Thursday, 29 June 2017

Sona: Pros & Cons

Sona: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Sona
- Sona is an overpowered point-blank AOE healer.
- Sona is a solid support, she has good damage potential in line, decent sustain, strong engage and strong AOE crowd control!
- Sona synergies well with most ADCs like Jinx, Draven, Caitlyn!
- Sona in-lane harass is consistent and you can't miss it!
- Sona's Power Chord is pretty clutch with a wide variety of effects from her auras!
- Sona's Crescendo is a very easy follow-up crowd control during team-fights and ganks, potentially game changing!
- Sona has very low item dependency surprisingly because of her kit!
- Out of combat mobility is pretty sweet with any tier 2 boots and Song of Celerity!
- AOE benefits are very potent during the later stages of the game especially team-fights!
- Sona stomps lower Elo fairly easily because she is simple to learn and master!
- Sona building full AP can easily 1-shot most squishy AD and AP champions!
- All of Sona's abilities have an insanely low cooldown, once she maxed out her cooldown reduction!

- Sona is very squishy with low HP and Armor unless you build defensively.
- Early to mid game is very mana consuming for Sona, until you start building a Chalice item.
- Sona is aimed by assassins and AP mages very frequently for easy kills.
- Sona is not as effective when in a hard match-up like Blitzcrank and Thresh.
- Sona not landing her Crescendo can cause her team to lose.
- Sona can accidentally steal kills very frequently, especially once you build Lich Bane.
- Support Sona is dependent on her team to win her the game.
- Her auras make it difficult to hide in brush and bait enemies due to them being visible on your nearby allies who may be in the lane.
- Playing AP Sona at mid lane is atrocious because her kit provides zero wave-clear abilities.
- Sona can be a burden to her team if she is feeding or focused really hard.
- Sona has to position yourself to output the most amount of pressure while being put in the least amount of danger.


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