Monday, March 6, 2017 Tips & Tricks #1 Tips & Tricks #1

Tips & Tricks #1 on
#1 Be obsessively aware of your surroundings!
In a game where even a slight misstep can lead to your demise, you need some keen awareness to stick it out for the long haul. By awareness, I mean keeping tabs on where other players' territories and the players themselves are located about you and your own. Ask yourself the follow questions before you expand: Is another player's territory only a few to 15 ~ 20 blocks away from your own? Do you see a couple of players a bit away from you trying to take one another out in a close-range territorial dispute? Can you see territory near yours on the map, but it's not within your vision yet? You have to ask yourself the above questions, albeit very quickly, each time you step out of your territory. It's imperative you know what's going on around you to expand safely. The more caution you play, the longer you survive.

#2 Learn to threat mitigation!
This should be a fairly obvious follow up to the first tip, but just to make it totally clear: The players surrounding you are going to dictate how you expand. You should not expand toward other players unless you either have no choice, or you are confident to kill your neighbor by cutting their tail. A big part of doing well in boils down to threat mitigation, which basically just means removing other players before you slip up and let them at your tail. Another big part is not being hasty and ramming yourself at someone 20 blocks away. As a last note on this, you're going to see a ton of players super overextended, probably because they are new. Always kill other overextended players when they get near you to both punish them for bad play and to secure your territory.

#3 Do not overextend unnecessarily!
Overextending is the number one way new players get themselves killed over and over again, and it's probably the number one way even experienced players get themselves killed. It's just all too easy to get greedy, overextend, and be killed. Overextending in this sense means straying too far from your territory, and in that means having your tail out and about for players you can't even see to kill you. Your best expansion strategy involves going far out from your territory very rarely. I highly recommend you only extend out far from your territory when specifically trying to kill another player, especially if they are overextended. In these instances, you go out, kill them, and immediately turn around and go back to your territory to keep your tail safe.

#4 Oddly-shaped is better than squares and rectangles!
The grid-like movement and territory claiming in seems to direct you to keep your solid region neat and orderly, but the fact is you need a more proactive play style to excel. And if you're sitting there just making your square area bigger bit by bit, you're not excelling. You're just waiting for someone to come by and mess with you. Most players don't expect you to start spreading your color directly toward them, much less expect you to be aggressive once you get there. You don't want to do your expansion at a snail's pace either. Just make small to medium-sized rectangular offshoots of your territory to scout out and expand efficiently and safely.

#5 Doing the territory dance!
Territorial disputes which mean fighting another player for land come in many forms, but the most common is "dancing." Dancing in can refer to going back and forth over a tiny safe section of your territory directly next to someone else's while they do the same, or be weaving in and out of someone else's territory while they do the same to you. In both of these instances you are both looking for the other player to make a mistake, and if you play it right, you can be the one to come out on top. Try to mirror the other player's actions or weave around in your territory looking for an opening where you can nab their tail without the same thing happening to you. Otherwise, treat away from where the another player is trying to encroach on your territory, let them get cocky, and take them out


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