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Clicker Heroes: Monsters

Clicker Heroes: Monsters

Monsters on Clicker Heroes
Monsters are creatures in Clicker Heroes that spawn on zones and must be killed in order to progress in the game. Upon defeat, they will drop Gold, which can be used to hire and upgrade heroes. Each monster has a set amount of HP, or hit points, equal to the amount of damage that must be dealt to kill it. Monsters of the same zone will always have the same amount of HP, and with each zone, the number of HP all monsters have rises. As the monsters get more HP, their Gold drop will also increase to keep up with the increased cost of the heroes that need to kill the monsters. The monsters get progressively harder; their hit points go up on an exponential curve. This exponential progression is a theme that exists throughout Clicker Heroes.

Eventually, you'll reach a point where a new button will appear on the right, allowing you to switch between "progression mode" and "farm mode." With progression mode on, the game will automatically move you to the next level when you qualify for it. If you reach a boss fight you can't win, the game will automatically go back one level and switch to farm mode.

To advance in zones and progress in the game, you have to kill a certain amount of monsters each zone. This number depends on the following factors like the type of zone and your level of Kumawakamaru.

There are two types of zones: regular zones and boss zones. Regular zones require you to kill 10 monsters in order to unlock the next zone; boss zones only one. To make up for that, monsters on boss zones have more HP than a monster on a regular zone would have, and they have to be defeated within 30 seconds. On the other hand, Kumawakamaru lowers the number of monsters required to finish a regular zone, up to a -8 reduction.

List of Monsters on Clicker Heroes
There are 11 different zone types, each containing a different set of regular monsters. Every zone type lasts 10 levels before it switches to the next one, with the exception of the first 10 zones, which contain 2 zone types instead of 1. Below is a list of which monsters appear on which type of zone.

Regular Monsters
Forest: Angry Potato, Catra, Garbeel, Gerbeelpillar, Gloop, Finky, Flower Bloop, Impossumble, Loggernaut, Mushroom Bloop, Sasquish, Spit Flower, Tyrantula
Drylands: Caperticus, Catra, Dirge Beetle, Finky, Flowering Caperticus, Grablin, Goboolin, Sand Ball, Sand Bloop
Desert: Dirge Beetle, Finky, Flowering Caperticus, Goboolin, Grablin, Sand Ball, Sand Bloop, Scorpinch, Tyrantula
Beach: Sea Snail, Devilled Crab, Turtloid Warlock, Finky, Ratty, Mouseketeer, Mousekewich, Flamingogo, Mudball, Turtloid
Mudlands: Gerbeel, Sand Bloop, Scorpinch, Goboolin, Grablin, Mousekewich, Mouseketeer, Flowering Caperticus
Rocklands: Mousekewich, Mouseketeer, Goboolin, Grablin, Flowering Caperticus, Sand Bloop, Gerbeel, Scorpinch, Mousity
Caverns: Trolgre, Mushrimp, Foomgus, Bluzebleeb, Goboolin, Grablin, d'Orcling, Fat Bat, Mudball, Sage Shroom, Mage Shroom, Floatsie
Stone Fields: Stoney Bloop, Zombie Bloop, Big Feets, Mouseketeer, Dearth Bat, Sealed Elemental, Cassoweary, Stankape, Sage Shroom, Mousity
Tundra: Snowlouse, Snow Ghost, Snowball, Ice Bat, Ghostly Fat Bat, Snowkin, Snowmagus, Polaburrr, Snow Bloop, Snowdier
Astral Rift: Box Monster, Ghostly Fat Bat, Prime Slime, Mud Golem, Eye Slime, Sage Shroom, Sealed Elemental, Ghostly Bloop
Bloodlands: Sage Shroom, Mud Golem, Eye Slime, Box Monster, Ghostly Bloop, Prime Slime, Ghostly Fat Bat, Sealed Elemental

Forest: Mamma Ferny Fat Bat, Big Angry Potato
Drylands: Big Dirge Beetle, Emperor Skorpinch
Desert: King Caperticus, Trolgre
Beach: King Devilled Crab, Octotentacle
Mudlands: King Loggernaut, Mud Golem
Rocklands: Oversized Ratty, Big Feets
Caverns: Superfat Fat Bat, Dearth Bat
Stone Fields: King Stoney Bloop, Golem
Tundra: Yeti, Apparition
Astral Rift: Big Sage Shroom, Arcane Guardian
Bloodlands: Fat Floatsie, Putrefaction Ooze

Primal and Centurion Bosses
Starting at level 100, every boss zone has a chance to contain a Primal Boss instead. Primal Bosses are just like regular bosses, except for the fact that they give you Hero Souls, as well as the regular amount of Gold. Just like Gold, Hero Souls scales depending on your zone. Only the first boss on a zone can ever be primal. Once it has been defeated, the next boss that spawns will be a regular one, and will not award Hero Souls again.

Centurion Bosses: Omeet, The Green One, Woodchip, The Rodent, Queen of Bloops, Doppler, the Robot, Rashon, the Duke, The Dark Wizard, Tako, Head of the Octop, Tako Returns, Lagomorph of Caerbannog

Special Monsters
Treasure Chest can be found in any non-boss zone. They give 10× the zones' base Gold when killed and that number can be increased further by Mimzee. The base spawn rate of Treasure Chest is 1%, but it can be raised with Dora.

Relic Ooze
Relic Oozes may replace any non-boss monster that would have spawned between zone 99 and 2/3rd of your highest zone, once per Ascension and only after your first Ascension. They drop Relic, equip-able items that provide various bonuses, similar to Ancients. In addition, every 100 zones a Centurion Boss can be found. The game will treat them as if the zone had a Primal Boss, the only difference being that Centurion Bosses have a 100% spawn rate, whereas Primal Bosses only spawn 25% of the time. The first 10 Centurion Bosses are unique monsters that cannot be found in any other zone.

These boss monsters only appear in Clan raids, and as such, being in a Clan is required for fighting them. They don't take damage from your DPS, instead, you have to click them, but with a damage that only increases when you get primal Hero Souls. Killing them rewards you with Hero Souls.


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