Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Heimerdinger: Summarized Build #3 (S7 | Off Tank | Mid & Top)

Heimerdinger: Summarized Build #3 (S7 | Tank | Mid & Top)

Build Description
Season: 7
Type: Off Tank Build
Lane: Top & Mid

Summoner Spells
Heal & Flash

- Mark of Magic Penetration x 9
- Seal of Scaling Health Regeneration x 9
- Glyph of Scaling Ability Power x 9
- Quintessence of Scaling Health Regeneration x 3

Ferocity Resolve
Socery Recovery
Expose Weakness Seigemaster
Vampirism Runic Armor
Battle Trance Perseverance
  Legendary Guardian
  Grasp of the Undying

Starting Items Core Items Situational Items Tools
Doran's Ring Rod of Ages Frozen Heart Elixir of Sorcery
Health Potion x2 Rylai's Crystal Scepter Banshee's Veil Control Ward
Warding Totem Mercury Treads Void Staff  
  Zhonya's Hourglass Abyssal Mask  
  Zz'Rot Portal Hextech Gunblade  
  Liandry's Torment Hextech Protobelt-01  

Ability Sequence
1. H-28G Evolution Turret (Q)
2. Hextech Micro-Rockets (W)
3. CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade (E)
4. H-28G Evolution Turret (Q)
5. H-28G Evolution Turret (Q)
6. UPGRADE!!! (R)
7. H-28G Evolution Turret (Q)
8. Hextech Micro-Rockets (W)
9. H-28G Evolution Turret (Q)
10. Hextech Micro-Rockets (W)
11. UPGRADE!!! (R)
12. Hextech Micro-Rockets (W)
13. Hextech Micro-Rockets (W)
14. CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade (E)
15. CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade (E)
16. UPGRADE!!! (R)
17. CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade (E)
18. CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade (E)


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