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Controls on
PC Controls
The Controls in are relatively simple. On browsers, your snake is controlled by your mouse and moves in the direction of your cursor. Your snake can also be controlled using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. You can either play it safe and collect small colorful dots for hours, or you can go after other snakes and become the biggest snake in the game in a matter of minutes.

Speed Boosting
You can either click and hold the right or left mouse button, hold the up arrow key, or hold the space button to generate a burst of speed. This makes your snake move significantly faster than usual at the cost of shedding some of its lengths. However, the amount of length shed remains constant, meaning that the larger your snake is, the less significant this loss of length is. Remember that you will always lose length at about 5 per second, but it's worth it if you can manage to secure a kill! For example, if you are trying to use the wrap around method, it's sometimes good to dash forward to get in front of your target. He/she may then run into you, or it will make it easier for you to circle him/her. However, when using the speed boost, it can be harder to control your snake precisely, and you'll have less time to react to the movements of other nearby snakes. A snake using its speed boost can be easily identified by the shining/shimmering effect that is applied while speeding.

Mobile Controls
On mobile, you simply just press and hold in the direction you want to go. To speed boost on a mobile device, you double tap then hold down on the screen. It can sometimes be a little unresponsive when making sharp turns, which might require you to practice awhile to get used to it. There might be milliseconds delay here and there for those players using their fingers to play. Alternatively, use a stylus pen if you want to improve your control and precision when making turns.

Artificial Intelligence
The Artificial Intelligence is an offline game mode where you can play Mobile version with bots. Bots don't usually go and kill you. When you go for traps on bots, they don't run away from your trap and try and kill you, so it's easy for you to trap them. If you managed to kill a bot, then it won't show all red dots. When any skin dies of their used skin, it will correspond their colour - it would all be rainbow. Also, when you boost, it would even show rainbow pellets.


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