Thursday, 13 April 2017

Kindred: Pros & Cons

Kindred: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Kindred
- Kindred is one of the few champions in the game with an infinite stacking damage ability.
- Kindred is fairly healthy at clearing jungle, as long as you keep moving around!
- Kindred have massive early damage, high kill potential when ganking correctly!
- Kindred can bring unexpected damage if he is left unchecked!
- Kindred is surprisingly good at nullifying assassins' and mages' burst, making him a good anti-assassin champion!
- Kindred is almost always ready to roam lanes and clear enemy's jungle!
- Kindred is considered to be a hyper carry because he scales superiorly well towards the late game!
- Kindred can easily harass opponent oppressive while still farm decently simultaneously!
- Kindred have the ability to jump through walls and fooling around enemy players!
- Kindred's ultimate can be game changing when used correctly to keep your team alive!
- Kindred absolutely shreds dragon/baron throughout the game!

- Kindred has terrible AD scaling sadly.
- Kindred is absolutely horrible at facing heavy crowd-control team composition.
- Kindred has only 325 base movement speed, rushing for boots of speed will make chasing easier.
- In the late game, your auto attacks will do more DPS than your Dance of Arrows & Wolf Frenzy.
- Kindred requires good mechanics and excellent map awareness to be effective.
- To stack Kindred's passive, she must put herself into dangerous and risky situations.
- Jungle routes can be easily predicted due to your Mark of the Kindred passive.
- Reliant on positioning in team fights, not getting caught out since you'll be a sizable portion of your team's damage.


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