Thursday, March 9, 2017

Master Yi: Pros & Cons

Master Yi: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Master Yi
- Master Yi has no skill shots to play with, it is all about clicking and getting kills.
- Master Yi is one of the few champions who deal true damage consistently.
- Master Yi can be a bit hard to counter due to his true damage nature.
- Master Yi scales so well into the mid & late game, bringing him into hyper carry status.
- Boots are not necessarily item to build on Master Yi, he has the highest base movement speed in the game.
- Master Yi is one of the best champions in the game for cleaning up and highest Penta-kill potential.
- Master Yi power spike at level 6 but effectively level 3 Master Yi can take down most of the champions.
- Deceptively tanky due to Meditate, allowing him to tank high damage abilities and sustain early jungle.
- Master Yi untargetability during Alpha Strike can make very difficult and tricky to focus down by opponents.
- Master Yi is amazing against tanks due to versatile damage and true damage.

- Thornmail, Crowd Control, and AP burst champions are Master Yi's greatest weakness.
- Master Yi will always be targeted and focused down first in team fights.
- AP Master Yi is not a thing anymore because the only thing going for you is the heals.
- Master Yi can be really difficult to play at high levels matchups.
- Master Yi can have a bad time playing against early game jungle champions like Shaco, Lee Sin & Kindred.
- Master Yi has no crowd control at all, therefore is the sacrifice for more damage in his kit.
- Master Yi can never start a team fights properly because he is just too weak to targeted crowd control.
- If Master Yi gets camped, countered and falls behind, it will take some time to get back into the game.
- When abilities are used incorrectly, his DPS output will not reach its true potential.
- Master Yi heavily relies on items to be relevant on the battlefield, making you farming more than helping lanes.


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