Thursday, July 20, 2017

What's My IQ?: Walkthrough Guide

What's My IQ?: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on What's My IQ?
1: Slide the button to the left.
2: 36
3: 1
4: Mary
5: 0
6: 999
7: Left
8: 7
9: Use two fingers to tear the note apart.
10: Rotate the phone 90 degrees clockwise to portrait mode.
11: The word "number" in the sentence.
12: None
13: Tap the words “pail” and “water” at the same time.
14: Wipe your finger across the car until it is clean.
15: Shake your phone.
16: Rub the 's' off the word "arrows".
17: Tap start, then stops when the 6th light bulb lights up.
18: Dag the bottle and the star into the dotted lines, then drag the diamond to fit inside the star.
19: 14, 22, and the word "even".
20: Tap the middle pail at the top row.
21: Brown.
22: 6
23: Tap the middle pail at the top row.
24: Tap the word "Mary" in the sentence.
25: Use two fingers to break apart the bread. Tap the $1 and the $0.10.

26: Tap the "x" on the triangle.
27: Drag all the stars onto the word "stars".
28: Drag the far left line up, and tap 99.
29: Drag the pepper shaker underneath the word "soup". Shake the pepper onto the word "soup."
30: 8
31: Drag the clouds to the middle, then drag Peter into the house.
32: Drag the words "no smoking" into the circle.
33: Turn your device face down.
34: Tap the word in "mistakes" and "likes".
35: Tap the roll button, then input 21.
36: Drag the word "north" underneath and between the two left compasses. Then tap both of the compasses.
37: Flip your device upside down then drag the dart through the balloons.
38: Drag the photo frame to the left. Tap the word photo when the star is within the frame.
39: Drag the "cat" in "catfish" away from the word, then tap "cat".
40: Drag all the campfires on top of each other, then tap the combined campfire.
41: Use two fingers to spread apart the cloud.
42: Tap the 20kg weight and the 10kg weight. Slightly tilt your phone
43: Drag the middle top fish away. Tap the fish that is different underneath.
44: Tap the doorbell quickly five times
45: Use two fingers to drag apart the small cloud. Tap the small left cloud.
46: Drag the sun from left to right to make nightfall. Tap the owl.
47: Type "It".
48: Hold the charge button until the batteries are charged.
49: Tap the square under the heart, diamond, and upside down club to turn them red, then tap open.
50: 18


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