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Troll Face Quest Sports Puzzle: Walkthrough Guide

Troll Face Quest Sports Puzzle: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Troll Face Quest Sports Puzzle
1: Tap the "Troll" on the signboard.
2: Tap the man shoulder to inflate his muscles, then tap on the barbell.
3: Tap the moon three times, then tap the moon again on the ground to kick it.
4: Tap the hair sticking out at the bottom right corner, then tap to jump onto the goat.
5: Tap the hair sticking out behind the weights to make a troll and dog appear, then tap the dog to release it.
6: Tap the ball hidden behind the desk near the troll doctor, then tap the ball.
7: Tap the smiley cloud in the top center above the Cauldron.
8: Tap the little guy's head, then tap it again.
9: Tap the goal post once, then tap the signboard three times.
10: Tap the black screen then quickly press the troll's head on the right.
11: Tap the goalkeeper, then tap on the ball.
12: Tap and hold the man until he is levitating in the air, then drag him across to the right side.
13: Tap the boombox, then tap the little guy's shoe and finally his head.
14: Tap the CD player, tap and get rid of the disk to the left of the screen. Now drag the CD to its hand, then tap the CD.
15: Tap to reveal the scissor at the lower left side, then tap on the red poster. Tap the red card on the floor then tap the bouncer to make him go away. Finally, tap the troll to enter the stadium.
16: Drag the target closer then tap the shooter.
17: Tap the little guy to put on the parachute, tap him again.
18: Tap to drink all the bottles, then tap the troll.
19: Spam taps the troll repeatedly until the bar to full, then tap the ball.
20: Drag the big cloud to the right.
21: Tap the chair then tap the little guy's head. Now tap and hold the shaver three times slowly over his head.
22: Spam tap on the small guy.
23: Tap the air pump two times then tap the inflated ball.
24: Tap and sink the opponent boats, then tap on the troll's boat.
25: Tap and slide the skateboard ramp to the right.
26: Tap the lever shape object on the top-left side, then tap on the little guy twice.

27: Tap the exhaust of the three cars then tap on the traffic light.
28: Tap on the crowd, then troll. Repeat three times.
29: Tap the Periscope three times, then tap the front part of the submarine and spin the turbine.
30: Tap and make the score shows "03".
31: Tap troll, then tap ice skater.
32: Tap the troll's hand, then tap on the convict.
33: Tap the "Finish" banner, then tap the man with sunglasses in the crowded, lastly tap the little guy.
34: Tap the shaded bottle on the right side of the bar to reveal it, tap the bottle and then the little guy.
35: Tap the two screws holding the bicycle.
36: Tap and hold the little guy.
37: Tap the display screen to "60".
38: Tap the oddly-shaped tree at the top-right part of the hill. Drag and light it on fire, then drag back down to the back of the little guy and tap again.
39: Tap the left gymnastic ring, then the window.
40: Tap the little guy and wait! Do not tap the "Click Here" button.
41: Tap the boxer, then quickly tap on the punching bag.
42: Tap and slide the cabinet to the left, then unplug the scanner and tap on the bouncer.
43: Tap twice on speed-o-meter then on the bobsled.
44: Tap the TV once, then spam tap the drum the little guy holding several times.
45: Tap on the feather from the troll's head.
46: Tap the television twice, which screen on a soccer match, then tap the exercise ball.
47: Tap the little guy's head three times, then tap on the green hat on the center.
48: Tap on all little dope pills except the bottle with '!!!' There are 7 in total then tap the troll.
49: Tap on the trash can, then slide the stinking shoe in front of the crowd, finally tap to enter.
50: Tap on the 'I' from the III to remove them, then tap on the 'I' from the remaining II.
51: Tap the pocket of the guy sitting down and then tap the candy. Now tap the refrigerator and pour the red cup, now blend it and serve the guy.
52: Tap to reveal the red marker beside the kettlebell, tap all the poster on the wall and lastly on the troll.

List of Medal Locations in Troll Face Quest Sports Puzzle
1: Level 5 - The medal is on the equipment.
2: Level 9 - The medal is in the middle of the stadium.
3: Level 13 - The medal is on the poster.
4: Level 15 - The medal is above the red poster.
5: Level 18 - The medal is on top of the tree.
6: Level 27 - The medal is on the left side of the walkway.
7: Level 29 - The medal is on the submarine.
8: Level 34 - The medal is on the shelf.
9: Level 42 - The medal is beside the board "Security."
10: Level 44 - The medal is on the "Futball World" poster.

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