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Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil (AHE): Walkthrough Guide

Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil (AHE): Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil (AHE)
The Porch
- First, walk down to the main street and throw ten rocks at the kids, then come back to the porch.
- Get the empty bucket.
- Press the doorbell and listen to the man rant.
- Go down to the main street.

The Main street
- Take some rocks from the small pile to the right.
- Throw a rock on the children.

The Porch
- Enter the now opened door.

The Living Room
- Take the silver key by the door
- Pick up the cigarette and burn the demon with it for an achievement.
- Take the candle with you.
- Enter the kitchen.

The Kitchen
- Click the toaster to distract Darcy and quickly get the empty coffee mug.
- Get a knife and walk back to the porch. Use the cigarette on the candle. Carve the pumpkin with the knife. - Insert the lit candle into the pumpkin for an achievement.
- Enter the bedroom.

The Bedroom
- Get the sleeping pills from the nightstand.
- Get the cockroach.
- Go back into the kitchen.

The Kitchen
- Use the cockroach on Darcy and fill the empty coffee mug whilst he's distracted.
- Put the sleeping pills into the mug filled with water.
- Use the coffee mug filled with water and sleeping pills on Darcy.
- Open the cabinets and get the bleach.
- Open the fridge to obtain a raw steak.
- Go back to the main street and then into the alleyway.

The Cellar Entrance
- Use the sleeping pills on the raw steak.
- Use the sleepy steak on the dog.
- Use the silver key on the lock.
- Enter the cellar.

The Cellar
- Pick up the window cleaner.
- Go back to the bedroom.

The Bedroom
- Click the empty bucket in your inventory.
- Put the bleach into the empty bucket.
- Put the window cleaner into the bucket.
- Use the lit candle on the bed for an alternative death.


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