Sunday, October 21, 2018

Soraka: Pros & Cons

Soraka: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Soraka
- Soraka is pretty easy to learn and have some success within a few games.
- Equinox silence enemy champion until they leave, great for messing with channeled ultimate.
- Soraka can be built fully on the cheap, she does not need a lot of items to be impactful.
- Salvation is an indicator to cast Wish as it shows who require healing as the range is fairly wide.
- Soraka is a low-risk high impact champion which also scales decently at every level.
- Soraka is the best type of support champion that dedicates her generous healing keeping one person alive.
- Soraka can prevent the enemy team from unleashing all their skills with her Starcall and Equinox.
- Soraka laning phase is generally positive as she has very high sustainability herself and for her teammate.
- With Soraka you don't even have to be near the battle to save someone due to her Wish, providing global influence.
- The amount of hp you sacrifice with Astral Infusion is so little compared to how much your teammates gain.

- Grievous Wound is Soraka's greatest counter as it reduce any healing received from her.
- Until you've mastered positioning in team fights, this can go horribly wrong for you and your team.
- Certain matchup can be difficult for Soraka to handle like Blitzcrank, Thresh & Leona.
- Reliant on her team to protect her, can be struggling if team is unwilling or unable to do so.
- Enemy's jungle tends to gank bottom lane more often as it is seen as an easier matchup.
- Your efforts for keeping your team alive are typically uncredited and unappreciated.
- Both Starcall and Equinox have a short casting duration which can be devastating if you miss at crucial time.
- Soraka is incredibly squishy, it does not take much to bring her from 100% to 0% especially assassin champions.
- Soraka lacks mobility desperately need tier 2 boots in the mid-game to get back into the lane, positioning and escaping.
- Understand that Soraka is not the type of champion that have amazing kill-death ratio, usually you get no kills some deaths.


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