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Size #25-1000
You are starting out with a 5x5 solid territory and heading out in a random direction. Quickly form a square then head back your base. There are times where players take this opportunity to kill you if you overextend out. Once you are in your base, look at the map at the left-top corner. Visually inspect your location and every quadrant, check if there are any players with huge chunks of territory claimed and the number of blocks around you. If you are in an empty region, you are good to expand your blocks at your own pace. However, if you are in a crowded location, play more cautiously. Grow your way outward slowly, do make the mistake of going too far out from your solid blocks, exposing your tail to other players and restarting. Take a piece of small block of 3x3 to 5x5 at a time and expand your way to not so crowded area. In the case where any players that enter your blocks, you should find the opportunity to kill them. You are invulnerable inside your base, do not be scared. Rack up to 1000+ blocks, and you can proceed to the next phase.

Size #1000-7000
At this stage, your territory is expanding steadily. Play more passive-aggressively but slowing expanding into your neighbor blocks slowly. Keep a look out of your neighbor! If they ever try to retaliate, play passively in your blocks. Circle around your blocks to know and tell your opponent that you are ready to kill them. If they are in your way of expanding, then you have to capture their blocks in a safe way. Keep a distance of 20-30 blocks away from your neighbor's head and expand out in an orderly fashion. Making odds shapes around their blocks. The more edge, the better! When you deem safe, connect edge to edge which maximizes the area captured. Do not hesitate to send your enemies off the leaderboard when opportunities are in your favor. Play smartly and wisely is the most important factor in this phase. If your area is open, enlarge your blocks dynamically in the shortest amount of time. Please note that blocks are spawned randomly in the field. There are instances where blocks spawned inside your blocks or beside you. Be sure of what you are doing and not regret your actions.

Size #7000 and beyond
Now, you are a huge chunk of blocks and your presence in the map is getting larger and wider. There are players will want to take this opportunity to take you out of leaderboard. The more guys in the leaderboard are send-off, the easier for them to climb. Remember that they can do this in two ways, by killing you or capturing your blocks. It is pretty straightforward as you should already know how to protect yourself by not exposing your tail. Another way that other players can cripple you is by taking over your hard-earned blocks. Because of no limit of how much blocks they can capture, it is also your duty to protect what is already yours. The quickest way to take control of your blocks is to develop a map awareness. Take a look at the map and check whether any changes to your blocks visually. If you notice a change or suspecting a player infesting your blocks, go fix it before it is too late. There are players who like to linger and dawdle into your base. They can start handicap you but taking a huge chunk of blocks under your protection as you do all the dirty works. These guys are the hardest to deal with, carefully plan your moves and average of 15000 points is not hard to achieve in my honesty.


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