Thursday, February 23, 2017 Snakes Snakes

Snakes on
Snakes are the playable characters in, and your goal is to become the biggest and longest snake out of all of them. Players start as tiny snakes that must eat the pellets on the ground to grow bigger increase their length. Players can press either the right mouse button or the space button for a quick burst of speed, but this will slightly decrease their snake's size and length, and it will also leave a trail of pellets behind them. In this game, the primary source of mass is obtained by killing other snakes. If a snake hits the body of another snake, they will die, and it will be game over for that player. However, you will not die when running into yourself. A dead snake will leave pellets where they died, that other player can eat. This is usually performed by moving in front of someone and cutting them off. A snake can also die when hitting the boundaries of the map, but they will not drop any pellets.

Length is one of the most important aspects of There's no benefit to living a long time, except insofar as you might get better at the game but ultimately, the only score that matters is your length. The length of your snake, which also determines its size, is displayed as a number in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Along with your current length, you are also shown where you rank among other players on the server. Typically this appears as "X of Y Players" where X is your current rank and Y is the total number of players in your game. The Leaderboard on the top right corner shows the current lengths and names of the top 10 longest snakes in the game. You will start with 10 lengths and to increase your snake's length, you must eat pellets. Either those randomly generated by the game which gives a small amount of length, pellets left from speed boosting (small amount of pellets) or by eating the remains of other unlucky snakes who have died which typically always gives much more length than individual pellets. The length of a snake also determines its turning speed and radius. The bigger the snake, the slower the turning speed is and thus turning radius is larger. The player's vision is also affected by their snake's length, with the camera gradually zooming out the bigger they become up to a certain distance. Note that camera zooms out slowly, so new players still have a small vision for some time even after they've eaten a lot.


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