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I Am An Insane Rogue AI: Walkthrough Guide

I Am An Insane Rogue AI: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on I Am An Insane Rogue AI
Tier 1
Overload Lights – Turning off lights will zap humans standing nearby. Overload lights are permanently disabled.
Type: Can Toggle On/Off | Cost: $100
Aggressive Algorithm - Eliminating humans gives you 1 cycle per kill.
Type: Passive | Cost: $100
Self Destruct - All hacked bots deal more explosion damage on death.
Type: Passive | Cost: $100
Electric Locks - Locks deal 2 electrical damage when unlocked by humans.
Type: Passive | Cost: $100
Speed Boost - Start a level with more processing cycles.
Type: Passive | Cost: $100

Tier 2
Reinforced Plating - Blue utility bots have extra health.
Type: Passive | Cost: $250
Core Efficiency - Gain an extra 3 cycles from each hacked computer.
Type: Passive | Cost: $250
Rigged Computers – Hacked computers explode when clicked.
Type: 5 Cycles/Use | Cost: $250
Auto Subroutines - You gain extra time to chain together combos.
Type: Passive | Cost: $250
Public Address - All hacked bots automatically turn off lights.
Type: Passive | Cost: $250

Tier 3
Military Codes - Hacking cost for security drones reduced to 3 cycles.
Type: Passive | Cost: $1000
Sniper Bot – Instantly kills a selected Human.
Type: 15 Cycles/Use | Cost: $1000
MakeShift Firearms - Hacked utility bots can fire bolts.
Type: Passive | Cost: $1000
Electronic Locks - Locks last for 7 seconds.
Type: Passive | Cost: $1000
Neurotoxin Release - Panicking humans on the selected floor will die quickly.
Type: 10 Cycles/Use | Cost: $1000

Tier 4
Sprinkler Systems - Shorts out all computers and bots on a selected floor.
Type: 15 Cycles. 1 Use/Facility | Cost: $2500
Overhead Bypass - Gain an extra 6 cycles from hacked computer.
Type: Passive | Cost: $2500
Defense Override - Gun turrets can now be hacked.
Type: Passive | Cost: $2500
Experienced Hacker - Computers take only 3 seconds to hack.
Type: Passive | Cost: $2500
Drone Assault - Spawns 5 killer drones on a selected floor.
Type: 15 Cycles/Use | Cost: $2500

Tier 5
Killer Cyborg – Teleports a killer cyborg onto a selected floor.
Type: 25 Cycles/Use | Cost: $10,000
EMP Detonation – Affects entire facility. All bots are destroyed, as well as to 5 computers.
Type: 25 Cycles. 1 Use/Facility | Cost: $10,000
Zombie Virus – Dead humans will automatically be turned into Zombies.
Type: 1 Cycle/Zombie | Cost: $10,000
Mass Brainwash – All humans on a selected floor turn hostile on each other.
Type: 25 Cycles/Use | Cost: $10,000
Portal Technology – Creates a portal system on the selected floor: all humans and bots are instantly teleported elsewhere.
Type: 15 Cycles/Use | Cost: $10,000

Recommended Build on I Am An Insane Rogue AI
Pacifist Build
1. Speed Boost
2. Aggressive Algorithm
3. Core Efficiency
4. Electric Locks
5. Auto Subroutines
6. Electronic Locks
7. Sniper Bot
8. Experienced Hacker
9. Overhead Bypass
10. EMP Detonation

Violent Build
1. Overload Lights
2. Aggressive Algorithm
3. Speed Boost
4. Self Destruct
5. Electric Locks
6. Core Efficiency
7. Auto Subroutines
8. Reinforced Plating
9. Rigged Computers
10. Public Address
11. Neurotoxin Release
12. Electronic Locks
13. Sniper Bot
14. Makeshift Firearms
15. Military Codes
16. Overhead Bypass
17. Defense Override
18. Experienced Hacker
19. Sprinkler Systems
20. Drone Assault
21. Zombie Virus
22. Portal Technology
23. Mass Brainwash
24. EMP Detonation
25. Killer Cyborg

I Am An Insane Rogue AI Walkthrough Guide
The easiest way to win the game without losing lots of cycles is playing by Pacifist means. Pacifist does not kill any humans in the game. To do this, you will need to chase away humans from the floor before you hack the computers. Chasing humans can be done by disabling lights and enabling lights in other floors so those humans will stay there. However, there are times where engineers spoil your plan as they turn on the lights back on. You can destroy those lights using Overload Lights skill. But only do that if there is no other choice, and destroy those lights away from humans without killing them. Always start hacking with the least humans first, then gradually go to other floors. Don't permanently put out all lights, you can resettle humans if done correctly.

Another way to win the game is through eliminating humans by hacking bots to do your evil bidding. In the earlier levels, you can kill humans by hacking the blue utility bots. Later on, you can use Overload Lights to kill wandering humans, and Security Yellow Bots that shoots. And finally overtaking the gun turret. It’s much wiser to take on the Gun Turret First, followed by the Yellow Bot before summoning your killer cyborg. Personally, the first violent upgrade on Tier 5 should be Zombie Virus, however, you should try to get all of your achievements for Pacifist before it or any violent upgrade for that matter. Because the later levels will get so hard to complete as a pacifist. Scientists will take more damage from Neurotoxin Release when they are in darkness.


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