Thursday, 30 March 2017

Udyr: Pros & Cons

Udyr: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Udyr
- Udyr can be strong in every phase of the game, especially early and mid game. He doesn't fall off very much in the late game either!
- Udyr has great objective control, he can solo an early dragon easily with Red Buff!
- Udyr has insane clear speed with Phoenix Stance, which makes jungling or counter-jungling a breeze!
- Great dueling potential especially with Tiger Stance!
- Udyr has very high mobility because Bear Stance offers him a lot of movement speed and provide a good stun!
- Udyr's Turtle Stance provides a great scaling shield, allows him to be a tanky DPS champion!
- Udyr is one of the highest damage champs late game, probably one of the best in terms of junglers in the game!
- Constant uptime unlike other champions that needs to wait for their high impact spells to be ready, Udyr doesn't. As long as he has mana, he is always at 100% capacity!
- Not hard to pick up and play, however, can take the time to master completely!
- One of the best for learning the ins and outs of jungling because of his ease of use and versatility!
- Players constantly underestimate your damage and how easily you can escape bad situations!

- Keeping Udyr's mana pool up can be difficult, especially in fights where you are required to rotate quickly through your abilities.
- Getting early ganks off can prove to be difficult versus champions who have reliable escapes.
- Udyr has no dedicated escape or dash and all his attacks are auto-attack based abilities.
- A good jungler can abuse his early game when starting with Phoenix Stance when he gets out pressure early on by champions like Lee Sin or Elise, it can be a bit difficult for him depending on the players' knowledge
- Udyr can get kited easily, so champions with multiple dashes and escapes are a bit tougher to gank and catch up to.
- Udyr is terrible when opponent's team is sieging as he is not a strong tower defender.
- Udyr is very reliant on Blue Buff particularly early game, therefore invade at your Ancient Golem can frequently occur.
- If you fall behind early or camped hard, it can take some effort to crawl your way back into the game.


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