Friday, October 19, 2018

Aatrox: Pros & Cons

Aatrox: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Aatrox
- Aatrox has a strong laning phase because the range on his Q lets him poke, punish and push lane.
- Aatrox is especially amazing when a tanky ally frontline in team fights, as his purpose is to eliminate the most significant target.
- No mana cost to worry about as Aatox does not use mana for his abilities, having cooldown reduction will increase his damage output.
- His kit is ideal for split pushing and the AD items you purchase will also benefit you when split pushing.
- Purchasing Guardian's Angel, technically gives you 2 additional lives which is insanely powerful.
- Fantastic Crowd Control from his Infernal Chains which helps him set up The Darkin Blade combo.
- Aatrox's build path is straightforward, focus on cooldown reduction, attack damage and health.
- There is a chance where your opponent may burn their flash if you land your Infernal Chains on them.
- The reduced shielding and healing from Deathbringer Stance is massive and go a long way in fights.
- Aatrox is great at the jungle too, clearing camps are incredibly fast from The Darkin Blade and remain healthy from the lifesteal.

- Aatrox's World Ender resurrection gives a false sense of security during extended fights.
- Aatrox requires patience, a steady hand, and good timing to be played effectively.
- Aatrox's attack animations are a little slow and clunky for some folks when you start playing him.
- Players may find it difficult to hit enemies with the edge of The Darkin Blade.
- Aatrox is a melee champion, he will find himself struggling to face against ranged champions.
- Most of Aatrox abilities are skill-shots based, therefore you may mess up your combos in a heated battle.
- Aatrox's Umbral Dash is a great tool for re-positioning, not so much on chasing down your opponent.
- Aatrox is very vulnerable against team composition that has a lot of crowd control or movement slowing effects.
- Your healing from Umbral Dash isn't noticeable until the later part of the game, but it adds up.
- Aatrox can cancel his attack animations, however, it is not as fluent as Riven.


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