Friday, March 10, 2017

You're Grounded!: Walkthrough Guide

You're Grounded!: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on You're Grounded!
The Beginning
- To open the box, use the pencil on the front table.
- To find out how to use the machine, check the science fiction books on the shelf and read “The Domestic Time Travel.”

Four Legged Conductor
- Grab the glass from the desk, fill it with water from the fish tank and pour the water into the bowl.
- Wait until Josephine stops in front of the dusty trunk and push it. Go back in time to help yourself push the trunk away.
- Take the toy sword and use it on the fork above the bed.
- Finally, 4 of you will be needed on top of each other to get the fork down.

PVC Stick
- The PVC stick will fall off behind the trunk when the turtle chews through it.

Magnetic Tape
- Once the trunk is pushed, grab the scissors from the opened drawer below the lamp.
- Use them to unlock each of the trunk's locks at the same time.
- Lastly, use the scissors again on the Walkman to take the tape out.

Liquid Time (requires the switch)
- Can be acquired after cutting the wire behind the dusty trunk.
- Combine the bandage box with the broken time machine, and you're good to go.

- Click on the TV and then on its antenna.

Electrolytic Cell
- Grab the rope from the lamp.
- Give the cup of water to the cat so that he'll get up and get the tape.
- Pull the bottom-left corner of the carpet and go back in time after a while.
- Grab the key and use it on the desk drawer.
- Repeat the process to get a new key and open the second one.
- Then simply combine the tape, the rope, and the magnet together.
- Turning on the fan, just get three of you on top of each other.
- With the 4th one, use the rope to reach the magnet and rope chain.
- To get the robot down, check the bottom right corner of the list of materials.
- The number is written there is the combination to break the fan and get the toy down: 2416
- Once the robot is on the ground, simply use the scissors to open it and take the batteries.
- After putting one in the flashlight and one in the RC radio, you'll have one extra for the motor.

9V Battery (requires Electrolytic Cell)
- Put a battery in the RC radio and use it.
- Once you find the car, use the scissors on it to get the 9V Battery.

Switch (requires Electrolytic Cell)
- Put a battery in the flashlight. Turn it on and wait for the blackout (the lightning icon in the timeline).
- Once the power is back on, go back in time and use the scissors to cut the wires behind the dusty trunk during the blackout.

Build The Motor
- Dump all your materials into the box.
- Connect the wire to the box.

Connecting Four Motors
- Read the domestic time travel to learn how to travel to the future.
- Grab a motor and travel to the 5th minute.
- From the game over prompt select “Yes, I'm too young to die!” and repeat until you have 4 motors.

Shoot The Beam And Save The City
- Flip the switch behind the trunk.

Take A Nap
- Wait until the “-1” button appears on the timeline and clicks on it to take a well-deserved nap.