Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lulu: Pros & Cons

Lulu: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Lulu
- Lulu laning phase is very decent with unrivaled harassing power and a wonderful shield!
- Lulu can peel for herself and her team, even when she is falling behind!
- Lulu has one of the best kits to escape from most ganks and team fights!
- Lulu's polymorph can set up ganks reliably without much effort, especially at negating assassins!
- Lulu's hybrid damage, both magic, and physical damage can be difficult to itemize against with certain builds.
- Every one of her abilities has some utility added in it; Q for Slow, W for Polymorph, E for Shield, R for Knock-up & Slow!
- Lulu can double any ADC killing potential when played correctly!
- Lulu can be deceptively tanky with her shield and ultimate, therefore can defend from dives really well!
- Lulu is one of the easier champions to pick up from the start and benefits at all Elo ranks!
- Playing as Lulu feels awesome because she is constantly running and attacking super fast with Whimsy.
- Lulu scales really well with cooldown reduction.
- AD Lulu is fun and brings something special from the usual ADC playstyle because she does not suffer from being useless at 20min like a few ADCs do!

- Lulu is bad at taking towers since every on-hit damage is useless.
- Lulu can tend to be more squishy during pre-6 if camped hard or building offensively.
- Lulu playing as a support relies on teammates to earn her victory.
- Lulu has tons of utility, but she lacks a consistent heal like most other supports.
- Lulu's mana consumption is also something to look out for early to late game.
- Lulu is weak against long poke and AP burst champions.
- AD Lulu is not the easiest champion to start snowballing with, she can get bullied hard if you fall behind in the lane.
- Although Lulu's kit is overloaded, her outplay or fancy playmaking potential is pretty marginal.


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