Friday, February 16, 2018

Rubber Dinghy: Walkthrough Guide

Rubber Dinghy: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Rubber Dinghy
1. Walk and find your Rubber Dingby.
2. Walk and grab the Shell.
3. Provide the unarmed crab with your shell.
4. Walk and find a bone knife.
5. Start mining 200 stone and 201 wood.
6. Talk to the guy at the top of the island, he will repair the bridge.
7. Walk left and cross the bridge.
8. Talk to the monkey and buy the shovel.
9. Dig the mysterious tomb with your shovel.
10. Enter the Tomb and go left, take the cobweb path which doubles your stone.
11. Enter the Tomb and go left, take the warm and inviting path and exchange 200 stones for 8 coconuts.
12. Talk to the monkey and buy all the items with your coconuts.
13. Enter the tomb and go straight on, send in chichi and you will receive a new oar.
14. Enter the Tomb and go right, hook him and chokeslam then throw a stick, you will get a bone.
15. Walk to the bones lying on the left, and give a pair of bone, you will receive a new oar.
16. Cross back to the right island using the bridge and find your Rubber Dinghy.
17. Use the bandage to patch the hole, place the two oars.
18. The end!

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