Thursday, 27 April 2017

Garen: Pros & Cons

Garen: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Garen
- Garen is a heavy tank and lane bully on most melee champions!
- Garen is very good at diving tower during ganks and he can split pusher very decently!
- Courage absorbs 30% damage from all sources, regardless of damage type except True Damage!
- Demacian Justice Provides a secured attempt at a kill because it cannot be canceled or put on cooldown by any source!
- Perseverance gives 10% maximum health regen per 5 seconds at level 16 when not in combat with a 4-second cooldown.
- Judgment now has an Armor shred component which, when paired with The Black Cleaver, will potentially shred 55% of enemies total armor when hit with 4 ticks of Garen's Judgment and 6 instances of physical damage from Garen!
- One of the stronger late-game tank, thanks to his kit and the new "Villain" mechanic!
- Garen is not using any resources such as mana, he is only limited by his cooldown!
- Garen will be able to keep up with your opponent in the top lane without falling behind!
- Garen can easily soak up damage from spells & ultimate and still be healthy enough to do some damage!
- Garen survivability is too overpowered, he just needs to run away and joining back to the fight later, reduce the trip back to base!

- Sadly, Garen's only mobility is his Decisive Strike and pretty long cooldown after use.
- Garen is countered by ranged champions like Vayne, Teemo, and Gnar during the early and mid game.
- Garen's kit lacks crowd control except for silence from his Q, it is good but not good enough.
- Kill potential is not the same on all targets due to the new "Villain" mechanic.
- Being mana less means many of the tank items are not gold efficient on Garen.
- Although Garen has great stats, he needs early-mid game kills to be effective late game.
- And while he has to go get kills, all his moves are for near melee range.
- Garen's cooldown is high, while they don't seem high in numbers, they will show in the game.
- Garen's ultimate is also harder than it looks to use, dealing as magic damage and no magic penetration on Garen.


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