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Clicker Heroes: Clans

Clicker Heroes: Clans

Clans on Clicker Heroes
Clans are used to generate additional Hero Souls for all players within. In addition, it allows you to communicate with other users within the clan through the clan message board. Clans are also cross-platform, meaning players in the same clan do not need to be on the same platform. Clans generate additional Hero Souls by the addition of daily raids, in which your clan must deal large amounts of damage to an Immortal. If your clan doesn't kill the Immortal that day, you gain nothing. If your clan succeeds, every member gains varying amounts of Hero Souls.

There are two ways to be in a clan. You can either make your own clan or request to join an existing clan, either by generating a random clan name or by searching for a specific clan name. You need to, however, have defeated zone 50 (zone 140 on mobile) at least once to access the clan tab. To make your own clan you need to have 50 Rubies (500 Rubies on mobile) and are the default clan master (though you may pass this title on, when/if you let others join). To join a clan you have two options, enter a specific clan name, or get the game to generate the name of an existing clan. Joining a clan is not automatic, as the clan master must approve all applications unless the clan master turns the auto-join option on. Clans are limited to a maximum of 10 players, including the clan leader.

Clan Menu
In the clan menu you will find 6 buttons:
- Message Board: This is the chat room for your clan; it can hold up to 25 messages. Any messages older than the most recent 25 are automatically deleted. After sending a message, you must wait at least 30 seconds before sending another one.
- Today's Raid: Here you can fight the current Immortal or look at today's aftermath (including damage report).
- Yesterday's Raid: Here you can look at yesterday's aftermath (including damage report).
- Options: Currently the only option for a clan master is to pass master status onto another member or to disband the clan if they are the only member. Non-masters' only option is to leave the clan.
- Members: Here you will find an overview of your clan's current members with their names and HZEs.
- Manage: Only visible to clan masters. Here you can look at the applications for your clan. This is also where the clan masters either accept or reject applications. When someone applies you will see their name and HZEs. An exclamation mark at the 'Manage' button tells you there is a new application.

Clan Raids
In a clan, you can fight immortals every 24 hours that give Hero Souls as a reward. To fight immortals you will not use the DPS or click damage you have in your own game but you will use your immortal damage, which is the damage you will do for each click. It will start out as 0, but you will gain 1 damage for every hero soul you gain from defeating primal bosses during your normal play total across all ascended worlds including the current world prior to ascension. Be prepared to click rapidly on the immortal after starting the fight as there is no passive damage unless you have Auto Clickers running.

When you decide to fight the immortal (you click the "fight" button) you will have 30 seconds to do as much damage as you can to the immortal. If you cannot kill the immortal, its HP won't reset. Damage from all clan member is combined to defeat the immortal. After your 30 seconds of fight time you will get kicked back to the clan window and from there you can re-enter the fight after a 1-hour cooldown. For every 24 hours, you have three free times to fight the immortal; you can spend 10 (100 on mobile) Rubies for each additional fight. If your clan does not manage to kill the current immortal by the end of the day (midnight in UTC, 4:00 PM in PST) then the immortal will reset to full health and it will be one level lower than the one you couldn't beat. So if you fail to kill the level 15 immortal, you will have the level 14 one the next day. However, with the latest patch (0.25b) this seems not be correct anymore. It more like if your clan fails to beat the immortal several (2+) times, it will reset to one level lower immortal.

It is also possible to kill multiple immortals in one go. This is called "overkilling". This will most likely happen with players that are further into the game and are capable of farming enough Hero Souls to one-click several immortals. This is a good way to get past the immortals that give such small rewards that they aren't worth your time. You will start the next day at the level past the last immortal you managed to overkill. For example, if you manage to kill immortals all the way up to level 18, you will start at level 19 on the next day.

- Leaving a clan will not reset your immortal damage to 1.
- Starting the raids while you are in a boss zone will reset the timer.
- If one of your clanmates has already attempted and failed to kill the immortal, you will not be able to overkill it. If you do finish killing it that will simply be it for today.
- After an immortal is killed or overkilled the player who killed it will not be able to fight immortals anymore for that day. Wait till the reset and you will be able to fight a new one.
- As of patch 1.0 overkilling is extremely bugged and may not work; there is no surefire way to fix this at the moment.
- If any Auto Clickers are clicking on the immortal, they will continue to click even after the timer is finished.
- Ancients have absolutely no effect on immortal damage or the reward.

The formula for boss health is 500 × 2n where n is the level of the raid boss. This means that the boss health is doubled with every new boss and the first boss has 1000 hp.

You will be rewarded in Hero Souls for killing the immortals. You will get a small base amount regardless of your performance, you will get it for just showing up. The main part of the rewards is earned by contributing to the damage done to the immortal. The more damage you do, the bigger the reward.When multiple immortals are overkilled in one go, the rewards will be based on the first one that was killed. It is still worth to overkill in the beginning since the higher level ones will give you much better rewards. In the math below 'ceiling' means that you need to round up the result of the formula within the brackets.

The reward formula is:

Reward (Hero Souls) = ceiling( base×(0.5 + 5 × percent/100) )
In which 'percent' is the percentage of damage you did to the boss and 'base' is the base reward the boss gives. The base value is calculated as below in which level means the level of the boss that was killed.

Boss level ≤ = 12:
base = level
Boss level > 12:
base = ceiling(2(level-1) / (100 + level × 10))
There is a cap on the reward that you can receive from a single immortal which is 10% of your Primal hero souls during this transcension, or 4 hero souls, whichever is higher.

Note: The percentage is calculated from the immortal health and not the total damage dealt as you can have a higher damage dealt value than the immortal health value. This difference is there because the entire damage a click was supposed to do is added to total damage even though the immortal didn't have that much health anymore. This happens with the last click unless you managed to do exactly enough damage to the immortal's remaining health, which is near impossible. E.G. the immortal has 8000 hp and your click damage is 3000. The immortal would die in 3 clicks. Your reward would be based on the 8000 health of the immortal even though your total damage counter would be 9000 having counted all the damage your clicks delivered.


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