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Troll Adventures: Walkthrough Guide

Troll Adventures: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Troll Adventures
1: Click the lamp on the right counter, then drag the lamp on the left to the bin.
2: Click to cut the pink, yellow and red wires. Now spam and click the countdown timer to 1:5, then cut the green and blue wires.
3: Click and drag the left hand to The Leaning Tower of Pisa, then click on the phone.
4: Click and drag the platform to the left.
5: Click the first picture from the left, then click on the top right of the empty frame. Second picture from the left to the top right of the frame. Third picture from the left to the bottom right of the frame. Last picture to the bottom left of the frame.
6: Click on Banana, Apple, Orange, and Lemon on the table, then click Pitaya on the list.
7: Click the bridge when the boat is sailing near towards it.
8: Click on the right coconut tree 5 times.
9: Click on the mallet lying on the ground.
10: Click on the tablet where the Statue of Liberty is holding, then click the guy on the left crane.
11: Click on the corresponding colored buttons on the color notes below the white line.
12: Click and drag the most right armor to the left.
13: Click and drag the sun from right to left.
14: Click the pink yarn besides the toilet bowl, then click on the toilet flush.
15: Click on the earbuds beside Geta sandal, then click on the gong.
16: Click on the middle briefcase left and right lock, then click on the button in the briefcase.
17: Click on the woody vine at the middle.
18: Click on the square panel on the airplane, then click the wire, lastly click the button.
19: Click and drag the wall all the way up, then click the guy holding the flag.
20: Click on the glue beside the left pile of green bottles.
21: Click on the orange orb on the pineapple stall on the left.
22: Click on the three icicles 3 times each.
23: Click and drag the Bearskin hat down, then click on the guy holding a camera.
24: Double click on the donkey's ear.
25: Drag and hold the moon until the meteor collides with it.

List of Flags on Troll Adventures
1: Level 3 - The flag is around the two guys in front of The Leaning Tower of Pisa
2: Level 4 - The flag is on the left Torii.
3: Level 10 - The flag is on the skyscrapers at the background.
4: Level 13 - The flag is at the top of the right pyramid.
5: Level 15 - The flag is on the sliding door.
6: Level 19 - The flag is on the Great Wall of China at the left.
7: Level 20 - The flag is on the pole on the right.
8: Level 21 - The flag is between the stall on the right.
9: Level 22 - The flag is on the left of the cliff.
10: Level 23 - The flag is on the skyscrapers at the right background.


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