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Clicker Heroes: Relics

Clicker Heroes: Relics

Relics on Clicker Heroes
Relics are equipable items that provide various bonuses, similar to Ancients. The bonuses of the relic will be added whether or not the related ancients have been summoned. Relics can be generated randomly from zone 99 and onward but only as the first monster of the zone, will only appear once per Ascension, and then only after your first Ascension. Your first time playing through zone 99, you will not find any relics until you have ascended at least once. The strength of a Relic's powers varies based on its level.

Relic Ooze has a chance to spawn starting from zone 99, up to 2/3rd of the Highest Zone Ever reached. A player's HZE can be found in the "Stats" tab. Relics will never spawn on a primal level. For example, if HZE is 1000 and SZ(starting Zone) is 100, a Relic Ooze can spawn anywhere between zone 101 and 659.Having the ancient Iris or relics "of vision" can increase the Starting Zone.

You are allowed to keep up to four Relics with you through Ascension. Once you have four Relics, any new Relic obtained will end up in the Junk Pile. On the Relics tab, you may decide which Relics (if any) you wish to keep while salvaging all others in the Junk Pile. This isn't mandatory until once you ascend. Also, relics don't have any effect when in the Junk Pile. The act of salvaging a Relic earns you a certain amount of Forge Cores (5 per level of the Relic salvaged, modified by rarity: Uncommon ×1.5, Rare ×2, Epic ×2.5, Fabled ×3, Mythical ×3.5, Legendary ×4.4 and Transcendent x5.2).

Each effect adds a level when upgrading a relic. So if the value of 5 × rarity modifier × number of effects is more than the upgrade cost, you will gain cores by upgrading before you salvage. To decide if an upgrade is worth it before salvaging, use the following table:

Common | 1 effect: 5 | 2 effect: 10 | 3 effect: 15 | 4 effect: 20
Uncommon | 1 effect: 7.5 | 2 effect: 15 | 3 effect: 22.5 | 4 effect: 30
Rare | 1 effect: 10 | 2 effect: 20 | 3 effect: 30 | 4 effect: 40
Epic | 1 effect: 12.5 | 2 effect: 25 | 3 effect: 37.5 | 4 effect: 50
Fabled | 1 effect: 15 | 2 effect: 30 | 3 effect: 45 | 4 effect: 60
Mythical | 1 effect: 17.5 | 2 effect: 35 | 3 effect: 52.5 | 4 effect: 70
Legendary | 1 effect: 22 | 2 effect: 44 | 3 effect: 66 | 4 effect: 88
Transcendent | 1 effect: 26 | 2 effect: 52 | 3 effect: 78 | 4 effect: 104

Relic levels are calculated depending on the zone level in which the Relic Ooze spawns. The higher the zone level, the higher the Relic level will be. A Relic obtained at zone 1500 will always have a higher level than a Relic at zone 1400. Relics have no maximum level.

Currently, a Relic's rarity does not affect the kind of stats it provides or the strength of its stats. The only notable difference is that rarer relics can be scrapped for far more Forge Cores than relics with lower rarity. A relic's rarity is indicated by the background color, and text above the relic's level indicating its rarity. Currently, there are 8 levels of relics, with Common being the most easily found and Transcendent being the rarest.

Common | Weight: 5000 | Odds: 60.77%
Uncommon | Weight: 2000 | Odds: 24.24%
Rare | Weight: 800 | Odds: 10%
Epic | Weight: 300 | Odds: 3.6%
Fabled | Weight: 100 | Odds: 1.07%
Mythical | Weight: 25 | Odds: 0.24%
Legendary | Weight: 8 | Odds: 0.06%
Transcendent | Weight: 1 | Odds: 0.02%

Currently, the suffix a Relic has seems to be random. The stats scale with the zone level in which you receive your Relic. A level 50 Relic would have higher statistics on it as compared to a level 40 Relic. The first stat/suffix will always correspond to the Relic class from which it's based.

Suffixes: 1 | Weight: 6 | Odds: 33.33%
Suffixes: 2 | Weight: 5 | Odds: 27.78%
Suffixes: 3 | Weight: 4 | Odds: 22.22%
Suffixes: 4 | Weight: 3 | Odds: 16.67%

Every Relic has its own unique class (eg: Death, Freedom, Agitation, etc) and the first prefix will always correspond to the Ancient to which it refers. As an example, a Death Class Relic will always give the stat "+% to Hero Soul DPS(additive)" in the same way the Ancient Morgulis gives +11% Hero Souls DPS per HS(additive). Note: After Patch 0.25b was released, Relic stats no longer show what they increase and by how much, but instead add-on levels to the corresponding Ancient that matches the trait. For example, a Relic that previously added +4% chance of Primal Bosses will now add 4 levels to Atman instead. However, this will not affect the stats the relics provide, but merely make each relic an add-on to ancients, giving them extra levels, instead of providing the same boosts themselves. Any relics acquired before the patch will remain the exact same, just provide levels to each ancient that match up with the stats that the relics provide. This can be passed off as simply a visual change, however, it may have some effects on leveling up the ancients.

Relic Class: Abandonment | Suffixes: +% DPS when idle - no clicks for 60 seconds
Relic Class: Accuracy | Suffixes: +secs to duration of Lucky Strikes
Relic Class: Agitation | Suffixes: +secs to duration of Clickstorm
Relic Class: Battery | Suffixes: +secs to duration of Metal Detector
Relic Class: Chance | Suffixes: +% Chance of 10x Gold
Relic Class: Death | Suffixes: +% to Hero Soul DPS - additive
Relic Class: Discovery | Suffixes: +% more Treasure Chests
Relic Class: Diseases | Suffixes: -% Boss Life
Relic Class: Enhancement | Suffixes: +% to Gilded damage bonus - per gild
Relic Class: Freedom | Suffixes: +% Gold gained from monsters when idle - no clicks for 60 seconds
Relic Class: Greed | Suffixes: +% to Gold Dropped
Relic Class: Impatience | Suffixes: -% to Skill Cooldowns
Relic Class: Luck | Suffixes: +% Chance of double rubies from clickables
Relic Class: Momentum | Suffixes: +0.01% DPS per click combo (active clicking)
Relic Class: Murder | Suffixes: +% damage to Critical Clicks
Relic Class: Rage | Suffixes: +secs to duration of Power Surge
Relic Class: Riches | Suffixes: +% Gold from Treasure Chests
Relic Class: Souls | Suffixes: +% Chance of Primal Bosses
Relic Class: Thieves | Suffixes: +secs to duration of Golden Clicks
Relic Class: Thrift | Suffixes: -% to Hero Hiring and Level-Up cost
Relic Class: Time | Suffixes: +secs to Boss Fight timers
Relic Class: Wallops | Suffixes: +secs to duration of Super Clicks
Relic Class: Wisdom | Suffixes: +% Primal Hero Souls
Relic Class: Wrath | Suffixes: +% Click Damage
Relic Class: Shadows | Suffixes: -monsters required to go to the next zone

Forge Cores
Currently, Forge Cores are used to upgrade your relics to the newest version (now works on Android by long pressing on a relic). You can get Forge Cores by salvaging Relics. The amount of Forge Cores you receive depends on the level and rarity of the Relic(s) salvaged.

Before salvaging, always check if the cost of upgrading junk relics is less than the amount their value increases when upgraded. Most relics can be upgraded at least once or twice before salvaging to produce a net gain of forge cores.

Relics List
Swords: Azurewrath, Rusty Sword, Onslaught, Crimson Edge, Scimitar, Master Blade, Cloud Edge, Runeblade, Needler, Night Piercer, Gladius, Broadsword, Mantastyle
Helms: Spartan Guard, Gladiator Guard, Wanderer's Shade, Praetor Guard, Royal Cover, Onslaught Helmet, Beast Lid, Crimson Guard, Arcane Protector, Red Keeper, Celestial Gate, Ronin's Shade, Tundra Topper
Gloves: Ranger Gloves, Arctic Wraps, Handwraps, Barkholds, Bear Paws, Fire Grips, Unknown, Celestial Command
Amulets: Spirit Beads, Ram Spirit, Fluorite Necklace, Jade Pendant, Copper Sun, Cloudstone Necklace, Sinhalite, Sharktoof, Giant's End, Galaxy Orb, Furry Touch, Confusing Magnet, Clay Emblem
Rings: Copper Band, Garnet Ring, Jade Band, Copper Mark, Frog Faction, Violet Hoop, Skull Brim, Golden Onyx, Galaxy Loop, Silver Azurite, Golden Emerald, Golden Ruby, Verdant Surge


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