Friday, March 31, 2017

Udyr: Summarized Build #1 (S7 | Off Tank | Jungle)

Udyr: Summarized Build #1 (S7 | Off Tank | Jungle)

Build Description
Season: 7
Type: Off Tank Build
Lane: Jungle

Summoner Spells
Smite & Ghost

- Mark of Attack Speed x 9
- Seal of Armor x 9
- Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x 3
- Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction x 6
- Quintessence of Movement Speed x 3

Cunning Resolve
Wanderer Unyielding
Runic Affinity Explorer
Merciless Runic Armor
Dangerous Game Insight
  Courage of the Colossus

Starting Items Core Items Situational Items Tools
Hunter's Talisman Stalker's Blade - Warrior Guardian Angel Elixir of Iron
Refillable Potion Boots of Swiftness Guinsoo's Rageblade Control Ward
Warding Totem Trinity Force Maw of Malmortius Hunter's Potion
  Spirit Visage The Bloodthirster Cull
  Titanic Hydra Randuin's Omen  
  Dead Man's Plate Zz'Rot Portal  

Ability Sequence
1. Phoenix Stance (R)
2. Turtle Stance (W)
3. Bear Stance (E)
4. Phoenix Stance (R)
5. Phoenix Stance (R)
6. Turtle Stance (W)
7. Phoenix Stance (R)
8. Turtle Stance (W)
9. Phoenix Stance (R)
10. Turtle Stance (W)
11. Highlander (R)
12. Turtle Stance (W)
13. Bear Stance (E)
14. Bear Stance (E)
15. Bear Stance (E)
16. Tiger Stance (Q)
17. Tiger Stance (Q)
18. Tiger Stance (Q)


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