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Troll Face Quest Unlucky: Walkthrough Guide

Troll Face Quest Unlucky: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Troll Face Quest Unlucky
1: Tap the Up arrow from the box.
2: Tap to flush the toilet, then open the toilet seat.
3: Tap on the Ostrich's left leg.
4: Tap the drill on the left lying around on the left, then tap the drill again.
5: Tap the hat, then tap the hat again.
6: Tap the bombs display to 00, then tap the mines.
7: Tap the little guy's eyes.
8: Tap on the left side of the tree branch where the little guy is sitting, then tap the little guy.
9: Tap the right side of the bin, then tap the machine.
10: Tap the clock until 9:00, then tap the man and tap the store.
11: Tap the button to turn on the TV, then tap the button to shut down the TV.
12: Tap to open the left cabinet at the top right, then tap again.
13: Tap to move the car, move until it is under the flag and stop tapping. The right tire is under the flag pole.
14: Tap to remove all the items in the vault, then tap the burglar.
15: Tap the yellow note, red note, green note, brown note, and then the head.
16: Tap and hold the lever on the Helium Tank until the balloon grows to its maximum, then tap the balloon.
17: Tap to move the box on the bottom right, then tap to connect the fan plug then tap the coin on the hand.
18: Tap all the nine smiling troll face, then wait for the countdown to 0 seconds. Now tap the last smiling troll face.
19: Tap and hold the stone in the little guy's hand.
20: Tap the guy several times until its moves to the right side.
21: Tap the man to make it jump, you will only need to jump for the first two plank.

22: Tap the left green button until it reaches 99 and stops. Now tap the right green button.
23: Tap and drag the 13 board down, then tap the horse.
24: Tap the zipper on the bull.
25: Tap the frog twice then tap the man.
26: Tap on the cheque, then tap on the barcode scanner.
27: Tap on the carpark barrier, then tap the car.
28: Tap the top left speaker icon which mute the sound.
29: Tap and drag the fish food on the left, then tap the superfood. Now tap the bottom left fish.
30: Tap and drag the car down or up to avoid any incoming obstacle, press the troll face wall when the car turned into a tank.
31: Tap the drill and tap it once more to change into a hammer, now spam tap the wall repeatedly.
32: Tap the urchin on the bottom right rock sticking out, then tap the fishing pole and drag the urchin to the rod. Now tap the urchin.
33: Spam taps any elevator button until it blows up, then tap the wire.
34: Tap the right key, then the left key, then the left key, then the middle key, finally tap the box.
35: Tap on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 button once.
36: Spam taps the number '13' on the table repeatedly.
37: Tap the guy once, then hit the top mosquito. Now tap and hold the guy's head, finally tap him again.
38: Tap any three holes and purposely miss all the hits, now tap the mole.
39: Tap all three drinks on the counter, then tap and hold all three kids one by one until the drinks are finished. Afterward, tap all three kids and lastly the guy on the right.
40: Spam taps the safe handle repeatedly.
41: Tap the guy on the right then tap and hold the pizza.

List of Key Locations on Troll Face Quest Unlucky
1: Level 4 - The key is under the Danger sign.
2: Level 5 - The key is behind the left pillar.
3: Level 9 - The key is on the machine once you move to the right.
4: Level 12 - The key is at the top of the dispenser.
5: Level 15 - The key is at the nib of the pen.
6: Level 17 - The key is beside the fan on the top shelf.
7: Level 20 - The key is at the top right, under the pipe.
8: Level 22 - The key is the 'D' letter on TROLLFACE ARCADE.
9: Level 26 - The key is at the right corner of the counter.
10: Level 31 - They key is on the left side of the sleeping troll.

List of Cat Locations on Troll Face Quest Unlucky
1: Level 2 - The cat is at the bottom right of the toilet.
2: Level 4 - The cat is behind the right brick wall.
3: Level 6 - The cat is behind the minetroller on the left.
4: Level 7 - The cat is behind the left chair.
5: Level 8 - The cat is lying inside tree hollow.
6: Level 17 - The cat is behind the left picture frame.
7: Level 22 - The cat is behind left arcade machine.
8: Level 31 - The cat is behind the right bed.
9: Level 37 - The cat is behind the picnic basket.
10: Level 40 - The cat is behind the left safe box.


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