Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Atomas: Upgrades

Atomas: Upgrades

List of Upgrades on Atomas
There are 12 upgrades in the game which are unlocked by achieving the atom it is represented by:
Oxygen - 10% more plus atoms.
Silicon - 10% more minus atoms.
Potassium - 20% more plus atoms and 10% less minus atoms.
Titanium - 33% chance of higher spawning atoms.
Cobalt - 20% more points for chain reactions.
Germanium - 35% chance of higher fusion outcome.
Bromine - Starts a game at Mg (12).
Krypton - 33% chance of plus if 18 atoms are on the field.
Rubidium - 0.001% per round of antimatter (one per game).
Sliver - Destroys a random atom every 50 rounds.
Erbium - Doubles points when game field is clear.
Radon - Allows you to rearrange atoms on the field (once per game).

The effect of the chosen Lucky Charm acts immediately after the first atom with it equipped, with the exception of the Silver Lucky Charm, which must be selected in a new game. One can change Lucky Charms during a game to get tactical benefits. For example, one can start with the Silver Charm to advance from early combinations, and then use a Silicon or Gold Charm to increase chances for a Minus Atom or an Antimatter. Or in the Geneva Update, Bromine followed by Rubidium or Titanium.


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