Wednesday, March 8, 2017 Lag Fix Lag Fix

Lag Fix on
#1 Refresh the browser after you die!
Press F5 or hit refresh button of your browser right after you die is a good idea before you head back into the game. Basically, the game will assign you to the room with the minimum ping duration also known as lag. It is usually will not assign back you to the same room.

#2 Disable extensions and add-ons!
Disable all extensions and add-ons that you think they can slow down You know this kind of extensions send data to some servers and cause some lag in your browser. You need not remove them all, simply just disable them before you start playing. Some extensions are processing intensive which is the reason for slow browsing experience too.

#3 Close all unnecessary tabs!
Close all unused tabs or windows in the background except tab on your browser. If you download something or listen to online music while playing the game these things consume your internet traffic which can cause lag. Closing tabs will make a huge impact because it will consume much of your internet bandwidth.

#4 Play in incognito mode! keeps a little data on your browser to remind your settings. If you play in incognito mode you can save this little internet traffic and make a little bit faster. This tip might not contribute much to reduce the lag. However, it is worth trying. By default, it disables much of the extensions and turns off cookies. This should do the trick if you do not want to disable all the extensions manually.

#5 Adjust the settings in!
Not many people know that there is a more complete setting on The link is There are setting such as displaying ping, white marker on the player, an ugly mode for low FPS, and more. Check and uncheck those that is not required will solve some of your immediate problems.

#6 Adjust the graphics quality!
There is a quality setting on the main page, right before you start the game. By default, it should be set to high. You can choose to adjust the setting by clicking on it to Auto or Low. Auto seems to work well for me most of the time, by setting to low is the best for those with low fps.

#7 Do not use skins or patterns!
Try not to use skins or patterns in There are visually stunning, but if you are experience lag, then it will not help much, to be honest. I highly recommend you using the preset color and pattern just to be safe. You do not want to die from lag.


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