Monday, February 12, 2018

Clicker Heroes: Clickables

Clicker Heroes: Clickables

Clickables on Clicker Heroes
Clickables are special bonuses that randomly appear while playing. The appearance of these bonuses occasionally changes, often to coincide with holidays.

Bonus Currency Clickable
Also referred to as "Clickable Treasures" in in-game text, these clickables can appear randomly every few minutes or seconds, though they appear every 5.5 minutes on average, starting after reaching zone 35. Clicking on them will reward you with Gold and possibly Rubies. Clickable Treasures spawn in a few areas inside the game screen. They will not cover skill, option or purchase buttons. It will never spawn more than 2 at once and do not expire or move placement once spawned. Minimum spawn delay is 1 second. Clicking on this bonus will not cause the loss of idle bonuses. On mobile, clicking on this bonus will activate idle mode, regardless of how recently you last click-attacked.

Clicking on these give gold equal to 10x that of a normal monster of the highest level unlocked. For boss levels, it is based on what a normal monster would have been. The gold is influenced by Libertas and Mammon and can be multiplied further by Fortuna, but Mimzee does not have an effect. There is a 44% chance of a ruby dropping. There is a 4% chance of 2 rubies dropping if a ruby is dropped. Revolc increases the chance of 2 rubies dropping. Only a maximum of 25 clickables can give rubies per ascension. If a Clickable Treasures is on the screen when one ascends, it carries over to the next world. It will give the regular 10× amount for the starting level (i.e. 10 Gold if no ancients).

Bonus Skill Clickable
These clickables appear at the top of the play area, just below the name and level of the zone, starting at the right and moving towards the left. It requires 50 clicks for the bonus to activate. Clicking on this bonus can cause the loss of idle bonuses, but only if Clickstorm is the activated bonus. Clicking on these activates a randomly selected skill, with the exceptions of Energize and Reload. This bonus will activate even if the skill has yet to be unlocked or is still cooling down.


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