Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Malphite: Pros & Cons

Malphite: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Malphite
- Malphite is a really great situational champion, that wreaks havoc in heavy AD oriented teams.
- Malphite is great at initiating fights and absorbing the first few waves of attacks.
- Malphite is superb at the trading damage, this is all because of his passive Granite Shield.
- Malphite can kite pretty well with his Seismic Shard as you steals movement speed upon impact.
- Malphite's damage output from his combo can be overwhelming for squishy targets.
- Malphite can adapt to enemies composition as he is not limited to a single build path.
- Malphite can easily attainable 300 armor with enough item room for a large chunk of magic resistance.
- Unstoppable Force is Malphite's greatest engaging tool with very low counterplay.
- Malphite is a very straightforward champion to play, definitely worth mastering for ranking.
- Malphite shines in the mid and late game as he is a tank that contributes a lot in team fights.

- The laning phase might be sometimes quite painful because there are lots of champions that counter you.
- Malphite is also very mana dependent when spamming abilities without some mana regen item.
- Malphite is deeply handicapped by his ultimate, Unstoppable Force when is on cooldown.
- Malphite inability to peel for his team is terrible as he has no way of disengaging or locking down the dangerous target.
- Malphite is awful at taking down objectives like towers, dragons, and barons.
- Malphite often has lower farms than his opponent, forcing him to build on the cheap or delay his core items.
- Malphite can't carry as hard as other top laners because he relies a lot on your team following up on engages.
- Malphite is responsible for fight initiation which can go two ways, either get aces or get aced.
- Frustrating when playing against ranged champions, as they poke from a safe distance resetting your shield countdown.
- Since armor is not equal to Magic Resistance, you'll need to build the proper items to protect yourself against AP oriented team.


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