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Clicker Heroes: Mercenaries

Clicker Heroes: Mercenaries

Mercenaries on Clicker Heroes
Mercenaries can be sent on various random quests, to obtain Gold, Rubies, Hero Souls, New Relic, or to activate random skills. The Mercenary tab is unlocked by finishing level 139, ascending for the first time, or buying a Quick Ascension, at which point you can start an 8-hour quest to obtain the first mercenary. Once a mercenary is available, four choices will be displayed when starting a quest, with various specific rewards for random lengths of time. Some possible quests may be repeated. Each time a quest is accepted, a new set of quests is created, but until accepting a quest, any mercenary may be sent to the current set. Choosing another available mercenary to a quest may open up better quests for a higher level mercenary. The size of a quest reward bonus is based on their rank, rarity, and time it takes to complete the quest. Once you've chosen a quest for a Mercenary, the quest cannot be stopped or changed until they are finished.

If you want to save some time, you can instantly hire a new Mercenary for 40 rubies (400 on mobile). When a mercenary dies, you can either pay rubies to revive, scaled to their level, or bury their corpse for gold. The required amount of Ruby Rubies to revive a dead Mercenary is 10 + 1.5^(Mercenary level). On mobile, the amount of ruby is multiplied by 10. Burial Gold = 10 × monster reward of (Pre-Transcendent HZE + 1). You can have a maximum of 5 Mercenaries at any one time. A dismissal button is available by holding (ctrl) or (shift). If all of your Mercenaries are buried or dismissed, the game will automatically start an 8-hour timer to hire a new one.

The store purchase Timelapse affects Mercenary quests as well, subtracting 8 hours from the quest time. For example, if you have 15 hours left on a quest and activate it, you will now have 7 hours left, and a second Timelapse would finish the quest. This can be repeated as many times as there are rubies to fund it. Transcendence will lock the Mercenary tab again, until freshly reaching zone 139, ascending, or buying a Quick Ascension, though your old mercenaries remain alive and available once unlocked.

Quest Types
- Recruit new Mercenary (only available if you do not currently have 5 Mercenaries)
- Relics
- Rubies
- Gold
- Hero Souls
- Skills activation (activates random skills, even those you haven't unlocked yet)

Shorter quests have a much higher reward to time ratio, but require much more micromanaging, and can, in fact, be less efficient, as there is a bit of delay between, say 5-minute quests, as you would need to click on the quest. Also, mercenaries only quest offline if the quest is long enough. (You can do a 48-hour quest, and go offline, while the mercenary quests, but you can't do 288 5-minute quests, even with all 5 of your mercenaries.)

On a Gold quest, the Gold reward will scale to your progress: it starts based on your highest current zone, will increase as you gain zones, and reset if you Ascend, even after the quest is complete. For example, a Mercenary that grants 100× Gold in 15 minutes will give you 115× Gold if you beat 10 more zones before collecting. Beginning in 1.0, Hero Souls quests also scale to your Quick Ascension value the same way, resetting when you transcend.

A mercenary's lifespan is predetermined from birth, with a specific lifespan, cumulative through any number of quests, and there is no way to change that. On average, every mercenary will live for about 4.5 days of questing, though particularly lucky or unlucky ones can range from as little as one second to as long as many years. A new lifespan is generated every time a mercenary is revived, with no relation to the last.

Leveling Up
All Mercenaries start off at level 1 once they are hired. Every 24 hours of questing becomes one level up, when the quest reward is retrieved. The pattern continues up, adding 1 onto the multiplier and demigod +x for each additional level. With luck and revivals, it's even possible to get to level 25, getting the Exceptional Specimen achievement.
Level 1 | Rank: Noob | Reward Multiplier: 1
Level 2 | Rank: Rookie | Reward Multiplier: 2
Level 3 | Rank: Journeyman | Reward Multiplier: 3
Level 4 | Rank: Expert | Reward Multiplier: 4
Level 5 | Rank: Master | Reward Multiplier: 5
Level 6 | Rank: Grandmaster | Reward Multiplier: 6
Level 7 | Rank: Legend | Reward Multiplier: 7
Level 8 | Rank: Demigod | Reward Multiplier: 8
Level 9 | Rank: Demigod+1 | Reward Multiplier: 9
Level 10 | Rank: Demigod+2 | Reward Multiplier: 10
Level 11 | Rank: Demigod+3 | Reward Multiplier: 11
Level 12 | Rank: Demigod+4 | Reward Multiplier: 12
Level 13 | Rank: Demigod+5 | Reward Multiplier: 13
Level 14 | Rank: Demigod+6 | Reward Multiplier: 14

Mercenaries Personal Bonuses
- +% Hero souls
- +% Rubies
- +% Number of skills activated
- +% Gold
- +% Speed to recruit
- + Extra lives
Bonuses only affect that Mercenary and none of your others. Values range between 5% to 2000% based on their rarity. Extra lives are special: Instead of a bonus, you get free revives, though you can still spend rubies to revive instead. It can only appear on Mercenaries of Rare and up and counts upward instead of multiplying.

There are 8 tiers to the rarity that each Mercenary can get, just like Relic:
Rarity: Common | Reward: 5% | Chance: 60.7% | Free revives: Not possible
Rarity: Uncommon | Reward: 8% | Chance: 24.3% | Free revives: Not possible
Rarity: Rare | Reward: 10% | Chance: 9.7% | Free revives: 1
Rarity: Epic | Reward: 20% | Chance: 3.6% | Free revives: 2
Rarity: Fabled | Reward: 50% | Chance: 1.2% | Free revives: 3
Rarity: Mythical | Reward: 200% | Chance: 0.3% | Free revives: 4
Rarity: Legendary | Reward: 500% | Chance: 0.1% | Free revives: 5
Rarity: Transcendent | Reward: 2000% | Chance: 0.012% | Free revives: 6

Level 1 | Rubies needed to revive: 12 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 120
Level 2 | Rubies needed to revive: 13 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 130
Level 3 | Rubies needed to revive: 14 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 140
Level 4 | Rubies needed to revive: 16 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 160
Level 5 | Rubies needed to revive: 18 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 180
Level 6 | Rubies needed to revive: 22 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 220
Level 7 | Rubies needed to revive: 28 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 280
Level 8 | Rubies needed to revive: 36 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 360
Level 9 | Rubies needed to revive: 49 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 490
Level 10 | Rubies needed to revive: 68 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 680
Level 11 | Rubies needed to revive: 97 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 970
Level 12 | Rubies needed to revive: 140 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 1400
Level 13 | Rubies needed to revive: 205 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 2050
Level 14 | Rubies needed to revive: 302 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 3020
Level 15 | Rubies needed to revive: 448 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 4480
Level 16 | Rubies needed to revive: 667 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 6670
Level 17 | Rubies needed to revive: 996 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 9960
Level 18 | Rubies needed to revive: 1488 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 14880
Level 19 | Rubies needed to revive: 2227 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 22270
Level 20 | Rubies needed to revive: 3336 | Rubies needed to revive (Mobile): 33360


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