Thursday, March 2, 2017 Tips & Tricks #2 Tips & Tricks #2

Tips & Tricks #2 on
#1 Bigger isn't always better!
Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to having a really long and large snake. If you find yourself much longer than the other human-controlled snakes or you are far ahead in your leaderboard, that means you may have a virtual bulls-eye on you. Meaning you'll be the one targeted by other players. Try to counter this strategy by using your length to surround, and ultimately trick another snake into running into you. Also remember that you won't be able to kill yourself in your own trap; one fundamental difference between the original Snake and is that you cannot die by bumping into your own body. As a bonus tip, be especially leery about smaller snakes. As backward as it sounds, their lesser length gives them a bit more maneuverability around your snake's head. This could spell trouble for bigger snakes. Don't approach them until you really have to.

#2 Encircle your enemy!
Once you've gotten a good length, you now have the power of encircling the enemy. This is probably one of the biggest dick moves in the entire game, but it's also one of the most effective tactics. Once you encircle your enemy, they won't have anywhere to go, and they'll have no choice but to run into you and die, thus leaving behind all of their balls of light for you to devour. Another tactic is if you see someone already circling someone else, and you have the length to circle it. You effectively get both of their mass combined, just for you. Beware of other doing the same to you.

#3 Act like a vulture!
If you see two other snakes duking it out, try to stay nearby but don't get too close; you don't want to alarm them! Whoever ends up biting the dust, quickly swoop in and eat as many particles as you can. You can get by very efficiently if you stick to this strategy, and you never have to work for your own food! Just be careful of players who catch wind of this, as they will relentlessly hunt you down!

#4 Use the boundary to your advantage!
You'll find that the competition is too fierce in Sometimes when you're going after a big enemy and trying to encircle him, chances are he'll catch on pretty quickly and try ramming you into the wall. While doing this doesn't have the victim leaving behind their balls of light, it does kill them. This causes them to start all over. So while there's no reward for killing your enemy, you at least get rid of the threat. But then they might just come back, out for blood.

#5 No such thing as teaming!
Other snakes are never, ever to be trusted. I need to emphasize this enough. There is no such thing as teaming in Just like they can't trust you as far as they can boost-race you. You need to be near other snakes to get your chance at a snack but never assume anyone will leave you alone. Even the smallest snake can take down the largest on the map, and often tiny snakes are the most vicious because they have no size to lose and don't care if they die and restart. But little snakes aren't the only aggressive ones out there. Slithering parallel to another snake with both your heads near each other is dangerous--sure, you might be able to boost, turn their way, and kill them. But they can do that to you, too.


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