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Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 12

Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 12

Pack 12 on Food Quiz
1. Ktc
2. Quorn
3. Coconut Secret
4. The Bon Bon Buddies
5. Almond Dream
6. Swedish Glace
7. Werther's Original
8. Rolo
9. Sweetex
10. Barny
11. Shloer
12. Snickers
13. Taylors
14. Leffe
15. Captain Morgan

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 12

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 12

Level 12 on Logo Quiz World
1. Ottawa Senators
2. Knorr
3. Lancia
4. Chery
5. Jacobs
6. Barilla
7. Aston Martin
8. SFR
9. Mclaren
10. Ernst & Young
11. Bvlgari
12. Teriyaki Experience
13. Beefeater
14. Easyjet
15. Subaru
16. Moulinex
17. Axe
18. Nelvana
19. Dolce & Gabbana
20. Isuzu
21. Yokohama
22. Jagermeister
23. Kuhne
24. S.Pellegrino
25. Raptors

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 11

Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 11

Pack 11 on Food Quiz
1. Becks
2. Fragata
3. Cook Italian
4. Carte D'or
5. Arla
6. Fruittella
7. Carte Noire
8. J20
9. Cravendale
10. Isabel's
11. Goodfella's
12. East End
13. Leerdammer
14. Cook & Co
15. Jus-Rol
16. Highland
17. Red Horse
18. Stubb's
19. Batchelors
20. Lowlow

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 11

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 11

Level 11 on Logo Quiz World
1. H&M
2. Smart
3. Montreal Canadiens
4. Grey Goose
5. Auchan
6. Alfa Romeo
7. Rolls-Royce
8. Turkish Airlines
9. Lenovo
10. Allianz
11. Lindt
12. Actimel
13. Range Rover
14. Greenpeace
15. Cirque Du Soleil
16. Continental
17. Yves Rocher
18. Bridgestone
19. Haribo
20. Vodafone
21. Tesco
22. Maserati
23. Versace
24. Ritter Sport
25. Burberry

Monday, 26 February 2018

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 10

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 10

Level 10 on Logo Quiz World
1. Infiniti
2. Lululemon
3. Activia
4. Lamborghini
5. Becel
6. Tropicana
7. Dr.Oetker
8. Diadora
9. Bugatti
10. Jacuzzi
11. Toblerone
12. Hugo Boss
13. Bentley
14. Epson
15. Tripadvisor
16. Acura
17. Mikasa
18. Air China
19. Inter Milan
20. Whirlpool
21. Four Seasons
22. Pantene
23. Heineken
24. Pandora
25. Dunlop

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 9

Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 9

Pack 9 on Food Quiz
1. Colman's
2. Crespo
3. Birds
4. Artisan Grains
5. Fentimans
6. Amoy
7. Fry's
8. Stagg
9. Baxters
10. Fruit 'n Fibre
11. Tate & Lyle
12. Mangajo
13. Horlicks
14. Homepride
15. Nando's
16. Jordans
17. Rowse
18. Hunger Breaks
19. Tizer
20. Schwartz

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 9

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 9

Level 9 on Logo Quiz World
1. Wendy's
2. Virgin
3. Evian
4. Marathon
5. New Balance
6. Levi's
7. Land Rover
8. Brother
9. Chicco
10. Casio
11. AEG
12. Porsche
13. Daewoo
14. Suzuki
15. Yamaha
16. Zara
17. Orbit
18. Persil
19. Vichy
20. Adobe
21. Vespa
22. Manchester United
23. Omega
24. Discovery
25. Wella

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Clicker Heroes: Walkthrough Guide

Clicker Heroes: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Clicker Heroes
Early Game
Starting out in Clicker Heroes you will have only a few things open to you. Your stats screen, achievements, the monster you're expected to click on a few times to kill, and Cid, the Helpful Adventurer. You must start out clicking whatever monsters appear on the right until you kill 5 of them. At this point, you can hire Cid to raise your base click damage. Once you kill 5 more monsters, floor 2 will be unlocked and you should click that floor and move there as you will get slightly stronger enemies and progress further into the game. You may notice you now have a new hero available to hire for 50 gold. It is suggested to get Cid to level 10 before buying Treebeast as heroes generally have upgrades for you to buy at level 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, and for Cid, 150. Leveling heroes will cost more and more gold as their level grows.

At this point, you probably already have the early achievements that involve killing a few monsters and clicking a couple of times. You will get more periodically for doing certain tasks. The further you progress into the floors the higher HP monsters you will face and the higher gold you will gain per kill. Due to Patch 1.0, Achievements no longer provide rewards for doing them except a number of times you ascend. At floor 5 you will be faced with the first boss. There is a boss every 5 floors and they all have a 30 second time limit for you to kill them in. If you can't kill the boss quick enough you will re-enter the boss floor and the boss will have full HP again. You can try as many times as needed to kill bosses. Do this until you reach deep into the floors. Remember to keep leveling the heroes until you've bought all the upgrades!

- Hold CTRL+Click to level a hero 100 times
- Hold Z+Click to level a hero 25 times
- Hold SHIFT+Click to level a hero 10 times.
- Hold Q+Click to level a hero 9999 times.
- Press T to move through modes (so you don't have to hold; ×25 is the best one to stay on, as you'll need it for leveling up your main heroes)

Early-Mid Game
You've become quite the treasure seeker, but your journey is far from over. You may notice that the monsters you're fighting are getting harder to kill, taking longer to slay even with your new heroes and upgrades. This is intended. By now you should have Amenhotep at around level 50 and the level 50 upgrade purchased. You will see that unlocked at level 150, quite the jump, is the "ASCENSION" ability. This is where you are headed. At this point, or very soon after, you will see 'Ascend for +1 Hero Souls' above your heroes in the upper right corner of the interface. You earned this HS from leveling your heroes up a total of 2000 times. Continue leveling up your heroes until you have a minimum of 14000 total hero levels. (You can see that you have 14000 hero levels in your statistics bar.) This will give you 7 hero souls.

Keep progressing to level 100 and you will fight a Centennial boss with a guaranteed reward of 1 Hero Soul the first time you kill him in that world. From now on each boss you face has a 25% chance to be Primal and give you a few Hero Souls when you kill it. These will be your main staple for HS in the future. Every 10 floors you beat from then on (F100) will also award you a Gild for a random hero. These will give that hero a +50% damage boost and stacks as many times as you have gilds. You should get to level 135, and kill the boss. When you get at least 8-16 Hero Souls you should use that ASCENSION ability. It will prompt you with a warning that you will have all of your heroes lost but will gain those HS. It is worth it. Ascend and move to the next stage of the game. Remember to use the abilities that appear next to the heroes' interface, they will help you out!

Early to Mid Game
You are now the owner of a few Hero Souls. Each soul gives you +10% DPS to all of your heroes (adds it to your base) and makes progressing back up to where you were, and higher, much quicker. You will also have the Ancients tab unlocked. You shouldn't worry about those on your first Ascension. As you may have guessed you will be doing ascensions many, many times.Progress through the game once more and meet new, stronger heroes. When the monsters seem too beefy to continue, ascend again. It is suggested to only ascend if you will get at least 150% of the HS you got last run, or 50% more. If you can make that number even bigger, all the better!

It will start to get difficult to keep up with what has mentioned above, seeing as Frostleaf is hard to level and Dread Knight is miles away. This is where you go back to Treebeast, as weird as it seems, and level him to 1000 or 1025. This will put his DPS to that of or greater than Frostleaf's. You generally want to level only certain heroes up to these high levels as the damage gained vs cost isn't the best for every hero. The best heroes for leveling are Treebeast, Ivan, Brittany, The Masked Samurai, and The Great Forest Seer. "Sam" is the best of these, but it will be after your first or second ascension before you can get him to 900+.

Go through this process until you have accumulated around 30-50 HS, at which point you should invest in the Ancients tab and summon an Ancient. There will be 4 ancients available. Only summon one of these, preferably high tier ancients if you have him and then level him up a few times. Don't spend more than 25% of your HS on whichever ancient as none of these give you damage back (except Siyalatas and Morgulis), only help with getting HS or progressing to the higher floors quicker. Continue to ascend with ever increasing HS values until you have a few hundred. This is where you get to start choosing your path to go on.

You've been working hard to get to this point. Lots of clicking and patience. Now you can choose which path (or a mix) you want to go on as you continue your adventure. You can choose the style of idling, where your heroes do the work for you and you need to just come back every once in a while to level them up and buy upgrades because of the auto progression feature. Unlocked after the first ascension or after floor 100. Or you can choose the Hybrid method where you start idle, until you lose either lose insta-kill or can't kill a boss (anywhere between those two points is also okay), and then focus on the game and click a lot of times. You should have an Auto Clicker, and have Siya beyond level 2.000e5 if you want to go Hybrid. Otherwise, just play idle until you can meet both requirements.

Before we get into the main progression methods I will mention some Ancients that are good for both paths, ordered in ones that are, in my opinion, most useful to get first.

- Mammon: Increases all gold drops. Only pairs well with Mimzee and Dora, since leveling him costs a lot of hero souls, so basically, you are losing a lot of DPS for proportionally fewer rewards if you don't have the other 2 Ancients mentioned.
- Atman: Increases the probability of Primal bosses to appear, up to +75%. Exponential cost. (2^n level up cost, where n is the next level)
- Mimzee: Increases gold from Treasure Chests by +50% gold per level.
- Argaiv: Increases bonus of Gilds by 2% each level. This becomes very very useful when you have over 50 gilds that you can put onto one hero.
- Morgulis: Adds an extra 10% damage to your Hero Souls. (makes then 11% DPS bonus each instead of 10%) Morgulis pairs very well with Chor'gorloth the Outsider.
- Dora: Increases Treasure Chest appearance chance. Exponential cost.
- Kumawakamaru: Lowers the monsters you need to kill to reach the next floor. (Limit= -8) Exponential cost. If the monster reduction is a decimal, it becomes a % chance for the next floor to have either the normal or one less monster to kill. i.e.: -1.53 would be -1, and a 53% chance to have -2. Reentering the floor does not change the kills required.
- Dogcog: Lowers the price to upgrade and hire heroes by up to 99%. Exponential cost.
Fortuna: Gives a chance to give 10x gold for each kill, max 99.99% chance. Works on chests and the clickables. Exponential cost.
- Bubos: Lowers boss HP by up to 50%. Exponential cost.
Vaagur: Lowers skill cooldowns by up to 75%. Exponential cost.

Now that we've established which Ancients are good for any build, let's get to the two main styles of progression mid to late game. Before we get into this method, we need to define what Idle mode is. Idle mode is activated once you have not clicked any monsters or used any abilities for more than 60 seconds. If your abilities last for more than one minute, their duration will not stop idle mode from activating except for Clickstorm so you can get those last seconds to work in conjunction with idle mode. It's not suggested to use abilities more than just after starting.

Idle Build
This method focuses on letting your heroes do everything for you, and using the game's Idle status for your benefit. You will need two key ancients to get this method rolling:

- Siyalatas: Increases idle DPS. This is a must get for this build.
- Libertas: Increases gold gained when idle. Very useful with chest spawns.
- Mimzee: Increases gold from chests. When combined with a decently leveled Dora chests will be just about the only method of actually gaining money at a noticeable rate.

The key thing with the idle method is that you must not click on the monsters. You can still click on the food clickables that appears without the idle status breaking, but you must click right on them and only once. Leveling up heroes will not lose idle status.

This method will get you the fastest progression through floors that you can "instant kill" (where the monsters' HP never even appears and "Dead!" is constantly displayed) but will leave you 50-200 floors below your actual maximum floor that you can reach if you have some clicking damage and critical damage ancients leveled up a good bit. It's optional to use this "Hybrid" method, but useful for pushing for that next achievement or to get just a little bit more Hero Souls.

Active Build
This method focuses entirely on how many times you can click per second and how focused you can be on what is going on. You will be using just about, if not every ability that you have at your disposal along with specific ancients to boost your click and critical click damage through the roof. While click damage is important, as you progress into this build your Critical clicks will do upwards of 10,000x more damage than both your normal clicks and DPS combined. It is important to have all of the upgrades purchased for every hero that gives you 0.5% more click damage from your DPS and ones that boost Critical clicks in any way. Key ancients for this build are:

- Juggernaut, Increases your damage based on how many stacks you get from active clicking, at least once per 5 minutes. Stacks can exceed 100,000 easily. It is expected that you will be using an auto clicker to save yourself from wrist and finger cramps from clicking thousands of times per run. You must purchase this ancient for this method to be of any use at all, depending on how active you are. The Juggernaut bonus does not stack with idle bonus, either idle DPS override or the higher DPS does.
- Fragsworth, increases click damage by 20% per level. Good for raising your base click damage to more than that of your base DPS.
- Bhaal, Increases Critical Click damage by 15% per level. This ancient will give you that through the roof damage clicks that will one-shot monsters until your maximum 100 floors.
- Sniperino increases duration of Lucky Strikes. Other Duration increasing ancients are good, but with the exponential cost, it's not as good. Relics can help with this, and late game relics can give upwards of +400 seconds to Lucky Strikes.

The next component of this method is the abilities that you will be using. Assuming you have them all unlocked already, start by using Energize, Dark Ritual, then Reload. This will give you 10% more DPS and give Dark Ritual a 1-hour cooldown reduction. (Hotkeys 8,6,9) Next use: Powersurge, Lucky Strikes, Metal Detector, Golden Clicks, and Super Clicks. (Hotkeys 2,3,4,5,7)

You should already have your Auto-clicker up and running. Using these abilities almost ensures that you will crush the next 20-40 areas. Remember to level up your heroes 100 times every now and then with CTRL+Click. You can hold down the key to check how much money you need to level them to the desired amount. Whenever possible use Powersurge and Clickstorm if it doesn't create much lag. Every 3rd use of Powersurge, use Powersurge, Lucky Strikes, and Metal Detector. (Hotkeys 2,3,4)

Every other use of the previous combo use: Powersurge, Lucky Strikes, Metal Detector, Energize, Super Clicks. (Hotkeys 2,3,4,8,7). You can use Energize on either Powersurge or Super Clicks. Technically Energizing Powersurge is a little better as you boost the hero's DPS too so they can do more damage, but your click dmg already does everything so it's hardly noticeable. If you are pre-transcendent, save golden clicks and maybe metal detector too for the super chests boosted by Mimzee, Thusia, Pluto, and Mammon. When the dark ritual is available for use, you can either click it again then use reload after it or wait until energize is ready then use the order: 8,6,9.

It should be noted that this method can go on forever if you want to leave the game auto clicking overnight, but it starts to become lacking in returns as Juggernaut is additive and not multiplicative. A good ascending point is when it takes over 50 critical clicks to kill an enemy, can't kill the boss, or reach 1.000e5-2.000e5 stacks. Past 1.000e5 stacks, there's very little benefit from the extra stacks in the short term which typically is around 5-15 minutes.

Mid to Late Game
By now, you've Chosen how you wish to play the game and have gotten quite far into the game, reaching floor 300 and beyond. However, you've unlocked a few things since choosing your play-style: Clans, Mercenaries, and Transcendence. Each one will be of use to you as you progress through the game, though clans may be of less use depending on where the clan's immortal is leveled.

Once you get a Mercenary you will want to send it out on a quest, if you have the option to get a second merc from the quest, pick that every time. You can have up to 5 mercs at one time. Mercs have a set lifespan each time you get one or revive it. The lifespan is randomly chosen and can be a short as a few minutes to more than 5 days. Lifespan is only drained while questing. Hiring a merc is 40 rubies, so unless you're trying to get a high rarity merc, reviving them is usually a good option and doesn't restart their quest. Quests will be a very good source of gold to push a little further past a wall, Hero Souls to progress faster in general, Relics to boost your game, or to get rubies to buy gilds or quick ascensions.

Now, Transcendence is where you want to be headed. Transcending will give you Ancient Souls which can be fed to the Outsiders to boost aspects of your game. Specifically Idle ancients and Hero Soul gain. These boosts are very strong and often you will want to transcend your first time almost if not immediately. After you ascend your last time to get the HS from that run) You should have around a dozen AS your first transcendence. A decent spec for your outsiders at this point would be 2/0/2/1/6. This is assuming you have 12 AS. You may change this up as you please, but you will want to make sure you don't hit your "Transcendent power" cap (the Bonus HS you will receive, based on Borb, Phan, and the HS fed to the Outsiders) too early on as you will only be losing HS if you reach is too quick.

A good point to Transcend for the second time, or for any time in the future for that matter, is when you have 6-8 AS reach to be acquired. If it's still easy to get the next AS then continue doing ascensions until you feel like reaching the next AS will take too long. A helpful resource for where to spend your AS can be found here, however, it's still your game.

Late to Very-Late Game
You've done the steps, you've achieved great heights and by now you have accumulated Millions, Billions, Trillions, even 1e20's of Hero Souls and don't know where to go from here. You can keep grinding for higher and higher numbers of Hero Souls and Ancient Souls or:

- If you haven't got every non-floor achievement, try to get those.
- If you haven't got to move your gilds to Midas after buying Wepwawet and have Midas be your main source of damage, you're not done yet.
- If you haven't buried Leeroy Jenkins, it's time to let your worst 2 or 3 mercs die to try and farm for his name.
- If you haven't gotten a level 70+ clan Immortal dead in a single click, there's a new goal. Level 80, 90...
- Ancients to keep investing into are:
- The ones key to the build you chose to use if you use Hybrid you will be leveling them all.
- Argaiv. Your 500 gilds on that one hero will benefit greatly from Argaiv's boost.

Some other things to keep in mind. Always keep ~1.000e5-2.000e5 HS on you at all times for re-gilding. Sometimes leveling your ancients isn't always the best thing to do. Holding onto a bunch of HS might sometimes be better just to give you some raw DPS bonus, or leveling Morgulis for a little extra.

Heroes get multipliers every 25 levels once they are level 200. At level 200 they get 4x damage, 225, 4x damage again. This effect stacks upon itself. Every 1000 levels there is a 10x multiplier, up to level 8000. For the heroes after Frostleaf, from levels 525 to 725 they get a 5x damage multiplier. If you have exhausted most other really good Ancients, purchase Morgulis (If you haven't already) and dump most of your remaining souls into him. (may take a while with the number of HS you have). He gives a flat 10% boost for all the HS you bank into him. (Turns each HS into giving 11% more DPS instead of 10%)

Hold Shift to level ancients 10 times in a click, hold CTRL to level them 100 times in a click, hold Z to level them 1000 times in a click, hold Q to level them up as many times as possible, and hold V to choose the exact amount of levels you want to put into an ancient. Sometimes a mix of both methods can be good. Use the Idle method to get past the first chunk of floors then use the Active method for the rest of what you can reach. Should take about an hour for each part and you will double the HS from just the idle method alone.

Use the "Buy Available Upgrades" button at the bottom of the Heroes list! It will save you a bunch of tedious clicking. And don't worry, it doesn't auto-buy the ASCENSION upgrade. Take a break sometimes! The game still gains gold while you're gone. Additionally, you will progress floors while the window is closed until you reach a boss that your DPS cannot beat in the allotted time. If you feel like you aren't making any progress, use the idle method for a day or 2, resetting every hour or two and just accumulate HS. By the next day, you will probably have gotten a good amount compared to what you had before and can progress further or buy/upgrade more ancients.

Automated Playing
This method consists of using an automation tool in order to repeat the "Energized Dark Ritual with fast Reload" process a lot of times. Since the Dark Ritual increases the DPS exponentially, it is the most efficient way to power up, therefore automation is a natural way to answer that simple question: how to progress in the game without spending a lot of time in front of the computer. The automation of Dark Ritual is more efficient than leaving Juggernaut and auto clicker working together for hours.

The Automated Method can take you to zone 4800 with no much actual play time spent in front of the computer. In other words, you can painlessly get 20 Energized Dark Rituals (×6.7275 DPS bonus) with this method. At this stage, you have actually reached the late game. This play style is described in 3 parts: basics, guidelines for Ancients and Relics, tips for manual intervention. Although the core of the method is automation, there are a few strategies to follow in order to make it efficient.

The basics of the Automated Method
Unlock all the skills as soon as possible, summon and boost to the max all the Ancients that improve them, with the highest priority to Vaagur get a faster cooldown first. Less than a dozen of Ascensions should be enough if mercenaries are used wisely for getting the HS.
Implement the following loop with any automation tool - The technical details are omitted which software, window focus, and screen saver issues since that is actually the funniest part in this play style.

1. Activate skills: 1-2-3-4-5-7-8-6-9
2. Wait 15 min.
3. Activate skills: 8-9-1-2-3-4-5-7
4. Wait 2 min 30 sec.
5. Activate skills 1-2
6. Wait 2 min 30 sec.
7. Activate skills: 1-2
8. Wait 2 min 30 sec.
9. Activate skills: 1-2-3-4
10. Wait 2 min 30 sec.
11. Activate skills: 1-2
12. Wait 2 min 30 sec.
13. Activate skills: 1-2
14. Wait 2 min 30 sec.
15. Go to the beginning and repeat!

A good number of iterations for this loop is 16. This corresponds to 8 hours of automated progression each time the loop is executed, and 8 hours is good for sleeping or going to work. Furthermore, 16 Energized Dark Rituals worth an x4.59 (=1.1^16) damage bonus, which is equivalent to performing 25 level-ups for all Heroes (x4 damage). One funny thing to do manually in Automated Method is to toggle the Progression button. It is disabled automatically when you lose against a boss. When upgrading DPS with Dark Ritual, there is no need to progress in the game. The player can stay at its current level, iterate with Dark Ritual in order to get stronger, and then enable progression before the spell Activating. Sometimes it is useful to disable progression for farming before fighting the next boss.

Guidelines for Ancients and Relics
Make the mercenaries work for HS and Relics. With patch 0.25, a good way to manage the mercenaries consists in choosing long quests (1 or 2 days) in order to maximize the quest reward and mercenary's XP. If the mercenary dies, revive him up to level 12. With this method, one week is enough to get a Legend. Do not spend all the HS you gain. Each time you gain and spend HS, save some in order to get higher and higher HS damage bonus.

Since Automated Method involves both active and idle playing, it is recommended to summon and upgrade the Ancients so that both playing styles are boosted. When going high (to level 1000) with Ancients, give priority to the ones that give more money: Mammon and Mimzee. Go high as well with the ones that give more click damage: Argaiv, Bhaal, Fragsworth, Juggernaut. The harder you hit, the further you reach, and the more money you get from Treasure Chests. For the idle playing, no need to push Siyalatas and Libertas too high (level 300 is OK) since their bonuses are decreasing with respect to their levels. All Ancients are useful, except Morgulis (normal HS bonus is good enough). Every Ancient that have a maximum level limit should be upgraded to the top during middle game, before going high with the ones that have no limit.

When managing the relics, always favor the ones that boost the spells. Relics are the only means for going past the maximum level limit of some Ancients. For instance, Clickstorm becomes very interesting when its duration is more than 150 seconds: non-stop Clickstorm is possible when this skill is activated over and over. Boosting Golden Clicks duration is also very interesting.

Tips for human interventions
Besides managing the Heroes, the Ancients and the Mercenaries, the player can still use auto-clicker during the idle part of the process (15 minutes with no skill activated) in order to get a higher click bonus at the next iteration. A better thing to do is to kill monsters until a Treasure Chest is found; then stop auto-clicker and leave the automated skill activation to do the job for stealing its money. Generally speaking, human intervention is welcome as long as the player gets more money than leaving the automation alone.

The player can also interrupt the automation in order to farm manually. In this case, it is good to break the routine of the spell automation, in order to use Energize and Reload with Golden Click and Metal Detector. When the Treasure Chest is huge (much more HP than your DPS), stealing its gold twice with Golden Click is very profitable. A good way to find quickly a Treasure Chest consists in auto clicking with Lucky Strikes, Powersurge, and Super Clicks without Clickstorm. When a Treasure Chest is found, stop the auto clicker and wait for the damage spells cooldown. After that, steal the money with Golden Click and auto clicker. A good tuning for auto clicker is 35 clicks per second. At this rate, Golden Click is very powerful with the auto clicker.

Another good reason to interrupt the automation is the deep running. The deep running consists of leaving auto clicker for hours so that the click combo will become huge (above 1.000e5). Then, when the click combo bonus has no more effect, break the combo by reloading the game. Iterate this until you find a Treasure Chest. Due to high levels, the chest should have high health and yield loads of gold. At this point, Clickstorm, Metal Detector, and Golden Clicks should be activated.

Manual farming and deep runs are good when you are lacking patience and want to perform a giant step. Otherwise, just leave the automation alone. Dark Ritual is just a free and exponential damage bonus. Theoretically, there is no progression limit using solely Dark Rituals You can beat anything with only one level 1 basic Hero, but you have spent enough CPU time. Indeed, the problem with Dark Ritual is the reload time, which cannot go below 30 minutes. This is why farming and spending money can greatly accelerate the process. In practice, leaving the automated farming with no manual intervention lead to a fair progression rate.

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 8

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 8

Level 8 on Logo Quiz World
1. Chrome
2. Fiat
3. Taco Bell
4. Chevrolet
5. Mccain
6. Pontiac
7. Cartier
8. Hertz
9. Iveco
10. Japan Airlines
11. Sap
12. Kodak
13. Opel
14. Ford
15. Pioneer
16. Kenwood
17. Olympus
18. Sapporo
19. Marriott
20. PWC
21. Tetley
22. Roots
23. Dolby
24. Intel
25. Samsonite

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Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 7

Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 7

Pack 7 on Food Quiz
1. Ben & Jerry's
2. Young's
3. Frijj
4. Ambrosia
5. Crosse & Blackwell
6. Marmite
7. Hartleys
8. Aunt Bessie's
9. Ringos
10. Magnum
11. Pop Chips
12. Kingsmill
13. Blue Riband
14. Lavazza
15. Birds Eye
16. Fab
17. Emmi
18. Double Decker
19. Hobnobs
20. Hollands

Clicker Heroes: Pre-Transcendence Guide

Clicker Heroes: Pre-Transcendence Guide

Pre-Transcendence Guide on Clicker Heroes
This page is meant for players who are new to the game, having just started Clicker Heroes and have not yet reached zone 300. The goal of Clicker Heroes is to optimize the speed at which you progress through zones. This can be sped up by gaining Hero Souls and buying ancients, and the process of gaining these can be further sped up by gaining Ancient Souls. For now, we will focus on gaining Hero Souls, but first, we need to know the most efficient way to earn them.

By clicking on the monsters with your mouse, the first hero you hire, after gaining 5 coins, is Cid, the Helpful Adventurer. She will help upgrade your click damage, making it easier for you to progress through the zones. Once you get her to level 10, you can get her first upgrade, which is called Big Clicks and will double her click damage. Now when you get enough gold to hire Treebeast, do so. He will deal damage over time, called DPS (damage per second). This kind of damage is different from click damage,. You won't need to click for him to do damage because he will damage the monsters himself. Level him up to level 10, and buy his first upgrade, called Fertilizer, which will double his DPS. Note that each level requires more and more gold to level up a hero. This is because every level requires about 1.07× as much gold to level up, while the damage increase is linear. (It is in zone 200.)

You will then earn enough gold to hire Ivan, the Drunken Brawler, and then level him up. You'll want to get him to level 10, where you will be able to buy his first upgrade, Hard Cider. You will then hire Brittany, Beach Princess, level her up to level 10, and buy her first upgrade. You will do the same with The Wandering Fisherman, leveling him up to level 10, buying his first upgrade. Now level up Cid, the Helpful Adventurer to level 25, and buy her 2nd upgrade, Clickstorm. This is really a skill, and you can use it to auto-click for a while, which is nice. Then hire Betty Clicker. You'll get Betty to level 10, but instead of buying her first upgrade, you will move on and hire The Masked Samurai. Level him to level 10, as usual, and buy his first upgrade.

Here are the next steps:
- Level Treebeast to level 100, and buy his last upgrade only.
- Level Ivan, the Drunken Brawler up to level 100, and buy his 4th and 5th upgrades.
- Hire Leon, level him up to level 10, and buy his first upgrade.
- Hire The Great Forest Seer, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
- Level The Wandering Fisherman to level 100, and buy his last 2 upgrades.
- Hire Alexa, Assassin, level her up to level 10.
- Hire Natalia, Ice Apprentice, level her up to level 10, buy her first upgrade.
- Level Betty Clicker to level 100, and buy all of her upgrades.
- Hire Mercedes, Duchess of Blades, level her up to level 10, buy her first upgrade.
- Level Leon to level 75, and buy his last upgrade.
- Hire Bobby, Bounty Hunter, level him to level 10, buy his first upgrade
- Hire Broyle Lindeoven, Fire Mage, level him to level 10.
- Hire Sir George II, King's Guard, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
- Level Alexa, Assassin to level 100, and buy her 1st, 4th, and 5th upgrade.
- Hire King Midas, level him up to level 10.
- Hire Referi Jerator, Ice Wizard, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
- Level Mercedes, Duchess of Blades and 12bobby Bobby, Bounty Hunter to level 100, and buy their last upgrade each.
- Hire Abaddon, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
- Level Broyle Lindeoven, Fire Mage to level 100, and buy his 1st and 5th upgrades.
- Hire Ma Zhu, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
- Level Sir George II, King's Guard to level 100, and buy his last upgrade.
- Hire Amenhotep, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
- Level King Midas up to level 125, and buy all of his upgrades.
- Hire Beastlord, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
- Level Referi Jerator, Ice Wizard to level 125, and buy his last upgrade.
- Hire Athena, Goddess of War, level her up to level 10, buy her first upgrade.
- Level Abaddon to level 75, and buy his last upgrade.
- Hire Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, level her up to level 10, buy her first upgrade.
- Level Ma Zhu to level 75 and buy his last upgrade.
- Hire Shinatobe, Wind Deity, level her up to level 10, buy her first upgrade.
- Level Amenhotep to level 50, and buy his 2nd and 3rd upgrades.
- Level Shinatobe, Wind Deity to level 25, buy her second upgrade.
- Level Beastlord to level 100, and buy his last 2 upgrades.
- Hire Grant, the General, level him to level 10, buy his first upgrade, level him to level 25, buy his second upgrade.
- Level Aphrodite, Goddess of Love to level 100, and buy her 4th upgrade.
- Hire Frostleaf, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade, level him up to level 25, buy his second upgrade.
- Level Shinatobe, Wind Deity to level her to level 100, buy her last upgrade.
- Level Grant, the General to level 50, buy his 3rd upgrade.
- Level Frostleaf to level 50, buy his 3rd upgrade, level him up to level 75 and buy his last upgrade.

This is how you will play for a while, until a certain point. Note that the next hero, Dread Knight, will not have to be hired. He is just way too expensive for you to even bother in your first transcension.

You may have noticed that every 5 zones, there is a boss, who is about 10 times as strong as a normal monster and requires you to defeat it in 30.0 seconds or less. If you succeed, you can continue progressing, but if you fail, you will have to farm on the previous zone in order to gain more Gold, level up your heroes, and increase your DPS to be able to defeat the boss in sub-30.0 seconds. Also, some bosses will be primal when you get past level 100 Omeet, that is, they will offer Hero Souls if killed. If you go back to a primal boss, it won't offer Hero Souls anymore, but it might on the next ascension.

When you get to zone 130, you will want to level up all your heroes to quite high levels. Press 'T' twice to toggle to the ×25 levels, and go to each hero, leveling them up until the Gold requirement is beyond 1000O or so. You should have about 14,000 hero levels(shown in the stats in the 3rd tab). This will give you 7 more Hero Souls, because, for every 2,000 hero levels, you will gain 1 Hero Souls upon ascending. Then you will ascend, unless the zone 160 monster is primal, in which you will use all your skills to try and defeat him. The zone 160 monster is a Big Feets. To ascend, level Amenhotep to level 150, buy his last upgrade, which will ascend. What happens when you ascend, is that you will restart back at zone 1, and you'll have to buy your heroes again. You'll keep your rubies, your achievements, your ancients, your relics, your clans, and your mercenaries. The difference, is, that you will have earned Hero Souls, in which each of these gives an additive 10% bonus to your base DPS. They will help make you stronger in order to progress even further into the zones. Once you earn enough Hero Souls, you'll be able to pass zone 160, 165, 170, and so on, until you reach zone 300.

After you have ascended and have enough Hero Souls, you'll want to buy some Ancients. The ancients tab is the 4th tab, and you have 3 possible options for which ancient to summon first. Ancients require you to spend Hero Souls, so you'll want to be careful with your selection. The first ancient you'll want to buy is either Atman, Libertas or Siyalatas. Another good option is Juggernaut if you have a default Auto Clicker. If none of these are possible options, you should probably reroll, to gain new options. The one Hero Souls it costs to re-roll is worth it.

Once you summon an ancient, you'll want to make sure you don't spend too many Hero Souls upgrading it. Each Hero Souls provides 10% DPS. To upgrade Siyalatas to level 2 (+50% DPS), that costs 3 Hero Souls, and it is worth it as it is better than the 30% otherwise provided by the Hero Souls. However, to go to level 3, you'll spend 3 more Hero Souls, losing 30% DPS only to gain 25%. You should summon another ancient if you can gain the amount of Hero Souls it requires to summon that Ancient in 20 minutes or less, from the beginning of an ascension. If you can't, it's probably not worth buying it. After every ascension, you should import your save into the calculator to find out the optimal way to spend your Hero Souls on summoning and leveling up ancients.

If you've bought Siyalatas or Libertas, you won't need to hire Cid, the Helpful Adventurer or any of the click-enhancing upgrades (Treebeast's last upgrade, Ivan, the Drunken Brawler's 4th and 5th upgrade, etc etc), since these won't have any effect. You'll no longer need to click on the monsters in your games. You will still need to click and use abilities to beat bosses in many cases. For the rest of your ancients, you'll summon pretty much anyone you want except for Berserker, Bhaal, Chawedo, Energon, Fragsworth, Hecatoncheir, Juggernaut, Kleptos, Sniperino, and Vaagur. If you bought Juggernaut and hopefully an Auto Clicker, you'll want to level him with Relics. If you can get 3-4 Juggernaut relics, you'll be doing ~25× combo damage very soon. Look for other ancients that help with DPS or clicking, but not idle-mode enhancements.

Rubies are earned from clickables. Always click these when they appear, not the Bumblebee, but the Orangefish, or from mercenaries (not suggested for pre-transcendent players). The first thing you will buy, when you get 50 Rubies, is the 2× damage multiplier to all your damage forever. After that, you will always buy Quick Ascensions every time you save up 50 Rubies, but you should also save 50 Rubies before you transcend. Players should also buy at least 1 Auto Clickers because it saves you effort to purchase hero and clicking. Note that these get more and more expensive the more you buy them. Make your mercenaries go on quests for Hero Souls. After transcending, you'll want them to go on quests for other things, too, but for now, Hero Souls are the bonuses you want from your mercenaries.

In the middle of an ascension you can have as many Relics as you want, but can only use the bonuses from 4 of them at the same time; the others are placed in Junk Pile and you need to salvage them before you ascend. Salvaging Relics grants you forge cores, which are used to upgrade Relics. You should upgrade the high tier Relics first. For now, you'll want Relics that give bonuses to Atman, Dogcog, and Bubos. After transcending, the Relic tier will change, but this is what you'll want for now.

You can request to join a clan, or you can make a clan for 50 Ruby Rubies. It is not suggested for you right now. You can fight the immortal by clicking on it. It won't affect your idle status. You'll deal damage, and this damage, called immortal damage, is based on how many Hero Souls you've earned through primal bosses. If you've been given the option to be the clan leader, good for you! You can decide whether or not to let certain people in. For now, don't worry about achievements. None of them will help your game really, except the ascension achievements, but you'll get those with time, so don't even think about them. Once your game gets boring, and you're already pretty far into the game, then go for the achievements.

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 7

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 7

Level 7 on Logo Quiz World
1. Microsoft
2. Spotify
3. Mini Cooper
4. Linkedin
5. Michelin
6. Aquafresh
7. Chupa Chups
8. Jaguar
9. Walt Disney
10. Perrier
11. Schweppes
12. Garnier
13. Mitsubishi
14. Armani
15. Martini
16. Pirelli
17. Cisco
18. Citizen
19. Nintendo
20. Tata Group
21. Boeing
22. Ericsson
23. Fujifilm
24. Oracle
25. American Eagle

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Clicker Heroes: Zones

Clicker Heroes: Zones

Zones on Clicker Heroes
Zones (also called levels or floors) are numbered areas through which you progress as part of the game's goal. You start off at zone 1, and every zone after that is 1 higher than the last one. Each zone contains monsters that will drop Gold upon defeat. Their HP and Gold reward grows with the number of your zone. To unlock a new zone, you have to consecutively defeat a set amount of monsters in your current highest zone first, which increases in difficulty as you get deeper into the game.

There are two types of zones: regular zones and boss zones. By far most zones are regular zones. They require you to kill 10 monsters in order to move onto the next one. This requirement can be lowered by obtaining and leveling Kumawakamaru. The second type is boss zones. They appear once every 5 levels, and they will have a special monster with extra HP that has to be killed within 30 seconds. The upsides of boss zones are that they only require you to kill 1 monster in order to unlock the next zone and that monsters killed in boss zones drop extra Gold.

From floors 1-140, each boss takes approximately 10 times the DPS of the previous boss. After that, bosses will require approximately 2 times the DPS of the previous boss. Obtaining Chronos will increase the amount of time you have to defeat a boss. 1 level in Chronos will give 1 extra second, 2 levels will give 1.97 extra seconds total, and so on, with each level giving slightly less extra time, up to a limit of 30 extra seconds total. Bubos reduces boss HP by a limit of 50%. Ascension, a special upgrade provided by Amenhotep, allows you to destroy your world and create a new one with added Hero Souls to speed up your progress. After ascending, you will start back at zone 1.

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 6

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 6

Level 6 on Logo Quiz World
1. Firefox
2. Volkswagen
3. Mastercard
4. Mazda
5. Android
6. Doritos
7. Internet Explorer
8. Citroen
9. Risk
10. Tommy Hilfiger
11. Western Union
12. Braun
13. Skype
14. Louis Vuitton
15. Kleenex
16. Windows
17. Nikon
18. Panasonic
19. IMDB
20. Dunkin' Donuts
21. Energizer
22. Hyatt
23. Goodyear
24. Bluetooth
25. General Electric

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 5

Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 5

Pack 5 on Food Quiz
1. Airwaves
2. Primula
3. Richmond
4. Fox's
5. Tilda
6. Dolmio
7. Mattessons
8. John West
9. Clover
10. The Fruit Factory
11. Nakd
12. Askeys
13. Mcvitie's
14. Butterkist
15. Anchor
16. Frootz
17. Hula Hoops
18. Stork
19. Saxa
20. Rustlers

Clicker Heroes: Upgrades

Clicker Heroes: Hero Upgrades

Upgrades on Clicker Heroes
Heroes are the main source of DPS in Clicker Heroes. You obtain a hero by hiring them with an amount of gold earning by defeating monsters. All heroes do damage over time automatically, except Cid, the Helpful Adventurer. At every 25 Hero levels, starting at level 200, the damage for that hero is multiplied by 4 excluding Cid. At the first 8 levels that are multiples of 1000, the multiplier is 10 instead of 4. Between level 525 and level 725, all Heroes after Frostleaf have a multiplier of 5 instead of 4.

Self-DPS Upgrades
- Most Heroes have upgrades that boost their own DPS. They are implemented to cross the gap between level 1 and level 200 (where the hero gets their first ×4 multiplier).
- There are 149 Upgrades of this kind.

Cross-boost DPS Upgrades
- There is one hero, Wepwawet, who has two upgrades, each of which increases the DPS of exactly one other hero. He has one upgrade that boosts Betty Clicker's DPS and one upgrade that boosts King Midas's DPS.
- There are 2 upgrades of this kind.

DPS Upgrades
- There are some heroes that give you a global DPS bonus.
- The final DPS multiplier of all these upgrades is exactly ×72.681976318359375.
- There are 19 Upgrades of this kind.

Gold Upgrades
- There are some heroes that give you a bonus of all Gold found.
- The final Gold multiplier is approximately ×13.18359375.
- There are 7 Upgrades of this kind.

Skill Upgrades
- Some Heroes will unlock a skill through one of their upgrades.
- A skill is a special ability that can be activated to increase your Gold or DPS for 30 seconds (some Ancients can raise this number). After it has been used, a skill needs to cool down before it can be used again.
- There are 9 Upgrades of this kind.

Click Damage Upgrades
- Some Heroes have an upgrade that increases your Click Damage by 0.5% of your total DPS per upgrade. This was implemented to allow clicking to still be worthwhile when Cid, the Helpful Adventurer doesn't add enough damage anymore.
- The final percentage of DPS your Click damage does is 3.5.
- There are 7 upgrades of this kind.

Critical Click Chance Upgrades
- A few Heroes will upgrade your Critical Click chance through upgrades.
- Without those upgrades, your Critical Click chance equals 0% and you won't get any Critical Clicks.
- There are 3 upgrades of this kind.

Critical Click Multiplier Upgrades
- There are some heroes that will upgrade your Critical Click multiplier through some of their upgrades.
- There are 2 upgrades of this kind.

Other Upgrades
- There is one upgrade that doesn't fall into any of the above categories: Amenhotep's Ascension upgrade.
- Ascension allows you to destroy everything and reset your world but makes up for that by giving you valuable Hero Souls which make progress easier.

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 5

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 5

Level 5 on Logo Quiz World
1. Pepsi
2. PlayStation
3. Reese's
4. Puma
5. Lacoste
6. Hyundai
7. Colgate
8. Air France
9. Sheraton
10. Motorola
11. Nissan
12. Philips
13. eBay
14. Sharp
15. Pizza Hut
16. Renault
17. Subway
18. Barbie
19. Oral-B
20. Gillette
21. Red Cross
22. Minute Maid
23. Toshiba
24. Lufthansa
25. Ferrero Rocher

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Clicker Heroes: Transcendence

Clicker Heroes: Transcendence

Transcendence on Clicker Heroes
Transcendence is roughly a super-Ascension: in addition to sacrificing your Gold and Hero levels, you also sacrifice Ancients, Hero Souls, Relics, and Gilds (not gilds purchased with Rubies as you'll gradually earn them back). In exchange, you receive Ancient Souls and Transcendent Power. Transcendence becomes available after defeating Woodchip, the Rodent (boss of zone 300). You can choose to respec when you transcend: simply tick the "Respec on Transcension" when you transcend. Unlike Hero Souls, all Ancient Souls are earned back when respeccing. Mercenaries will be locked immediately post-transcendence but will be kept in store "as-is" and unlock at the normal time (level 139 or after one Ascension) and remain just as they were when you left them. Purchased gilds are only temporarily lost; you regain 5% of them every time you earn a gild normally. But, on mobile, Mercenaries will still be available post-transcendence. Transcendence does not replace Ascension: each Transcendence cycle is worth and will require several Ascension cycles, increasing as your Transcendence rewards do.

Xyliqil | Bonus: Improved Idle bonuses | Cost per level: Level+1 AS | Cumulative Bonus: (1.5^Level-1) × 100% | Max Level: None
Chor'gorloth | Bonus: Reduce ancient costs | Cost per level: Level+1 AS | Cumulative Bonus: (1-0.95^Level) × 100% | Max Level: 150
Phandoryss | Bonus: Increase DPS | Cost per level: 1 AS | Cumulative Bonus: Level × 100% | Max Level: None
Ponyboy | Bonus: More primal hero souls | Cost per level: Level+1 AS | Cumulative Bonus: Level^2 × 1000% | Max Level: None
Borb | Bonus: Improved Kumawakamaru | Cost per level: Level+1 AS | Cumulative Bonus: Level × 10% | Max Level: None
Rhageist | Bonus: Improved Atman | Cost per level: Level+1 AS | Cumulative Bonus: Level × 25% | Max Level: None
K'Ariqua | Bonus: Improved Bubos | Cost per level: Level+1 AS | Cumulative Bonus: Level × 50% | Max Level: None
Orphalas | Bonus: Improved Chronos | Cost per level: Level+1 AS | Cumulative Bonus: Level × 75% | Max Level: None
Sen-Akhan | Bonus: Improved Dora | Cost per level: Level+1 AS | Cumulative Bonus: Level × 100% | Max Level: None

Transcendent Power
Transcendent Power increases the Hero Souls dropped by Primal Bosses. Each Ancient Soul earned is worth a tiny bit of Transcendent Power. Every point in Transcendent Power gives a bonus to the number of Hero Souls dropped, beginning with level 105, for which the boss gives 20 (× Ponyboy effect × TP%) extra Hero Souls if it is Primal. For every subsequent boss, this value is multiplied by TP.

Immortal Damage
While Hero Souls count is reset and with it, the player's Hero Souls reward cap from defeating an Immortal — Immortal damage isn't reset. Therefore the player's value to its clan isn't diminished by transcending. The sole thing that happens regarding clans is the fact that the "Highest Zone Ever" value does freeze for a while, the time for a said player to reach it back.

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 4

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 4

Level 4 on Logo Quiz World
1. Apple
2. IBM
3. Lexus
4. Pringles
5. Cadbury
6. Folgers
7. Burger King
8. Holiday Inn
9. Coca-Cola
10. Alitalia
11. Snickers
12. Chrysler
13. Fanta
14. Bosch
15. Kool-Aid
16. Bayer
17. Seiko
18. HP
19. BP
20. Amazon
21. HSBC
22. Godiva
23. Reebok
24. Rolex
25. British Airways

Monday, 19 February 2018

Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 3

Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 3

Pack 3 on Food Quiz
1. Nesquik
2. Haribo
3. Stella Artois
4. Danone
5. Barilla
6. Belvita
7. Ricola
8. Chips Ahoy!
9. Betty Crocker
10. Pom-Bear
11. A2
12. Cornetto
13. Flake
14. Ribena
15. Oykos
16. Dairylea
17. Allinson
18. Innocent
19. Kettle
20. Robinsons

Clicker Heroes: Skills

Clicker Heroes: Skills

Skills on Clicker Heroes
There are 9 skills available that are unlocked after buying certain heroes' upgrades. Once unlocked, they have no extra costs, but you have to wait for a specific cooldown time after each use. Skills will disappear when you ascend through Amenhotep so they will have to be unlocked again. In Mobile, Clickstorm is replaced with Tapstorm, Golden Clicks is replaced with Golden Taps, and Super Clicks is replaced with Super Taps.

Clickstorm - Hotkey 1
Description: Automatically performs 10 Clicks per second for 30 seconds.
Energized Description: Automatically performs 20 Clicks per second for 30 seconds.
Unlocked At: Lvl 25 of Cid, the Helpful Adventurer | Base Cooldown: 10 mins

Powersurge - Hotkey 2
Description: +100% DPS for 30 seconds.
Energized Description: +200% DPS for 30 seconds.
Unlocked At: Lvl 75 of Ivan, the Drunken Brawler | Base Cooldown: 10 mins

Lucky Strikes - Hotkey 3
Description: +50% chance of Critical Click for 30 seconds.
Energized Description: +100% chance of Critical Click for 30 seconds.
Unlocked At: Lvl 100 of Alexa, Assassin | Base Cooldown: 30 mins

Metal Detector - Hotkey 4
Description: +100% Gold dropped for 30 seconds.
Energized Description: +200% Gold dropped for 30 seconds.
Unlocked At: Lvl 100 of Broyle Lindeoven, Fire Mage | Base Cooldown: 30 mins

Golden Clicks - Hotkey 5
Description: Clicks give 1.0% of monster's gold, for 30 seconds. (0.1% on Bosses)
Energized Description: Clicks give 2.0% of monster's gold, for 30 seconds. (0.2% on Bosses)
Unlocked At: Lvl 100 of King Midas | Base Cooldown: 1 hour

The Dark Ritual - Hotkey 6
Description: Multiply your current DPS by 1.05 for the duration of your world. Stacks up to 20 times per Ascension.
Energized Description: Multiply your current DPS by 1.1 for the duration of your world.
Unlocked At: Lvl 75 of Abaddon | Base Cooldown: 8 hours

Super Clicks - Hotkey 7
Description: +200% click damage for 30 seconds.
Energized Description: +400% click damage for 30 seconds.
Unlocked At: Lvl 100 of Beastlord | Base Cooldown: 1 hour

Energize - Hotkey 8
Description: Doubles the effect of the next skill you use.
Energized Description: none
Unlocked At: Lvl 100 of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love | Base Cooldown: 1 hour

Reload - Hotkey 9
Description: Reduce the cooldown of the last skill you used by an hour.
Energized Description: Reduce the cooldown of the last two skills you used by an hour. (Ignoring Energize)
Unlocked At: Lvl 100 of Shinatobe, Wind Deity | Base Cooldown: 1 hour

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 3

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 3

Level 3 on Logo Quiz World
1. Lay's
2. Mars
3. Google
4. Nike
5. Skittles
6. Wikipedia
7. GMC
8. CNN
9. Ikea
10. Oreo
11. Honda
12. Siemens
13. Jeep
14. Prada
15. Lipton
16. Ulker
17. M&M's
18. Milka
19. Nivea
20. Gap
21. Lee
22. Kraft
23. KLM
24. Mountain Dew
25. Airbus

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Clicker Heroes: Rubies

Clicker Heroes: Rubies

Rubies on Clicker Heroes
Rubies are the premium currency in Clicker Heroes. They can be obtained from clickables, mercenary quests, or by purchasing them from the Shop using real money.

From the Shop
Rubies can be purchased directly via real money on all providers, except Kongregate.
Kongregate users will need to purchase Kreds to their account first and use those to buy the rubies.

Free Rubies
- Clickables have a small chance to drop a ruby when clicked upon. The cap for this is 25 times per ascension. On top of that, you have a 4% chance to get a 2nd ruby from a clickable, or more with Revolc. This means you will end up on average with 26 rubies per ascension.
- Mercenaries can be sent on specific quests to obtain rubies (or a chance to obtain rubies).

Free Rubies on Other
- Developers occasionally publish limited-user promo codes for free rubies on the official Twitter page and/or Reddit page. Promo codes can be redeemed by clicking the "Redeem" button in the bottom right corner of the Options menu and the menu button is shaped like a spanner.
- From watching advertisement videos every 5 every hour only on Android/iOS.

Ruby Shop
Most Ruby purchases can be made from the Ruby Shop, which is accessed by clicking the green button below the monster HP bar. Do note that on web browsers such as Armor Games, you must create an account and log-in to it in order to use the shop. This can be avoided by going to the spanner at the top right, pressing it, clicking the 'save' button, saving your progress somewhere on your device, opening the original Clicker Heroes website, pressing the spanner on it in the top right, clicking 'import' pasting you date there and then you will be able to play with the shop.

Timelapse - Cost: 10 (8hr), 20 (24hr), 30 (48hr)
Effect: Fast-forward 8, 24, or 48 hours in time. Your cooldowns refresh, and you get a certain amount of Gold based on your DPS and highest zone. It also progresses through zones and takes time off mercenary quests.
State after Ascension: Lost, State after Transcension: Lost

Auto Clicker - Cost: 100 + 50 × Number of Auto Clicker owned
Effect: Auto Clicker can be used to automatically level heroes, activate skills, and click monsters for you! Auto clickers on the monster stack unlimitedly, clicking exponentially more times per stack (starting at 10 CPS), exceeding the click limit.
State after Ascension: Remained, State after Transcension: Remained

Quick Ascension - Cost: 50
Effect: Additional Hero Souls will be added to the current total (not the "Ascend for" total) without resetting the levels. One Ascension will also be added to the total Ascensions in the stats. The Quick Ascension reward is equal to the Sum of Hero Souls from all non-Centennial bosses beaten up to your HZE * Chance of Boss being Primal + Sum of Hero Souls from Centennials. This includes Hero Souls from Transcendent Power.
State after Ascension: Remained, State after Transcension: Lost

Double Damage - Cost: 50
Effect: Adds a permanent 2x multiplier to all damage. Can be purchased only once.
State after Ascension: Remained, State after Transcension: Remained

3 Random Gilded Heroes - Cost: 30
Effect: Up to 3 heroes will have a gild added. One hero may be gilded more than once with this purchase. Only seen heroes can be selected. Heroes marked as LOCKED on the Gilded Heroes screen are not eligible. The Gilded Heroes screen can be reached by clicking the "?" button in the Shop or by clicking the "Gilded" button at the bottom of the Heroes list.
State after Ascension: Remained, State after Transcension: Lost at first, but restored gradually

3 Relics - Cost: 40
Effect: Gives you 3 random Relic without having to hunt for them. You need to ascend at least once in order to unlock this purchase.
State after Ascension: Remained, State after Transcension: Lost

On Android/iOS
2x Damage Multiplier - Cost: 500
Effect: Adds a permanent 2x multiplier to all damage. Can be purchased only once.
State after Ascension: Remained, State after Transcension: Remained

Treasure - Cost: 25
Effect: A minimum of 1,000 Gold will be added to your total, based on DPS.
State after Ascension: Lost, State after Transcension: Lost

3 Random Gilded Heroes - Cost: 200
Effect: Up to 3 heroes will have a gild added. One hero may be gilded more than once with this purchase. Only seen heroes can be selected. Heroes marked as locked on the Gilded Heroes screen are not eligible.
State after Ascension: Remained, State after Transcension: Lost at first, but restored gradually

Refresher - Cost: 20-160
Effect: All skill cooldown times will be instantly reset, except for Dark Ritual.
State after Ascension: Lost, State after Transcension: Lost

Quick Ascension - Cost: 500
Effect: Additional Hero Souls will be added to the current total (not the "Ascend for" total) without resetting the levels. You need to defeat level 105 to unlock Hero Souls.
State after Ascension: Remained, State after Transcension: Lost

3 Random Relics - Cost: 400
Effect: Gives you 3 random Relic without having to hunt for them. You need to ascend at least once in order to unlock this purchase.
State after Ascension: Remained, State after Transcension: Lost

Other Purchases
There are also a few purchases which can't be made directly from the shop.
Create a new clan - Cost 50
Immediately fight an Immortal, without having to wait - Cost 10
Instantly hire a new Mercenary - Cost: 40
Revive a Mercenary - Cost: 10 + 1.5^(Mercenary level)

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 2

Logo Quiz World: Global - Level 2

Level 2 on Logo Quiz World
1. KFC
2. Mercedes
3. 7Up
4. Visa
5. Twix
6. Twitter
7. iTunes
8. Sprite
9. BBM
10. Dior
11. Chanel
12. Gmail
13. Shell
14. Kia
15. Gucci
16. Fila
17. Audi
18. T-Mobile
19. JVC
20. Canon
21. Samsung
22. Nestle
23. Bic
24. Sanyo
25. Fedex

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 1

Food Quiz: Britain - Pack 1

Pack 1 on Food Quiz
1. Kellogg's
2. Starbucks
3. Cadbury
4. Tropicana
5. Doritos
6. Dr. Oetker
7. Pepsi
8. Heinz
9. Wall's
10. Maggi
11. Jacobs
12. Mentos
13. Smarties
14. Hellmann's
15. Dr Pepper
16. Nescafe
17. Kit Kat
18. Extra
19. Rice Krispies
20. Ocean Spray

Food Quiz: General FAQs

Food Quiz: General FAQs

General FAQs