Friday, April 7, 2017

1010! Puzzle: Tips & Tricks #1

1010! Puzzle: Tips & Tricks #1

Tips & Tricks #1 on 1010! Puzzle
#1 Create rows and columns alike!
It took me a while to realize that I don't have to go for horizontal lines only, so if you didn't get there, let me make things a lot easier for you: you can also create vertical lines! Don't stick to creating vertical lines alone, or merely horizontal lines. Find ways you can actually make both, and this is one of the simpler tips you can implement to beat your original high score and move on to much greater things. Look at how each piece can affect the board in horizontal and vertical ways.

#2 Don't fear to have irregular patterns!
Your first instinct may be to work on one row or column at a time, but some have said that it's better to take it easy and have the board loaded with pieces forming irregular patterns. Meanwhile waiting for the right time to remove more than one row or column. The truth is it is best to play the game with irregular and size patterns than having a clean rectangular block. This is because the pieces you are given are in different shapes too. Don't limit yourself to only one playstyle.

#3 Remove lines first, blocks fitting second!
At first, I was trying to make blocks fit together nicely and try to go for that massive row and column removal. WRONG! For each set of blocks you are given, always look to take out a single row or column. Don't worry if it doesn't look like the best fit because it will remove the entire line of blocks anyways, which will open things up for you. Space is key! Don't leave an unfilled line because you think you can get it later. The game is working against you.

#4 Always make space for the 3X3 block!
There is an evil shape with a 3×3 set of blocks. This is typically considered the game killer because once your board fills up and you haven't make space for this block, well, it's game over. The square piece can be a real nuisance to deal with. That's why you need to leave at least one empty spot on your board to accommodate the 3 x 3 square; two spots would be better, but as long as you're prepared for the arrival of that piece, you should be good. If you have a 3X3 in your set of moves, then carefully think about how you will open up space for it.

#5 Plan ahead and prepare for the worst
The game won't deliver new blocks until you've used a set of three. And many a promising game has ended by accident because you forgot to use that awkward L-shape first. Or most of the times I get crushed because I have no place to put that last piece. Lesson learned. Consider the order of all three options before moving the pieces. Think of all the possibilities before making your move. Once you placed it on the board, it is finalized. No undoing or backtrack your steps, therefore plan well ahead.


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