Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ahri: Pros & Cons

Ahri: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Ahri
- Ahri is a well-balanced champion who has true damage, hard crowd-control, and mobility in her kit.
- Ahri has very decent wave clear and still dish out good poke damage if played correctly.
- Ahri's Vastayan Grace gives some movement speed when lands 2 ability, great to side-stepping and catch people off guard.
- Ahri's Charm is an insanely strong crowd control that taunts an enemy for 2 seconds.
- Ahri is a mage that deals damage from the backline when her ultimate is available, she becomes a dangerous assassin.
- Spirit Rush is the best repositioning spell for team fights, a great escape, kiting and chasing tool.
- All of Ahri abilities allow her to outplay almost anyone at any given moment.
- Ahri can be blindly picked due to effectively being able to take on any opponent in the lane.
- Arhi has pretty high kill potential in the lane against squishy champions when combo correctly.
- Ahri has decent sustain during laning phase, as she can periodically heal from her Orb of Deception.

- Ahri does fall off during the late game because of mediocre AP scaling.
- Ahri is a very skill-shot dependent champion, missing of one ability can be devastating.
- Ahri will have a harder time playing against champions with targeted spells or damage over time.
- Ahri has only one form of hard CC which has a long cooldown and a high mana cost.
- Ahri is not a tank killer because her lower burst is the tradeoff for her mobility.
- Ahri takes a lot of time and effort to learn, she needs lots of practice to be competitive.
- During a team fight, she can be focus down very quickly due to her semi-short range from all her abilities.
- When Ahri ultimate Spirit Rush is on cooldown, her mobility is non-existent.
- All of her abilities tend to drain her mana pool rather quickly as they are her main source of damage.
- Ahri may need to auto-attack together with her abilities in order to maximize her damage output, especially in the early game.


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