Friday, February 9, 2018

Clicker Heroes: Ascension

Clicker Heroes: Ascension

Ascensionon Clicker Heroes
Ascension is an ability that the 20th hero names Amenhotep has once you level him to 150 at 1.920e19 prerequisite. Once unlocked, a special button will appear on the right side of the screen in case you don't want to ascend right away which is usually the case. Ascension allows you to reset the game back to level 1, and all your heroes back to level zero. Basically is a soft reset the world, wiping all progress, but achievements, hero souls, and Ancients.

But, why should I ascend? Ascension is an important part of this game, because of hero souls (HS)! It is advised to ascend whenever it takes too long to beat a level, even with using your skills. On your first ascension, this is usually around zone 140. The general consensus is to push to the next boss, checking if he's a primal, beating him if he is or ascending if he's not. Ascending for 5-15 HS is the most optimal for early game. It's important to note that you get 1 HS per every 2000 hero levels combined so make sure you level up your heroes as much as possible, and you must salvage all unequipped Relic before ascending.

You could be struggling around those zones for a few days, so don't worry; that's just a part of the game and you're not doing anything wrong. Ascending when it gets slow and getting HS will help you break down that wall and push further. This would be called the early game. Once you broke down that 140 "wall" and are able to push further, you're entering mid game. There is no need to ascend around 140 anymore, push as high as you can by employing your skills and EDR. This could take a couple of days and requires around 500 HS optimally and there is no real formula for when to ascend. This could be anywhere from zone 300 to 800, going higher with each ascension. You should be able to instant-kill all lower zones.

After every ascension:
You will keep: Hero Souls, Rubies, Ancients, Forge Cores, Outsiders, Mercenaries, Clans, Gilds, Auto Clickers, Equipped Relics
You will lose: Gold, Hero levels, Zone progress, Unequipped Relics (converted to Forge Cores)
You will gain: Hero Souls


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