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Leaf Me Alone: Walkthrough Guide

Leaf Me Alone: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Leaf Me Alone
Beginning Area!
You are given the controls on the wall here, so follow them and climb up the tree above you. You can jump through and walk on any platforms on or around the tree (the branches and tufts of leaves.) Once you reach the top of the tree, you'll find a leaf, and the instructions to use it. Press z while in the air to parachute down. You can fall down any distance to a platform (as long as it's on the same screen) without getting hurt, even when not parachuting, but with the leaf, you can reach distances that are otherwise impossible to get to. One of these is the second tree to the right, where you can find a bright blue square. These are important, so collect it. If you explore a bit, you'll find that the square you found reacts to the stone door, but nothing else happens. Also, if you go all the way to the left, you'll find another tree flanked by wooden struts. You can't go inside yet but remember it. When you're ready, climb up to the top of the second tree to the right, or at least as far as you can go. The game shows you that you can press up to go in any doors you find. Ok, that's pretty standard in games. Go inside.

Inside The Tree!
Once inside, you'll find a great game mechanic- Gust Flowers! Here, you must climb up to the Gust Flower and open your leaf parachute. When you reach the peak of the gust, press and hold right. If you were high up enough, you should be able to land on the block. now go down to the right and press the button. This will cause the gate on the left to open, so go through and use the Gust Flower there to go up. Above that Gust, Flower is another one, which pushes you against the ceiling. Don't worry, it's quite safe. Anyway, float over to the other Gust Flower on the right. You should be able to just make it unless you fool around too much. The way up to the next ledge is tricky, but if you float from the very bottom of the Gust Flower, you should be able to make it.

The next area is slightly confusing. You obviously can't get to the door on the left, because it's gated and the button to open the gate is too high to reach. For now. Just leave it alone and use the Gust Flower on the left to reach the one on the right. Again, you should be able just to make it. Float up from the very bottom of this flower to reach a button which opens the gate directly above you. However, the ledge it's on is too high for you to get to directly, so you'll have to go around. Go back to the left Gust Flower, above the currently inaccessible too-high button. Going up, you should find a bunch of small leafy platforms leading up. Right, you have to climb them. It's easier than it looks, and you can salvage a jump with your leaf. Once you get to the small platform, jump off to the right, towards the Gust Flower. This is another one of those "just make it" jumps. There's quite a few in this area. Anyway, float up to the ledges and climb to the button. Press it, opening a gate above you, where you can see a Royal Squirrel, and drop back down.

Did you open the gate near the three Gust Flowers like I told you? If not, go back and do that now. Go through the gate and jump onto the first leafy platform with a Gust Flower on it. Now, this next part is tricky, so pay attention: You need to go from the very bottom of this flower and bob and weave your way through the other ones. If done correctly, you should've gained enough height to land on the Royal Squirrel's throne ledge, but you likely won't do this on the first try, so just keep trying until you can. The only hint I can give you here is to catch each Gust Flower as low as you can. The fact that the leafy platforms are one-way will help. Go to it! Once you've made it to the Royal Squirrel's throne ledge, you may be disappointed that you can't talk to it. Jump or Glide over to the Gust Flower and use it to get to the door above the Royal Squirrel's throne. This one can take a few tries, too, but thankfully it's easier than before... leave the inside of the tree through this door.

Treetops and Clouds!
Be careful, because this is the first area where you can fall to your death. Thankfully, there's no game over, and you just reappear at the last platform you were standing on. Anyway, make your way to the tree on the right side of the area, using an another game mechanic: Clouds! These will wait a little while, then blow forward for a few seconds before stopping to wait again. there are also non-blowing clouds (without faces) that you can stand on. Utilize them wisely.

As you go to the right, you'll reach a group of three Platform Clouds arranged at points of a right-pointing triangle, with two Gust Flowers, one right below the other. Use the lower one to get blown high upwards, and try to time it so the Blowing Cloud is doing his thing. Hold right as soon as you see him, and you should be able to make it to the next Platform Cloud, close to the tree you want to climb to the crown of it. Ignore the Blowing Cloud and use the Gust Flower to do so.Once you get to the crown of the tree, there's another Platform Cloud and a line of Blowing Clouds going to the left. Use them to get to a few more Platform Clouds. Follow them to the crown of the tree you came from. Watch out for the Blowing Cloud next to the last Platform Cloud. He's waiting there to sabotage you if you float directly onto the Platform Cloud. My advice? Just drop onto it. He can't bother you that way. Once on the crown of the tree, jump to the Platform Cloud with the Gust Flower on and glide to the dead tree. Jump down to the next Gust Flower and ride it to collect a seed. what type of seed, you ask? Well, press x and finds out. Yep, it's a Gust Flower seed! This will be useful... Anyway, hop back down to the door and go in. There is nothing else to do here.

Inside The Tree!
With the Gust Seed, you can now reach that button which was otherwise out of reach. Make a beeline for the area, and drop your seed. (Don't worry, whenever you drop it, your Gust Flower gets teleported to wherever you are at the time) Use your gust flower to fly up and press the button, then leave through the door you just opened the way to.

Tree Branch!
What's this? Is it nighttime? Yes, your journey has taken an entire day. Anyway, there's a bright green square just below you, so hop off the edge of the branch and float down to it. Use your Gust Seed and Gust Flower to get back up and reenter the tree.

Inside The Tree!
Just make your way down to the bottom and exit. Remember you can fall any distance without getting hurt.

Coming Home!
Yep, it's still night time.... You may think you have all the squares, but when you check the door, it's apparent you still need one more. Remember that tree with struts? Now that you have the Gust Seed, you can go in.

The Tree Temple!
Not much here, really, except there are *no* Gust Flowers Growing wild. You'll have to use your seed quite a lot here... First, use your Gust Seed to get to one of the lower ledges. It doesn't matter which. Once on there, use it again to get the middle ledge, then again to get to a higher ledge. Now, you'll see four gates, one horizontal. Sorry to say, but that one opens last. Anyway, drop your seed again to reach the only accessible button and press it. Return to the middle and go towards the next accessible button. Repeat this sequence until you've opened the horizontal gate. Once you have, float over to the first button and drop your seed right there. Place your seed again once on the one-way platform above and glide to the highest middle platform. You should be able to see a bright red square. Drop your seed again and ride your gust plant to collect it. Then you can leave.

One Last Thing To Do Here!
Once you're back home once again, approach the large stone door. reacting to your squares, it opens. Go in.

Now I Ban Be Alone!
Once inside, you'll find some butterflies, a worm, five birds, and the Royal Squirrel. They don't bother you, and you can't disturb them. Drop your seed once to reach one ledge then again to reach the middle ledge, where, carved into the wood, is a drawing of a stickman, a few leaves and the words "Now I can be alone." Stay here for as long as you wish, then leave, and the game will start over.


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