Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ninja Glove: Walkthrough Guide

Ninja Glove: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Ninja Glove
1. Avoid the Asteroids! - Use your mouse to avoid incoming asteroids falling from the top.
2. Catch the Fly! - Move your mouse around the fly and spam click on it.
3. Click 5! - Click the stars randomly on the screen 5 times.
4. Click 25 times! - Click 25 times within the time limit.
5. Click'n'drag 2 connect! - Click and drag the points to form a 4-tip Shuriken shape.
6. Click to Jump! - Click to jump the car up, avoid falling into the holes.
7. Click towards Exit! - Move the ball by clicking the area within the maze. Avoid touching the red lines.
8. Deflect! - The mini-game Pong! Use your mouse to move the paddles to hit a ball back and forth, do not miss!
9. Deflect! - Use your mouse to move the paddles left and right and hit all the falling bombs.
10. Drag Square to Exit! - Click and drag the box to another side of the map. Avoid red part of the spinning disc.

11. Dress the Ninja! - Drag and down the clothing to dress up the ninja.
12. Explode in Order! - Each bomb are numbered. Click them in ascending order.
13. Fly & Collect! - Collect all the stars on the screen using your mouse.
14. Get Knight to X! - Same moving 'L' pattern as Knight in Chess. Click around the 3x3 grid to move to the X point.
15. Make a Smiley! - Rotate the pieces to form a picture of a Smiley.
16. Match Up! - Remember the patterns of the Shurikens and match 3 pairs of it.
17. Pick the Mushrooms! - Drag and drop the 6 mushrooms into the basket.
18. Shoot Blue! - Click and shoot the all the blue bottles.
19. Spell Doodle! - Click the alphabets accordingly to spell "doodle."
20. Turn Clockwise! - Use your mouse and turn clockwise 10 times.
21. Turn On! - Click the light bulbs to turn it on. Require some trial and error.


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