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Troll Face Quest Video Memes: Walkthrough Guide

Troll Face Quest Video Memes: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Troll Face Quest Video Memes
1: Tap the juice, then tap and drag both legs to the right.
2: Tap the green stem four times.
3: Tap the Gopher once, then tap the troll once. Tap the Gopher again, lastly tap the troll twice.
4: Drag the helmet in the poster to the guy on the right, then tap the radio.
5: Tap the girl several times until she is hanging on the tree. Now tap the trash bin and then tap the girl.
6: Tap the 'Play' button in the center then hold and drag the man to the left, now tap the left and right elephant.
7: Tap to drop the phone into the blender, then tap on the drawer 3310 two times on the right to reveal the Nokia. Tap to drop into the blender, and switch on the power.
8: Tap the man then tap the curtain, after that tap the valve and lastly the curtain again.
9: Tap the man on the 1st row, right corner in the audience.
10: Tap the person, then tap the baby several times.
11: Tap on the dumpster, then hold on the troll's head and swipe down. Subsequently, tap and hold to bring it back up. Lastly, tap on the guy then the cat.
12: Tap to open the train door, then tap on the 'foot' button and the troll face button on the right.
13: Hold and drag down the man very slowly!
14: See that blue star (dot) in the sky background? Tap on it three times.
15: Tap the man's foot then tap his hands quickly several times.
16: Tap and drag the bar to the left twice, then tap the shovel.
17: Hold and drag the goat image on the left to the play button, then tap the play button.
18: Hold and drag the Mario to the left bottom box, now tap the man several times.
19: Tap and chop all the food, then click the bowl. Do not press the thumbs up yet. Instead, tap on his face, then the bowl. Lastly, tap on the thumbs up.
20: Tap the computer screen 3 times until you see the man with fire on his head, then tap the Buddha statue above the man. Lastly, tap the man once.
21: Hold and drag the eyes from left to right guy. Same for the hat and mustache, drag them from left to right guy. Lastly, tap the right guy once.
22: Spam taps until the red dot reached the end of the maze, then quickly tap the monitor during the jump-scare.
23: Tap the selfie stick on the left leg of the camera tripod, then tap it the selfie stick to extend. Tap the phone lying on the table, now tap to record. Finally, tap the box ten times.

24: Hold and drag down the elevator until it reaches number 1, then tap the small button below the red horse button.
25: Tap on the screwdriver in PewDiePie's pocket. Tap to unscrew the bolt on the ear, then tap on his head and finally the tiny blue guy.
26: Tap the cloud, then tap the rainbow and finally the guy.
27: Tap the sunflower, then tap the spider, then tap the cow. Now drag the octopus to the right then tap the bee.
28: Tap on the troll's face first. Now tap on the red button on the camera, then quickly click on his face once. Lastly, click play on the computer.
29: Tap and hold the guitar. Keep holding and move your finger to the alien, then stop holding. Now tap the robot.
30: Tap the 1st and 9th pipe which will connect the pipe, then tap the blue wheel on the left.
31: Tap the cat, then tap the guy, then tap the cat again.
32: Hold and drag the play button to the right. Tap the fast forward button then press the play button.
33: Tap the curtain once, then tap and hold the moon.
34: Tap and hold the ice bucket and move to the right. After that tap on the bin, then tap on the guy.
35: Tap the triangles on the left, revealing the hidden guy (8 clicks in total). Now tap and hold the white shape on the right until it becomes black, then tap the black shape.
36: Tap on the guy, then next to his pants twice. Tap on the troll sitting on the toilet. Finally, tap on the troll to proceed.
37: Tap the guy, and he will start dancing. Tap him once again, now tap and drag the Moscow floor upwards.
38: Tap anywhere, then tap left and right arrow quickly until the faces of the kids change. Now tap left arrow twice.
39: Tap the right cloud in the middle, then tap the sky above the cloud. Now quickly tap the troll face on the green tree on the left.
40: Tap the guy then tap the lever on the right. Now tap and hold the guy's face. Tap the unicorn and finally the vehicle.
41: Tap any guy burrowing in the ground, then tap the guy inside the box, now tap the bird.
42: Hold and drag the ground upwards, then tap the right hole. Lastly, tap the camera.
43: Drag the left hat, braces from the poster, eyeglasses on the right to the cat. Now tap the trolling cucumber.
44: Drag the guy's head up then tap the shirt, drag the guy back down then tap the legs.
45: Tap the guy's mouth then tap the toilet tank four times, finally tap the guy's mouth.
46: Tap and hold the tummy of the big panda on the right.
47: Tap the camera then press the red shirt or green shirt guy in the stadium, lastly the camera again.
48: Tap the left man, then tap the middle man before he hands the crown to the left guy.

List of Duck Locations in Troll Face Quest Video Memes
1: Level 4 - The duck is behind the left TV.
2: Level 9 - The duck is behind the left-hand statue.
3: Level 10 - The duck is behind the right cactus.
4: Level 13 - The duck is behind the left toy.
5: Level 15 - The duck is in the right trash can.
6: Level 16 - The duck is behind the right ear.
7: Level 23 - The duck is at the back of the guy.
8: Level 25 - The duck is at the back of pewdiepie.
9: Level 30 - The duck is behind the valve on the right.
10: Level 37 - Tap the guy three times until you reached the beach background.


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