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The main objective of is to take over as many blocks which essentially your territory as possible while protecting what you've already claimed from other players. The more blocks and you kill you get, the higher score and the higher rank you are on the leaderboard. To take over and color in new blocks you need to expand out of your territory depicted in solid blocks. Gray solid blocks are neutral blocks which are open to any players, while solid colored blocks are claimed by players but you are still able to capture them as your owns. As you surround your territory out into any blocks regardless of captured or non-captured, you essentially claiming the whole area of blocks you have traced out. This is called expanding your territory. This is the core mechanic of Note that every captured block give you a point and killing a player will give you 500 points. And, the amount of time spent in the game does not add or subtract to your points.

Taking a more territorial mindset, you would want to expand, survive, and destroy. As mentioned above about expanding, we are talking about surviving here. Your body has two points; your head and your tail. You don't have to worry so much about the head, but if another player hits your tail, it's game over. Head to head will destroy both you and your opponent. You have to take this into account as it's going to affect literally every move you make. When you leave your personal colored territory, your tail is vulnerable, so you want to take over new territory very carefully. When you're new to the game stick to taking smaller areas at a time with smaller square shapes. As a side note, you have no tail when you are inside of your own territory. You're safe in your own territory, and other players may have trouble seeing you, both can be used to your advantage.

As you expand your territory, you will encounter competitive or aggressive players taking over your blocks. Remember that every block another player capture are a point lost from you. Therefore you will have to fight back by claiming back your blocks and killing them. This can also be a little confusing when you first start, mostly because new players overextend. The idea is simple. If another player hits your tail you die, the same goes for them. Whenever another player is outside of their territory, and you managed to run into their tail, they will die. This is why you don't want to stray too far from your territory even in situations where you think you're alone. Only when you are inside your own color your tail disappears and your head blends in with your blocks (though your head is circular and visible). You are only totally safe inside your own blocks. Killing isn't totally necessary, but you'll often find you want to go out of your way to kill other players encroaching on your territory.


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