Friday, December 22, 2017

The Impossible Quizmas: Walkthrough Guide

The Impossible Quizmas: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on The Impossible Quizmas
Note: Answers written in red indicate that the question features a explosive Quizmas Pudding, which burns for 10 seconds before exploding.

1. Hepatitis B
2. The ghost of Christmas pasta
3. There are 6 different question variations:
- Ex. 1: A bauble (boar bull)
- Ex. 2: Mistletoe (missile toe)
- Ex. 3: Boxing Day (a day who boxes)
- Ex. 4: Tinsel (tin cell)
- Ex. 5: Sweet baby Jesus (Jesus as a jelly baby)
- Ex. 6: Seasons greetings (greeted by seasonings)
4. Click the blinking bulb (randomised) // Skip: A bulb with a tiny, barely noticeable dent on the socket (also randomised)
5. Years of alcohol abuse
6. Move the candy cane across Chris' tongue until all the red has been licked off
7. Carol (multiple variations, but the answer is always the same, even if it changes positions)
8. Drag the Santa hat off the duck's head, then press the red button. // Skip: Randomised locations (to the left or right of the duck's neck, below or to the right of the question number, above the S in "Lives", to the left of the skip slots, or below the Quizmas Pudding)
9. For that authentic slightly ropey Impossible Quiz experience
10. Type what Frank says. There are 4 different prompts:
- Ex.1: Halibut
- Ex.2: Sprouts
- Ex.3: Giblets
- Ex.4: Angles // +1 Free Skip
11. Drag away the "Christmas tree" option to reveal the presents. (He leaves the presents underneath the "Christmas tree")
12. This question is the Halloween Special
13. 5 stars (click the question star five times)

14. Move the hollies away and click the mistletoe // Skip: Click the arrow-shaped leaf hidden below the hollies
15. Click the middle of the X (X marks the spot of pirate treasure)
16. Remove Rudolph's dim nose (make sure to move it until it breaks), and replace it with the bright red dot from the exclamation mark
17. Rearrange "Santa" into "Satan"
18. Easter (Noël = No L)
19. 2-part question. First, move Badly Drawn Dawg away from Badly Drawn Bitch by using the left arrow key, until the cracker blows up. Then, answer the randomised question found inside the cracker.
- Ex.1: Stand next to a fan
- Ex.2: It's Deer
- Ex.3: He got 25 Days
- Ex.4: Tissues
- Ex.5: No idea
- Ex.6: I don't like sprouts
20. Click the word "Christmas" until it cracks // +1 Free Skip
21. Click on the stomach repeatedly until all the food is digested
22. Somewhere you can stuff a turkey
23. Hold the mouse cursor still, or move it out of the Flash window, then wait ("Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse")
24. Click the names from the Rudolph song: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. The order doesn't matter, just click all eight of them.
25. Click any Skips you still have to open them and unlock the Quizmas presents inside. This will charge the up arrow. If you found and opened all 5, the arrow lights up and becomes harmless. Otherwise, it will take away one life when you click it. When asked if you still remember, click the Christmas lights in the usual order: Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow.


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