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Troll Face Quest Classic: Walkthrough Guide

Troll Face Quest Classic: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Troll Face Quest Classic
1: Tap on the hole. Then, tap the bird multiple times.
2: Tap the bottom middle bird cage.
3: Tap the hidden button behind the right clock.
4: Tap the little guy in the tank quickly.
5: Tap the right shower curtain, then tap on the shower handle.
6: Tap on the small center rock surrounded by piles of rock around the bottom right corner.
7: Tap the little guy's eyes then tap the camera
8: Drag the finish line to the man.
9: Tap on the bottom end of the toffee.
10: Tap on the two knobs on the side of the machine, then tap on the moving part of the conveyor belt.
11: Tap to move the car, tap again to stop when the nuke comes. Drag the mine downwards, then tap to move again.
12: Tap on the white spot near the back chair legs.
13: Tap on the girl then tap on the guy's mouth.
14: Tap all four stars on the signboard then tap on Obama.
15: Tap the top middle part of the tree.
16: Tap the guy and drag the tower down.
17: Tap the guy before hitting the wall.
18: Tap on the thermometer. When the guy is normal, tap on the door.
19: Tap the first doll then, tap the small tip at the top of the bottom part of the first doll.

20: Tap the man on the chair then tap the moon quickly.
21: Tap on the little guy's eyes.
22: Tap on the bird, the frog, and the moon, then tap the fishing rod.
23: Tap to open the cover. Tap and hold the gears.
24: Tap the little guy on the cruise before it hits the iceberg.
25: Drag the man to the right and then tap the cowboy.
26: Tap the left cup twice then tap the bottle with the bird logo under the table.
27: Tap and hold the washing machine until it stops spinning.
28: Tap on the coconut until it falls then quickly tap the crab.
29: Match all the cards. In the end, tap the troll face card and tap on the guy's face.
30: Tap on the black area inside the shark's mouth. Tap on the little guy.
31: Tap on the TV, then tap the lowest right button in the cloud bubble.
32: Tap the troll's right nostril.
33: Tap on the left watering pot twice then tap the poison.
34: Tap on the right branch on the tree three times.
35: Tap on manual. Keep tapping on the middle of each bar until you get a troll combo.
36: Tap 8, 7, 6, 5 two times, then 'Call' button.
37: Tap on the horn, left eye, missing teeth, and bottle first. Then tap on the single pixel on the left in the background scenery.

Level 37 Pictorial Guide on Troll Face Quest Classic

List of Hat Locations in Troll Face Quest Classic
1: Level 6 - The hat is behind the pile of rocks.
2: Level 10 - The hat is on the little guy's head.
3: Level 11 - The hat is on the left cactus.
4: Level 14 - The hat is on the left building
5: Level 18 - The hat is on the roof.
6: Level 22 - The hat is on beside the fishing rod.
7: Level 25 - The hat is at the side of the wall.
8: Level 27 - The hat is at the right basket of laundry.
9: Level 31 - The hat is at the top of the TV.
10: Level 36 - The hat is behind the paper.


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