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Atomas: Walkthrough Guide

Atomas: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Atomas
The famous idiom "know yourself as well as the enemy." Understand the game mechanic is crucial in Atomas. You should understand the spawning criteria for every specials atom. Quick summary, plus atoms spawn at least every 5 moves. You get a minus every 20 steps. Every 40 moves the range of possible atoms increases. If you have atoms below this range in the circle, they can still spawn with a chance of 1/(Amount of atoms in the circle). Neutrinos generate with a chance 1/60 when the score is above 1500. Black plus spawn with a chance 1/90 when the score is above 750. Know this little information will get you further as you can estimate when your special atoms are likely to spawn mainly plus and minus atom. Both special atoms are the core mechanic of this little android game.

After knowing what the magic behind the game, you need to figure out a strategy to reach higher scores, allowing you to unlock upgrades and game modes, which allow you better scores with better upgrades and game modes. The best strategy as is when you're trying to make a circle with your atoms, arrange them by weight in such a way so that the heaviest and lightest atoms are next to each other. For example H (1), He (2), He (2), Be (4), N (7), H (1), He (2), He (2)... When in doubt, always combine the heavier chain. For example N (7), O (8), O (8), F (9), Ne (10), Ne (10), P (15), having F (9) in the center. Go for F (9), Ne (10), Ne (10), F (9). Otherwise, if you have two chains — one with four atoms, and one with two, combine the four.

Don't forget to keep the light-to-heavy order when chaining atoms. For example N (7), O (8), F (9), F (9), O (8), Ne (10), having O (8) as next atom. You might try to put it between O and Ne, but this would be a mistake because if you receive a plus atom while having an uneven chain, the lighter atom will end up on the wrong side in the circle. If after all, you end up mixing the atoms, you have two options: either wait to generate another atom of the same kind as the wrong one and combine them (but never chain more than two in this way); or use the minus atom or the black plus atom. When you have a plus atom and no atoms to the chain, push the plus atom to the lighter atoms because they are the ones you're generating now. Also, don't put two plus atoms next to each other, separate them by other atoms. Don't be greedy and go for large chains! If you have a chance to chain some atoms, do it.

Get rid of the heaviest atom when you can with the minus atom. There is one exception, though, when your heaviest atom is very close to the atoms that you're generating now, then get rid of the lightest atom. That's because if you stop generating atoms of the same kind as your lowest atom, then you can't remove it. If I get a neutrino, I use it to combine the two heaviest atoms unless one of them is in a chain. I use the black plus atom, in the same way , by fusing the heaviest atom with the second most massive. Keep in mind, though that sometimes it can be better to use the black +atom on the heaviest and lightest atoms. When you have uneven atoms in a row, and a plus atom waiting, always chain the latter atoms.

Next step is you should take advantage of upgrades also known as lucky charms. These upgrades are bonuses that you can earn as you reach higher and higher atoms. Use them wisely depending on your strategy. Oxygen upgrade increases chances to get the Red Plus by 10%. It is useful for instantaneous fusions and definitely very beneficial progressively over a long game. Silicon upgrade increases chances to get the Minus by 10%, which is used to balance the differences between a Minus Atom's and a Plus Atom's chance rates. Potassium upgrade increases chances to get the Red Plus by 20% but decreases chances to get the Minus by 10%. It is basically a stronger version of the Oxygen Lucky Charm, with the loss of Minus Atoms to make up for the boost of the Plus Atoms. It is not the best charm to use because misplacement is bounded to happen. Titanium has a chance of spawning higher atoms. This speeds up reactions with higher values, along with higher scores in the process, but can make lower value atoms drop their usefulness very quickly. Precisely, it adds a chance to get an atom whose value is 1 higher than the usual trend line of atoms.

Cobalt directly increases score from chain reactions by 20%. It is primarily used to make new high scores, especially in Time Attack mode, where the ability to make reactions is restricted by a lowering time limit. Bromine starts the game with atoms of higher value. The starting board will have atoms of Aluminum (Al, 13), Silicon (Si, 14) and Phosphorus (P, 15). Bromine gives you a head start but kills your points you should earn from the very beginning. Krypton gives a 33% chance to get the Red Plus upon 18 Atoms on the world. 18 atoms are the maximum amount of atoms allowed to exist until you get a Big Crunch (or game over). Its primary purpose is to combine atoms quickly to reduce the atoms in the world to more manageable conditions. Equipping Rubidium is the only available way to spawn Antimatter. The chance starts at 0% and increases by 0.001% (1 in 100,000) per round of gameplay. It must be used upon obtaining it; thus, it cannot be saved up for later. However, using the Antimatter from this charm does not start an Antimatter cooldown by using a stockpiled Antimatter.

Silver able to destroy a random atom every 50 rounds. Unlike its corresponding Lucky Charm, this charm destroys a random atom every 50 rounds. While it can be useful to remove unneeded atoms, it has its risks, like destroying the highest value atom or the wrong atom. Erbium is not the upgrade you want to pick. This upgrade doubles your total points if there are no atoms left on the field. In practice; however, this is extremely unlikely, so it is not suggested to use this upgrade. Radon allows you to rearrange atoms on the field but only allow you to use once per game. You should only use this upgrade when you have a good understanding of this game. In my opinion, Silicon and Bromine are the best upgrades you should pick. Experiment with other upgrades, perhaps they do wonders for you too! Lastly, my final advice to you is to plan ahead. Unfortunately, there is no preview window in the game to give you a sneak peek at the next atom that gets spawned in the middle. Therefore plan a few steps ahead! Good luck. :)


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