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Clicker Heroes: Gold

Clicker Heroes: Gold

Gold on Clicker Heroes
Gold is the main currency in Clicker Heroes. It can be obtained from monster rewards, Golden Clicks, clickables, mercenary quests, or by spending Rubies in the Shop.

Defeating Monsters
Defeating monsters is the primary way to obtain Gold, and the reward per monster increases as they get more HP. Gold acquired this way will not be stored to your Gold account immediately, but will instead be spread out in the form of coins on the ground beneath the next monster. It will automatically disappear and be added to your Gold account after a few seconds have passed, but if you're impatient, you can hover over them with your mouse for the same effect. There is also a 1% chance of a Treasure Chest spawning instead of a regular monster on a non-boss zone, although the probability can be increased to 100% with Dora. These special monsters reward 10x the regular Gold reward when defeated.

From Golden Clicks
After leveling King Midas to level 100, the Golden Clicks upgrade can be bought: a skill with the same name that gives you 1.0% of a monster's Gold reward (0.1% on bosses) for every time you click on a monster while it is active. Combined with Clickstorm, this can give you 3x a monster's Gold without having to defeat the monster or click yourself!

From Clickables
Clickables (Orangefish) are special bonuses that can randomly appear on your screen once you've reached zone 31. They give you the same amount of Gold a Treasure Chest of that level would have given you, but instead of having to defeat a Treasure Chest, you just have to click the clickable for it to drop its Gold.

From Mercenary Quests
After your first Ascension, you'll unlock Mercenaries, special helpers which can be sent on quests to get certain bonuses, like skill activations, Rubies or Gold. There is no need to aid them in their quests, so the only thing you have to do to get the bonuses is to wait until the pre-set timer for their quest runs out, and click the 'Collect' button that appears.

From the Shop
One of the items in the Ruby Shop (Timelapse on the PC version, Treasures on the mobile version) allows you to convert Rubies into gold, the latter being scaled based on your zone.

From Fortuna, Ancient of Chance
With the help of Fortuna, there is a chance that monsters can drop platinum coins, worth 10× as much as gold coins. Fortuna can take this chance all the way up to 100%. This can even affect Treasure Chests for an insane influx of gold.

Spending Gold
Hiring and leveling Heroes
The main purpose of gold is to buy and level heroes. Heroes are little helpers that can help you deal extra damage to monsters. With the monsters getting progressively more HP, it will become essential to invest money in them, or it will end up taking forever to kill a monster.

Each hero has a few upgrades that are unlocked after reaching a certain level with that hero and can then be bought for some Gold. Their effects range from increasing a specific hero's damage to a damage boost for all heroes, to an increase in the Gold reward for beating monsters. Most of them are worth buying.


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