase the size of their cell by consuming other players' cells, however, to do so, their cell must be bigger than that of their target by 10%, or 30% if a split cell is fired, and overlap it by a majority. Consuming another cell adds its mass to their own, similar to consuming a food pellet. Consuming other cells adds their mass to the player's own, similar to consuming a food pellet. Cells lose mass over time based on their size, the rate of loss increasing with the mass of a cell at an exponential rate. A good strategy to counteract this is splitting into two or smaller cells when not under threat from other players to gain pellets faster.

Food Cells
Food Cells aka pellets are the main way of growing in the game. They are tiny passive cells that frequently spawn across the realms at a random location. When spawned they are the size of 1 Mass and slowly over time they can grow to become up to 5 Mass. Food cells at maximum size can be distinguished by having a dark pulsing outline, making them more visible to players. Consuming a pellet adds its mass to your own. All food cells can be eaten by Player Cells of 10 Mass. Note that food Cells are not consumed by Viruses.

Ejected Cells
Ejected Cells are cells of 14 mass that ejected by Player Cells, which behaves similarly to a food pellet. Take note though that although the ejecting cell loses 16 mass, the resulting lump will only give 12 mass to the cell that consumes it (25% of the mass is lost), therefore making this a lossy process. They can be consumed by Player Cells and Virus Cells. This mechanic is especially useful in Teams mode, as it can be used to increase the size of an ally to allow them to consume a larger cell on an opposing team. They do not consume any cells. Keep in mind that any other cell can eat what you eject, so make sure you are in close range of the cell you'd like to eject too. Also, ejecting can also be used as a speed boost.

Virus Cells
Not to be confused with Virus, which is a skin. A virus is a green cell that can be used offensively and defensively. Should a cell consume a virus, it will "pop", sending out 15 or less bite-sized bits of the cell in different directions. This only happens when a cell of 133 mass or greater consumes a virus, and it will gain 100 mass at the cost of splitting into many pieces, making them easy targets for other cells. Cells not large enough to consume a virus will pass through it harmlessly, making it a haven for small cells. Small cells can use viruses to hide from large cells or plot a sneak attack against smaller cells. When a cell reaches 100 mass, it will be seen in front of the virus instead of behind it. Once a player has 16 independent cells, running into a virus with a cell of over 132 mass will result in the virus being consumed without additional splitting, only gaining 100 mass. Keeping in mind that a cell with a mass of 266 or more can split into a virus such that the player left with one cell of mass 133 or greater and (ideally) 15 other cell fragments. The large cell can then gobble up any nearby viruses with impunity. This is a high-risk strategy that can easily backfire but can yield massive gains very quickly provided there are enough viruses packed closely enough and there aren't any other players immediately nearby to gobble up any of the 15 smaller cells.

A new virus can be created by a cell by ejecting a maximum of 7 blobs by using the 'W' function. When the virus are given the seventh blob, it will eject another virus in the direction the player is moving. This mechanic is often used to attack larger cells which would otherwise be impossible to consume for the player. Keep in mind that when a cell is in range to give mass to a virus, it is also in range for the ejected virus. Ejecting viruses at other cells has a considerable risk of counter attack. Viruses that are closer to ejection appear swollen and have more spikes. Whereas Viruses are no longer able to be duplicated in Experimental mode. Instead of launching a second virus hurling in the opposite direction of the oppressing cell, the virus will move a small length forward for each amount of mass given to the virus. This can be a lot more mass-consuming, and makes it a lot more challenging to launch a successful virus into a cell.

Mother Cells
Mother Cells were temporary additions to Experimental Mode. At first, they seemed to be simply a larger version of the virus, but with a few differences. Located in the center of the map, it was the size of a 5000 mass cell and ejected 1/7 of the map's food in random directions around itself. The mother cell could not be pushed or moved through. A large amount of food surrounding the mother cell led to a high concentration of smaller cell activity, which brought larger cells to the mother cell as well. Using the mother cell for food/hunting was a high risk, high reward activity. The Mother Cell was eventually removed from Experimental Mode, replaced by a similar mechanic named Spawners.

Spawner Cells
Spawners Cells are crimson colored viruses that can be found only in Experimental Mode. They periodically spawn pellets, similar to the removed Mother Cell. The spawner is slightly larger than a regular virus, roughly the same size as a 240 mass cell, and requires a mass of ~300 to consume. A cell of 160 mass or less will be consumed by a spawner. When a cell is consumed, its mass is turned into pellets and distributed around the Spawner. Spawners can also eat viruses. It spawns varying amounts of pellets, presumably taking a portion of the map's food spawning (like the mother cell). The spawner also refunds all mass it gains as pellets, either from ejections or by consuming smaller cells. So, beware! If given more mass than it can eject as food immediately, it swells up and subsequently shrinks over the course of the next few seconds as it releases pellets. When consumed, the spawner has the same effect as a virus, splitting the cell into a lot of cells. If you run into one, you will be eaten, and the Spawner will gain your mass and slowly throw it out over time.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Why Am I Dead?: Walkthrough Guide

Why Am I Dead?: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Why Am I Dead?
A Closed Circle
- Start by heading north and possessing Cricket (Purple Hair), then move around the corner and talk to Randy (Bald Guy). Whatever question you ask, he will leave the room, leaving you free to explore the rest of the hotel. Move to the south.
- Once into the main foyer, still, as Cricket, talk to Ted (Hawaiian Shirt). Ask him if anyone seemed out of place last night. The conversation will lead to Cricket suggesting that Ted checks to the restroom to verify Cricket's alibi.
- Depossess Cricket, and possess Ted. As Ted, head north to the hallway. Enter the center door of the hallway, and start a conversation with the Men's Room door on the left. During the conversation, the man inside will confirm Cricket's alibi. Head out of the room and back to the foyer. Talk to Cricket and let him know his alibi checks out.
- Depossess Ted, and possess Cricket. Ask Ted about the others here at the hotel. Seems like he has some suspects in mind. Head to the door to the west and enter Randy's room. Ask Randy about who would have a reason to kill the hotel manager. Ask if Randy and the manager had a history. It seems like Randy has a secret...
- Depossess Cricket and possess Randy. Head south out of the room, then backs up to the hallway. Enter the room second from the left. Talk to Iblis (Little Girl) and mention how Iblis reminds you of someone.
- Depossess Randy and possess Iblis. Talk to Randy about his daughter. It seems like Randy has made up his mind to speak to Cricket.
- Depossess Iblis and possess Randy. Return to Randy's room, and tell Cricket that there's something you need to tell him. It seems that Randy had every reason to want the manager alive. Randy suggests that Cricket talks to the blonde.
- Depossess Randy and possess Cricket. Make your way back to the hallway and the second room from the left. Talk to Morgan (The Blonde). Ask if she knew the hotel owner. Tell her that it's hard to believe she doesn't have any more information. Ask her if she was trying to get some dirt on the owner. It seems you aren't nearly imposing enough to get her to spill. Leave the room and enter the far left door. Talk to Rose (Old Lady). Huh. She's much more imposing.
- Depossess Randy and possess Rose. Leave the room and return to Morgan's room, second from the left. Talk to Morgan and tell her that you cannot stand to look at her. Continue the conversation until Morgan offers to confess. Of course, Rose is a mean old lady and doesn't care, so leave the room, and return to the room on the far left, where you left Cricket.
- Depossess Rose and Possess Cricket. Leave Rose's Room and go back to Morgan's room, second from the left. Talk to Morgan. Ask if she knew the hotel owner. Tell her that it's hard to believe she doesn't have any more information. This time, she'll spill a little bit more. Talk to Morgan again and ask her what she noticed. Hmm. It looks like the manager was caught up in something big. Still, blackmail requires the victim to be alive...

The Finale
- As Cricket, exit Morgan's room and enter the room third from the right, Lucille's room. Talk to Lucille (glasses) and you will accuse her of the murder. She tells you that you need to speak in private, in the owner's room.
- Head back to where it all began, the owner's room. Head around back to where the body was found and talk to Lucille. It's time for some answers.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Penance: Walkthrough Guide

Penance: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Penance
- Grab chewed FINGER from room 2.
- Grab PORN from the men's bathroom trashcan.
- Grab TROPHY from room 3 at the top of the screen.
- Grab COINS from room 1 under the bench.
- In the hallway by rooms 1 and 2 click on the vent in the ceiling ahead will fall.
- Grab KNIFE from the head.
- Go to room 1 click on right button on board and answer questions as follows. "gnihsif" , "sey" , "efiw eht si erehw"
- Go to room 4 and tell the man "heaven" and "no" -- He gives you MONEY
- Grab CONTRACT from the ceiling, next to the exit sign, in the hallway with the information poster.
- Go forward one screen and reverse direction to be looking in a garbage bin.
- Click on the garbage bin and enter '3941" into the cell phone.
- Search from "brian" in the cell phone copy the number "0429783521"
- Reverse screen again and clicks on the telephone receiver.
- Insert CHANGE and enter the telephone number.
- Type "no" and "im sorry"
- Grab PHOTOS beside the phone.
- Go to room 1 and click on the Pentagon.
- Put items in this order, clockwise starting from the bottom. Money, Porn, Fingers, Porno, Contract- -Middle Top Trophy, Middle Bottom Knife.
- Receive SATAN'S HAIR
- Go to the main hallway switch board.
- Insert SATAN'S HAIR between the top and bottom fuse box to complete the circuit.
- Complete the circuit puzzle by getting all white and all black on opposite sides.
- Pull the switch on the top box.
- Go to the information desk and tell the man "hello", "purgatory", and "envy and wrath".
- Go through gates.
- Done!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Failman: Walkthrough Guide

Failman: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Failman
1: Click on the letter 'F' on the window. After he breaks it, click on the broken window again and give the money to the man.
2: Click on the crying girl, then click on the dream bubble. After that click the Failman to fill the balloon with air, then give it to her.
3: Click on the water, then on the women. After that click the Failman, then on the water again.
4: Keep clicking on the gaming controller the little boy is holding.
5: Click on the fire, then click on the small barrel on the left to reveal a hole, connect the hose to it and click on the Failman.
6: Click on the Witch, then on the vampire, then on the zombie.
7: Click on the fail man far away, which is close to the pyramids, then click on the sign, then click the ground to dig. After which, click on the hose lying on the left of the oil tank, then click on the valve.
8: Click on the man then click on the speech bubble, then click on the Failman. After that click on the person then click on the phone.
9: There is a crack on the wall on the left side, keep clicking on it until Failman breaks the wall then click on the thief.
10: Click on the Failman, then open the box, you will find woodcutter inside. Click it and then click on the Failman.
11: Click the letter 'F' on the right sleeve of the man, then shake the bottle and open it.
12: Click on the girl, then there is something on the left nearby the rocks. Use it to drink the water and give the toy back to the girl.
13: Click on the cars before the cars crashing the ducks.
14: Click on the letter 'f' then click on the Failman.
15: Keep clicking on the guys who are sitting on the swing until failman come close enough, then click on the Failman's head.
16: Click on the letter 'F' up at the signboard, then open the door. Click on Failman, then click on the man who holds the flowers.
17: Click on the bus tires, then click on the bus again.
18: Click on the bullies then the guy crying.
19: Click on the man to turn his head away, then click on the car 4 times then click on the person again.
20: On the left, you will find a rocket sticking out behind the trees. Click on it, then click on the Failman, then click on the rocket again.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Stupidella: Walkthrough Guide

Stupidella: Walkthrough Guide

1: The code is '897' to open the safe.
2: Click on cigarette three times, then click on the trash. After that, you can click and leave with the car.
3: There is a bottle in the middle of your screen. Click it, so she drinks it.
4: You have to change the day to morning by clicking on the window. After that, click on her face.
5: A dog chases her, you have to reverse this situation. She chases the dog by click turn back sign.
6: Click on trumpet on the left bottom.
7: Click on 'DIFFERENCES' word.
8: Click '3', '10', '5' on the coins to form '3105'.
9: She is on the upper left corner. Click it so she will come looks like Tarzan.
10: Click switch on the motor and then click ship handle in the middle.
11: Click bazooka on the right of Stupidella.
12: Click and hold on to Stupidella,
13: Click on the TV, there will be a ghost crawling. After that, click on Stupidella's foot.
14: Click the first girl from the left, then 3rd girl, after that 6th girl, and 7th.
15: Click on Stupidella's chest fast.
16: Look around and find 10 Stupidella among the spectators and click it.
17: First, click on the referee. After that, you have to click the button 'SWIM'.
18: Click button beside the door of the plane. Click parachute behind Stupidella, then click on the button 'JUMP'.
19: Click grass on the left. The grass will be shifted left, then after that click the hole.
20: Click on the middle rocket in the background.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Specter Knight: Walkthrough Guide

Specter Knight: Walkthrough Guide

List of Stats on Specter Knight
Strength - Increased attack power and the ability to carry better equipment.
+ 5 Attack Damage, + 1% Crit Chance
Health - Increased max health.
+ 10 Health Points
Spell - Increased spell damage and the ability to learn new spells.
+ 5 Spell Damage, - 0.2 Seconds Spell Cooldown

List of Spells on Specter Knight
Flame Tree
Fireball - A spell that unleashes a single flame based projectile that targets the closest enemy.
Cost: 0 / 250 / 500
Flame Barrier - A spell that casts an outward burst of flames in which surrounds the hero.
Cost: 200 / 500 / 1,000
Rain Flame - A spell that casts down flames on multiple enemies.
Cost: 500 / 1,000 / 1,500
Burn - Increased chance of burn and additional damage for flame based spells.
Cost: 300 / 600 / 900

Ice Tree
Ice Shard - A spell that unleashes a single ice based projectile that targets the closest enemy.
Cost: 50 / 125 / 250
Arctic Blast - A spell that casts an outward burst of ice in which surrounds the hero.
Cost: 100 / 250 / 500
Hail Storm - A spell that casts down ices on multiple enemies, very powerful.
Cost: 750 / 1,000 / 1,250
Freeze - Increased chance of freezing and additional damage for ice based spells.
Cost: 500 / 1,000 / 1,500

Earth Tree
Earth Drop - Casts a giant rock on top of an enemy dealing heavy damage.
Cost: 400 / 600 / 800
Earth Engulf - A swirling vortex of rock that does continuous damage to the closest enemy.
Cost: 600 / 1,000 / 1,400
Earth Summon - Summons a skeleton to aid you in battle.
Cost: 600 / 1,000 / 1,400
Curse - Increases the chance of cursing enemies with earth spells. Subsequent spells deal double damage.
Cost: 500 / 1,000 / 1,500

Light Tree
Light Beam - A single beam of light energy that bounces upon impact. Can damage multiple enemies.
Cost: 150 / 300 / 600
Healing Light - A spell that uses light to regenerate health.
Cost: 100 / 500 / 1,000
Lightning Burst - A spell that casts an outward burst of light in which surrounds the hero.
Cost: 300 / 600 / 900
Shock - Increase chance of shocking enemies. Double damage on impact.
Cost: 400 / 800 / 1,200

List of Upgrades on Specter Knight
Charge Attack - A charge attack which is charged by holding left click or the X key.
Cost: 350 / 400 / 800
Defensive Push - Pushes enemies away after charging with left click or the X key.
Cost: 300 / 600 / 900
Defensive Stun - Stuns enemies after successfully blocking an attack.
Cost: 600 / 1,200 / 1,800
Flame Shield - Returns damage to enemies when attacks are blocked.
Cost: 500 / 1,000 / 1,500

Sword - Increased attack damage.
Cost: 600 / 1,500 / 3,000
Shield - Increased shield slot +1.
Cost: 600 / 2,000 / 3,000
Armor - Increased % resistance to damage.
Cost: 600 / 1,500 / 3,000
Boots - Increased movement speed.
Cost: 100 / 200 / 300

Experience Boost - Gain more EXP from defeated foes.
Cost: 70 / 140 / 280
Gem Boost - Increased % of gems dropped.
Cost: 50 / 300 / 800
Potion Drop - Increased % of health potions dropped.
Cost: 200 / 400 / 800
Key Drop - Increased % of keys dropped.
Cost: 200 / 500 / 1,000

List of Monsters on Specter Knight
Onlooker - This foe, although weak, is believed to be one of the Majis trusted minions. This enemy made up of a single eye is believed to be an extension of Maji himself. Tasked to watch forever over these dark halls in which you reside.
Flutter Bug - A fragile creature that boasts insect-like antennas and wings. This creature prefers to avoid danger and launches projectiles from a safe distance.
ChewChi - A simple creature capable of flight that has found its home in this dark and damp dungeon. Although it is not very powerful, this creature does not like to be disturbed and has a thirst for blood.
Bandit - With blood still pumping through his veins the bandit is equipped with a sword, the bandit knows no fear as he searches these cursed halls for gems and other treasures. And he will let nothing get in his way.
Bomber - Although incredibly weak the bomber packs quite the punch. When it spots a threat, it sacrifices itself in a glorious explosion, but if you are quick enough you can defeat the enemy before it has time to ignite or possibly avoid damage altogether.
Skeleton Undead - It is believed that this empty vessel once followed the dark lord Maji and continued to do so even after death. Equipped with a sword, this enemy is slow to attack, which makes it easy to dodge or block his attacks.
Spitter - A vessel of darkness this creature has thrived and grown under the influences of dark power. Although it is unable to move this plant like incarnation is not to be taken lightly. Fully capable of launching ranged attacks as well as melee, this being packs a punch making spells a sky strategy when facing off against this enemy.
Skeleton Spider - An evil arachnid protected by a skull outer shell. This creature is incredibly quick and in large numbers can quickly overwhelm any opponent.
Dark Sorcerer - A cunning and powerful mage, this enemy will opt to engage in combat from afar by continuously launching ranged attacks and summoning the undead to its side. Although capable of melee combat, this dark force will often retreat to a safe area. When encountered it would be wise to deal with this foe as quickly as possible before his dark magic can overwhelm you.
Dweller - An undead demon that hungers for life. Incredibly difficult to kill due to it already being dead, this enemy is as tough as stone and does not back down. It is advised to attack from a distance.
Biter - Although in appearance it seems harmless, this creature is anything out. Created by Maji for the soul purpose of manipulation this creature is relentless and will stop at nothing to feast on your spirit. It is known to rush its target in a frenzy, the suggested strategy? Stay back and wait for the right moment to strike.
Gohed - A sadistic floating severed head with buttons for eyes. At first glance, it seems calm and serene, but that quickly changes once you become discovered by this creature.
Popper - An incredibly odd being incapable of moving with a soft core protected by the hard shell. Its name originates from its upward popping motion which it launches attacks. When it is idle, it is immune to damage due to its soft tissues being protected. However, it becomes vulnerable once it launches several projectiles when as it pops out of its defense position.
The Haunted - A lost spirit without a body of its own, it is cursed to lurk this dungeon for eternity trapped in limbo. Confused by the ever-changing world around it, the spirit will lash out again that don't belong. Be cautious, though, The Haunted is known to have a piercing scream capable of freezing the most skilled warriors in their place.
Jellyfish - Poisonous to the touch the jellyfish is slow but dangerous. It will cause damage when attacked, so it is advised to avoid touching it if possible.
Serpent - A snake protected by evil, it is believed to be a cursed omen of darkness for all that are unlucky enough to cross it. Incredibly quick to strike, it is suggested to keep your shield at the ready when engaging this creature.
Werewolf - Once believed to be a man, this beast is now driven by its innermost primal instincts for survival. Driven by hunger, it is relentless and will bite, scratch and claw its enemy leaving it battered and mauled by the time it is satisfied.
Little Reaper - Equipped with a scythe this is believed to have come from the land of the dead in pursuit of wandering spirits. Be careful around this creature, it is no doubt powered by otherworldly energies.

Kyknos Ancient Crustacean - A formidable adversary with a hard outer shell and massive claws. At close range, you must worry about being trampled or the claws ripping you in half. And at a distance, the behemoth can send out poisonous bubbles. It doesn't appear to have much weakness. However, it is best to observe its patterns and wait for a moment to strike. It's bound to leave itself for an attack at some point.
Xuthos Skeleton King - Believed to have once been a king he still holds that title in death. Only left with the top half of his body, Xuthos should not be taken lightly. He is massive and equipped with dark magic making him capable of launching a flurry of flame attacks. His size also gives him immense close ranged power. It would be wise to observe his movements and search for a moment of vulnerability, then unleash a devastating attack.
Rizon The Dweller Lord - The Lord of the undead, Rizon commands the dwellers that infest these halls. His size makes him rather powerful, and his hunger makes him invincible up close. If caught in his grasp it can be very unforgiving, but his size also makes him slow and his tires out easily because of it. This could grant you an opportunity to attack.
Maji Revived Dark Mage - In life, Maji was your nemesis and in death, this continues to be the same. His dark magic knows no bounds and his is full of tricks. Be cautious and as usual, it is best to observe attacks and with for the moment to strike. If he successfully escapes this dungeon, it will spell certain doom for the living world above.

Recommended Build on Specter Knight
1. Gem Boost
2. Experience Boost
3. Boots
4. Fireball
5. Ice Shard
6. Armor
7. Healing Light
8. Potion Drop
9. Key Drop
10. Earth Drop
11. Light Beam
12. Rain Flame
13. Hail Storm
14. Burn
15. Freeze
16. Curse
17. Shock
18. Shield
19. Sword
20. Buy everything else you like! :)

Walkthrough Guide on Specter Knight
Spells are all you need to finish the Specter Knight to be honest! I have tried a few time play melee and had a very hard time; then I switch to playing spells I never look back again. It was that powerful because by upgrading only spell stats every time you level up. Your spells' slowdown is lowered bit by bit until basically nothing. You can just simply spam it repeatedly, and the amount of damage you can deal with just a fireball alone without burn damage is insane. There is no point in using your melee attack since you can just wait and kill all enemies from a distance with magic. It is way less risky too. And even if there was a point in close combat it is just very easy to attack-move-attack-move and repeat, since moving in any direction for even an inch makes the enemies miss 100% of the time. Then the bosses are straightforward and easy in my opinion. With all 4 of them, you just dodge their attacks until they are weak then attack and kill them.

Bombs are almost useless in this game. They are way too slow and have long cast time. It takes several seconds to throw them, then another couple before they explode. This means they're only useful against stationary enemies or ones that haven't aggroed yet, but they're not an improvement over spells regarding damage to even be worth the risk of leaving yourself vulnerable will enemies rush you and being unable to evade or block.