Thursday, 2 March 2017

Caitlyn: Pros & Cons

Caitlyn: Pros & Cons

List of Pros & Cons on Caitlyn
- Caitlyn main advantage comes from her naturally large range!
- Caitlyn has one of the easiest laning-phase in League of Legends!
- Caitlyn is able to pressure and harass opponent very effectively!
- Caitlyn has a built in escaping or disengage tool!
- Caitlyn possesses strong poking potential in her kit with her passive and Piltover Peacemaker!
- Caitlyn scales decently throughout the game!
- Caitlyn is able to take towers and inhibitors down from a safe distance!
- Caitlyn can block entrances with her Yordle Snap Trap, zoning opponents!
- Caitlyn can be a lane bully if she abuses her headshot periodically!
- Last-hitting on minions with Caitlyn is fairly easy, Statikk Shiv or Runaan's Hurricane drastically improve wave clearing!

- Caitlyn is especially weak against champions with lock-down and gap closer abilities.
- Caitlyn cannot duel very well, therefore, making her quite supports reliant throughout the game.
- Caitlyn will have a hard time coming back from losing lane.
- Caitlyn is very dependent on items to carry the game.
- Caitlyn relies upon on well positioning to win team fights.
- Caitlyn abilities can lower her DPS in the late game.
- Caitlyn has no base stat steroids to push her into hyper carry.
- Caitlyn's ultimate can be blocked when intercepted correctly by an enemy.


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