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Little Fighter 2: Beginners Guide

Little Fighter 2: Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide on Little Fighter 2
Main Menu
Game Start - Begin game.
Network Game - Begin Network game [see 'Network game guide'].
Control Settings - Control Configuration.

Control Settings
- In the Control Settings menu, you will see four pictures of keyboards.
- Each keyboard represents a player, meaning, there can be up to four players in one keyboard.
- Above each keyboard picture, there is a text bar. there, instead of 1,2,3 or 4, you can change your player's name.
- Below each keyboard picture, there are text bars which represent the control configuration for each of the players - Up, Down, Left, Right, Attack, Jump, Defend.
- You can change the settings for all four players as you wish, by pressing on the black text bar and then pressing the desired key.

The default setting is:
Up - Up arrow.
Down - Down arrow.
Left - Left arrow.
Right - Right arrow.
Attack - Enter.
Jump - Shift.
Defend - Ctrl.

Game Start
- After you've configured your control settings, it's time for the game.
- Press the first option in the main menu [Start Game], and wait for the game to load.

VS Mode - 1 on 1 battle, VS computer battles, all in all, team battles etc'. This is the most basic mode of the game.
1 on 1 Championship - A championship tournament including 8 people [can be humans and or COM players].
2 on 2 Championship - Same as 1 on 1 Championship, except here, each team will include 2 fighters, instead of one.
Battle Mode - In this option you control a whole army of different fighters, and you fight against an enemy army. Can be played against a friend or the computer.
Demo - The computer will play against itself with different fighters.
Quit - Exits the game.

Pre Fight Menu
- This will explain the last menu, after choosing the fighters.
Fight! - Begins the fight.
Reset All - Resets all the fighter selection, in order to choose everything from the start.
Reset Random -If you've chosen a Question Mark [Random player], this will change him into a different random player.
Background - Choose the background of the fight.
Difficulty - Changes the difficulty level of the computer players.
Exit - Back to the Main Menu.

Basic Combat
Once you are used to your character's movements, move on to attacking training! Step close to your opponent, and hit Attack! This will execute a quick punch to your enemy. Notice that when an opponent is hit, he will be stunned for a short moment. While he is stunned, give'im another couple of punches. After two or three hits, your opponent should look twisted in pain, which will stun him a bit longer.

If an opponent is to approach you, you can defend yourselves. Watch the timing, then hit your Defense key just before he could hit you. This might need a few tries, so keep trying. It's a good idea to counterattack your opponent with your special move since it can be quickly executed. But watch it, trying to guard too many punches will make you walk backward, which you are completely defenseless! This state is called Broken defend. This will stun you shortly, and you will not be able to move while have broken defend, so try to avoid this from happening. Also, unlike in a typical fighting game, hitting Defense key will make you defend for about a second, and you will not be able to cancel it, even if you release the key. The best thing to do is, rather than just trying to get away from enemy attacks, to try to counterattack your enemy after defending.

Special Moves
What's a fighting game without a special move? In Little Fighter 2, almost all character have some sort of Special Moves. As for the basic thing, most special moves are executed by the command form of Defend + Direction + Attack or Jump or Defend + Jump + Attack. Remember this, as you will be able to find out the special move combination even for the characters you haven't used before. Each time you cast special moves, it will consume some MP.

The top red bar is your health. Obviously, it will decrease when you are hit. Your health will restore slowly as time passes. However, we would like you to notice that every time you get hit, the dark red bar decreases as well. The bright red bar is your actual, current health. Only this bright red bar counts your character's life, and will directly decrease by incoming damage. The dark red bar is your health limit, and you will only be allowed to heal up to your remaining health limit. This bar will only take about 50% of the damage dealt on the bright red bar.

But don't worry, your health limit can be recovered by drinking a milk! So if you are really at risk of low HP, the best way to survive is to find a milk and drink it immediately. Alternatively, when you finish a section of a Stage Mode, you will gain some health limit bonus, giving you a boost to your life. Also, some attacks (throwings, Henry's Sonata of the Death, etc.) does not damage the health limit. Firen's Explosion move will steal some health when executed, but this will not affect your health limit.

The bottom blue bar is your mana. You will consume your MP by using your special moves. Like the health, MP will heal automatically as time passes, but since there is no limit to your MP, you can always heal your MP to 100%. MP heals relatively slowly, so once your bar is gone, you will have to wait for some moments until you can use your special moves again. However, if your health is low, your MP will heal more quickly. This will allow you to use your special moves more frequently. Lower your health is, more quickly your MP heals. But don't forget that it also means you are in danger of death, so watch out for it!

Miscellaneous Actions
Tap right or left twice. (Take a step, stop, then walk again) It allows you to move around the stage more quickly. Many actions can be linked to running, which makes it a very tactical move than it looks like. Walk to the other direction to stop running.

Hit Defense key while running or after landing. While evading, you will be immune from damages. Some special moves can cancel and be executed when evading. You can also pick up an item by hitting Attack key at the right timing. You will need some time to stand up, so put that in your mind. Knight cannot use this action.

Running Attack
Hit Attack key while running. A powerful punch will hurt your enemy. Woody and Dennis can combo this attack by hitting Attack key again. Louis will execute the Thunder Punch special move, and Julian his Soul Charge move.

Dash (Running Jump)
Hit Jump key while running or after landing. This jump has higher speed than the plain one. You are able to execute a Dash attack by hitting the Attack key. Together with the low jumping ark and the adequate damage, Dash attack is an excellent move to commit a hit and run. Hunter and Henry will be able to shoot backward. Louis will execute the Thunder Punch special move.

Aerial Attack
Hit Attack key while airborne. Most often used as an air-to-ground attack, this can help you to go for the first strike. Remember that when you land during the action, you will not be able to evade, dash, etc.

Walk toward the stunned opponent. While grabbing, you can pummel him (up to about five times), and throw him away. A grabbed character can be hurt even by friendly characters, so don't try. Instead, you can free him by attacking the grabber. This action will be canceled after a duration of time has elapsed.

While grabbing, hold left or right and hit Attack key. You can damage not only the guy that has been thrown but also other enemies who got hit by the thrown body. The defender can avoid further damage by executing the breakfall (see below).

Hit Jump key while falling down. By doing so, you can avoid falling down and make a quick action after landing. You are immune to damage until you land, but is possible to get hit after landing. Evading and dashing is an effective way to avoid pursue attacks.

Energy Reflect
The attack on the energy blasts. You can reflect your opponent's energy blast, flying back toward him. This can hurt the person who used the energy blast, but the timing is somewhat tough. Some energy blasts are not reflectable. Jan, Knight, and Firzen can reflect energy blasts simply by defending.


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