Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Splix.io: Tips & Tricks #2

Splix.io: Tips & Tricks #2

Tips & Tricks #2 on Splix.io
#1 Be a parasite and start infesting!
A parasite is an organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense. This can be applied in Splix.io too! It will take some time, that is a lot you gain living inside a top player. There are on the leaderboard for a reason; They 0must be good in the game! You can make use of this fact and benefit from them by making your way into their enormous chunks of blocks then slowly and steadily expand within it. If you make a small entrance to their blocks, they generally will not notice it until it is too big. What you are doing is basically expanding inside them while they are doing the dirty works! How genius is that?

#2 Don't bump into yourself!
You can accidentally kill yourself by slamming onto your own outline if it hasn't turned into a solid area yet. So make sure to avoid your own self by creating distinct squares and rectangles away from your thin outline. On the other hand, try carrying on forward after hitting your vulnerable self until you reach your solid block. Just to see if you can circumvent this "accident." Another most common mistakes for new players is by making a complicated pattern! When a pattern is not planned properly, you will find yourselves unable to slither out of the pattern. If you notice, there is a slight delay between the controls and the gameplay. Even the players in leaderboard can make silly mistakes as such, so stay away from your tail as much as possible!

#3 Look at the map frequently!
There is one fundamental thing you need to know to be good in Splix.io which is watching the map as often as possible. Do note that The map does not update every second. Instead, it takes a few seconds to update. You should keep this in mind as you'll notice that, when you take out another player who held a large chunk of territory, it takes a few seconds for that captured area to disappear on the minimap. You can learn a lot from the map. For example, whether any players are taking over your territory when you spot unusual shapes and patterns you did not form. Or even keep a look find places where it is less crowded and so on! It is an incredibly useful tool, so use it to your best of ability. Don't underestimate it.

#4 Build around corners or the sides!
Alright, the best place to expand is a the edge of the field, especially in the corners. Understand that if you ever find yourself at the edge of the field, try to avoid bumping into it or you'll die. It is denoted by a maroon red border. But this is an ideal spot if you want to climb leaderboard fast. There are not many instances where a player spawns near the edge, meaning you will have lesser competition. If you manage to expand to a reasonable amount of size, you only need to guard the sides that are not facing the edge of the field! It is super beneficial as you progress into a massive chunk of blocks. You can do things like L-shaped double border, where you immediately enclose the area to turn the space into your color.

#5 Do not stop practicing!
The learning curve for Splix.io is not very sharp. Once you played a few rounds, you should roughly know how the games work. It is very simple to play the game. However, it is not simple enough to master the game within a few tries. You need to know how to handle situations when your neighbors are playing aggressively and taking over your blocks. These are scenarios only through lots of gameplay, then you will understand and react to it. You will die somehow or other, maybe overextending or bumping into yourself. You have to practice to avoid such silly mistakes. I promise that you will be in leaderboard in no time!

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