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Little Fighter 2: Weapons Guide

Little Fighter 2: Weapons Guide

Weapons Guide on Little Fighter 2
Little Fighter 2 contains a large variety of different weapons, which are used for many purposes. The weapons are divided into 3 major groups:
Light Weapons - most of the fighters can throw them very far away, it is easy to run with them and they are very small. None of the Light Weapons can break defense by throwing them on the opponent. The Light Weapons have the biggest amount of combos.
Normal Weapons - all the weapons with shapes like a sword, baseball bat, and scythe. These weapons can not be thrown to a great distance, but they are still very destructive. The Normal Weapons can perform lesser combos except the Ice Sword, which is very useful.
Heavy Weapons - weapons for throwing only. The Light Weapons and the Normal Weapons are held in one hand, so the fighter can jump and perform attacks while he uses them. The Heavy Weapons have a great weight, and the fighter needs both hands to carry them. Therefore they slow him down and he can not use any of his attacks.

There is another type of weapons, which this guide will no deal with. It is Built-In Weapons. These are weapons that are an inseparable part of a fighter, such as Deep's sword, Henry's bow, the sword of the knights, Rudolf's ninja stars and so on. Since these weapons are related to specific fighters, this guide will not discuss them at great length.

Throwing Strength
An important index which you should understand before we start: Throwing Strength - it is possible to throw every one of the weapons, but each fighter has his own Throwing Strength. The Throwing Strength depends on the muscles hands of the fighters, and not on the speed of the running or something else. Fighters with bigger Throwing Strength will be able to throw weapons further and faster, with shorter response time. The time from the moment you press the key until the fighter throws the weapon.

Few ways for examining the Throwing Strength of a fighter
- The Throwing Strength stands out the most in the Heavy Weapons, and in the time takes the fighter to pick it up. When the enemy gets close to you, and you want to block him with a stone, you have to consider the Throwing Strength of your fighter. If it is too weak, it will take you too much time to pick up the stone and the enemy might strikes you down before you will manage to throw it. Therefore, the fighter will not throw the weapon to a great distance.
- Fighters who pick up the weapons quickly have a bigger Throwing Strength and will be able to throw it very far away. Fighters with big Throwing Strength can throw Light Weapons like a ball or a knife in blazing speed. Fighters with a very big Throwing Strength for example: Mark, Knight, Julian. Then Fighters with very weak Throwing Strength: Jan, Bandit, Monk.
- Another way to examine the Throwing Strength is the relative speed of the fighter while he runs with a Heavy Weapon. If he runs almost the same as he used to run without holding a weapon it shows that it is easy to him and he has a great Throwing Strength.

Weapon Breakdown
Light Weapons
The boomerang is a weapon which from the moment you throw it, it will follow the enemy in order to hurt him. It is possible to compare it to the chasing blasts of Dennis, and in a lot of cases you can use the boomerang in combos instead the chasing blast. It is very difficult to avoid getting hit from the boomerang with a counter hit because it generally comes from weird angles, but it is very easy to block it with defense since it is part of the Light Weapons group, and therefore it does not break defense or comes near breaking. The boomerang is the weapon that can reach the biggest distance, due to its homing ability even more far than a knife, although the boomerang is heavier. The boomerang is one of the most usable weapons for combos. It can strike down the opponent in two regular hits without throwing it.

The lightest weapon in the game. It has enormous speed while throwing, and sometimes it is hard to evade it because you do not have enough time to pay it attention (especially when it is thrown by a fighter with a great Throwing Strength). Due to its lightness, it is very useful for ending combos, for the final hit that the fighter alone does not have even a chance to do. It brings down the opponent in two regular hits.

There are two kinds of bottles - a milk bottle and a beer bottle. The milk bottle restores your health and heals your injuries, and the beer bottle increases your mana. But besides the drinks inside the bottles, you can use the bottles in many other ways! The bottle is the prefect weapon to fold the enemy in a good and fast move. The bottle is also a very springy and light item, so it is possible to use it for combos. Be careful when you throw the bottle though - the enemy can return it back to you with a hit. It is not possible to hit an opponent with the bottles, throwing or drinking only.

Like the bottles, it is very springy and even has less weight. This fact increases greatly the number of combos it can be used for, compared to the bottles. It can also fold the enemy easily, but be careful not to get it back to your face. The ball is the only weapon which is thrown just by pressing the attack button.

It is not possible to hit with the ball - as it was written before, you can only throw it. Pay attention: A. Bottles and balls can be thrown while performing dash (double jump). Other light and normal weapons can be thrown in dash only by very few fighters. B. Bottles, balls and knives belong to the Light Weapons group, and therefore can not break defense. Use it! You can stop a knife or a quick ball zooming forward you by just pressing the defense button.

Normal Weapons
Baseball Bat
Davis, Deep and Woody can use a lot of the weapons almost in any state (dashes, high jumps, throwing and so on, and after it perform an attack), and they can use that weapon in the same ways. But do not dread, a whole lot of other fighters can perform quite enough combo attacks as well. The baseball bat brings down the opponent in two regular hits. It is recommended to use the baseball bat in close combats, only if you know the right place to hit the enemy with it. Either way, it will bother you and may cause you to be caught off guard. The weight of the weapon is medium, and it is not thrown far away by most of the fighters. The baseball bat is the best weapon to punch back the ball, and when it does so you hear a cool and unique sound

Very similar to the baseball bat, but brings down the opponent in one hit only. The scythe causes a lot of damage to the enemy and its attacks are powerful and difficult to stop. The scythe has the same properties like the baseball bat, but it is much heavier (you can not perform most of the combos you can do with baseball bat with the scythe too) and stronger. The scythe is the only normal weapon which can break defense if you throw it!

Ice sword
The most useful weapon in the game - it can freeze the enemy, and it can turn regular energy balls to ice balls! Only Freeze can create this weapon. Throw this sword only when you are sure it will freeze the enemy - if the sword arrives to other fighter it can give him a huge advantage, and he will be able to perform deadly combos. While you are using the sword try to confuse the opponent and make him do a wrong move, and then attack him. When the enemy is frozen there are countless amount of possible combos!

Heavy Weapons
The box is intended for throwing only. Very useful item in Stage mode. The box is equal to an average fighter while he is thrown. It is very heavy, so the stronger the Throwing Strength of the fighter is, the more useful the box will become to him. While the box is on move, even on the smallest move, it is in "Attack" mode, and all those who will touch it will get a hit. Due to this property it is possible to perform with it a variety of combos. Example of one of the most deadly but simple combos that you can perform with a box is 2 hits + 5 hits + Dennis's whirlwind kick. Of course the combo is performed while the enemy is on the box, so he shakes it, and so he receives double the pain. Another two main attacks which can use the box usefully are the Sonata Of The Death (Henry's flute) and Freeze's whirlwind. You can use more attacks for combos with a box, but it is little more complicated.

The stone is exactly like the box, but it is tougher and stronger, and more difficult to break. Both the box and the stone block a path, and you have to pass them from around or jump above them.

Louis's Armor
The parts of Louis's armor are similar in their weight and behavior to the stone and the box. On the other hand, it takes 6 hits to break them, while it takes 4 hits to break the stone and 3 hits to break the box. Another difference is that you can pass through the armor, unlike the stone or the box. LouisEX is the fighter with the greatest Throwing Strength in the game, and therefore he can use the Heavy Weapons in their most efficiency. The five parts of the armor are basically heavy weapons which are not broken easily and you can throw them again and again. Extremely good weapons for LouisEX.

Weapons Tips on Little Fighter 2
- If you see a shadow at the same place you are standing, move immediately.
- It may be a stone or a box, so don't risk your life.Pay attention to the move Run + Hit. for part of the fighters it is a very destructive attack because they stay in attack mode for a long time, and sometimes even attack twice, and bring down their opponent with one hit (with all the weapons except the Heavy Weapons).
- Be aware that fighters with Built-In Weapons like a sword can stun the opponent with only 2 hits, and those who use arrows stun the opponent with a single hit.
- Many of the fighters can do dashes endlessly while holding a weapon. it can be done with every weapon of the light or normal weapons.
- Fighters with a great Throwing Strength have a huge advantage while they use the weapons: They can throw a box in Stage Mode to a great distance, so they will ensure their safety, and to hit a lot of fighters at the same time. They can throw the light and normal  weapons in huge speed and to such a far distance, that it is hard to evade them.
- Davis, Deep and Woody can use most of the weapons in a lot of cases: jump, dash, throw, throw while jumping, throw while running etc'.
Almost in all the ways to throw a weapon or attack with it, these 3 fighters can continue the assault due to their special attacks.


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