Thursday, 25 May 2017

Zed: Pros & Cons

Zed: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Zed
- Zed is one of those champions with extremely high damage and outplays potential!
- Zed in his current stat as a mid laner is very strong and powerful!
- Zed can 1v1 almost all champions, which make him a great assassin and pusher!
- Zed has a good mix of attack speed, high damage, and insanely low cooldowns!
- Zed can last hit minions and cannons easily, because of Contempt for the Weak!
- Zed is an energy user, therefore he can afford to use his Razor Shuriken from a safe distance!
- Zed is a very rewarding champion, once you start to understand his mechanics!
- Zed can be unstoppable when he is snowballing hard, he also scales average into the late game!
- Zed has a strong escape with Living Shadow and Death Mark's shadow, plus slow from Shadow Slash!
- Zed is not tied down to a single build path, depending on team composition he can build very differently!
- Zed is super satisfying to play when you start snowballing your lane!

- Razor Shuriken can be dodged fairly easily by higher Elo players.
- Death Mark damage countered by Zhonya's Hourglass.
- Consumes energy fairly quickly if spells are spammed in quick succession.
- Zed doesn't bring much to long and lengthy team fights compared to other mid laners.
- Dynamic abilities like Living Shadow and Death Mark make him hard to play.
- Zed can become borderline useless when fallen behind.
- Sadly, Zed is very weak against exhaust and hard crowd control.
- Requires good decision making and quick thinking which takes the time to gain.
- Zed can be banned quite frequently in ranked games and is not the easiest champion to master.


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