Wednesday, March 1, 2017 Tips & Tricks #1 Tips & Tricks #1

Tips & Tricks #1 on
#1 Remember your primary goal!
Before anything else, we might as well reinforce the main mechanic of the game, which is to make your snake larger and longer than the others. That means eating the remains of the snakes you kill, but how should you go about this? There may be many ways in which you can do this, but you should always remember that your goal is to lure your opponents' snakes into a trap. That requires you to outthink and outsmart the other human players active. Try predict where they are going next and make quick tweaks to secure kills.

#2 Pay attention to the map!
There's a reason the browser game provides you with a very helpful map at the bottom of your screen. One of the things I have learned is to find the places on the map where not a lot of people are hanging out. Then you're free to cruise around without worry and eating the balls of light as you please. This way, you can grow the snake on your own time and not have to worry about running into someone due to overcrowding. But do be aware that sometimes people come here to hunt out those who are hiding. The map may not be telling you a lot of stuff, but it does a sufficient enough in telling you where to go and where not to go based on what you want to do or how laggy you are. Light gray areas are densely-populated or are where there are one or more huge snakes. Dark areas are less populated but are the safest spots for players with lag.

#3 Boost like you mean it!
You have one active ability in, that is Speed Boosting. And boosting is kind of cool! It is perfect for making an escape, speeding up and killing other snakes, and for gobbling up masses of particles in a hurry. If you see a huge mass of particles, boost! Boost like your life depends on it, but be careful not to ram yourself into other snakes. Since it can be difficult to control your snake when you boost, it's best to slow down if you see other snakes going for the same particles once you've chowed down on some yourself. Boosting to kill other snakes is more complicated, and to do that, you're going to have to outwit them and outmanoeuvre them! They can, after all, see you boosting and often will do so as well to either escape or kill you. It's not uncommon to boost and play "chicken" with other snakes to see who can kill or get their head to safety first. That said, you can net more kills than you might expect just by surprise boosting your body in front of other snakes.

#4 Take the risk when you're small!
Don't be afraid to play it risky when you're small. When you're small, you have minimal time investment in that run. Take chances and try to boost and kill other snakes at any opportunity. Don't worry about death when you're small, restarting is no big deal. However, if you managed to slain some moderate or large snake, it could be very rewarding! You probably will gather around 8k of solid particles from it and with these adequate amount, you may rise to the leaderboard in a couple of minutes!

#5 Try to eat as many leftover particles!
A growing worm needs to eat! That's how you get bigger in As you slither around the playing field, cross over any glowing dot. Much of small chunks of particles lying around are the result of a recently destroyed worm. So, get ready to dig into the leftovers like you are at a hot dog eating contest. When a larger worm dies, it creates a bit of a feeding frenzy. You can grow significantly from eating leftovers, but being in the danger zone could get you killed. I recommend waiting on the outskirts until the sharks have dispersed. You can make a decent meal out of the scraps. Every pellet counts!


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